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  1. Hi Guys, Thought I'd drop in. It's been a while, but glad to see my forum is still alive and doing well and showing some good builds. Mark
  2. Don RD, Here's a few of my pics I posted shortly after starting this thread. After the site was moved to a different server, most of my progress pics, and several pages of posts were lost. I reposted many of my pics, but shortly thereafter, they were lost again. Anyway, here's a few from my build a few years ago. I made further progress detailing the ordnance to hang on them and a few other bits and pieces, but unfortunately life interrupted my build, so it's been a "work on hold" for a while now. One of these days I'll get back to it. Glad to see this thread is still going. Cheers!
  3. Paul, During my time away I've been to the middle east, asia, south pacific, and few places throughout the US and Canada, got divorced, spent time on my Harley, recuperated, moved to Ottawa, done renovations, and been busy with my new position. Time for a more relaxed pace. :-)
  4. Thanks Brett. Does the kit not come with rubber tires any more? Seems I'm out of touch with the re-release of the kit.
  5. SPARTA, I used Solder for the larger plumbing. It can be difficult to work with though, for multiple complex bends, especially when trying to avoid marking it up with deep bight-marks from pliers, etc.
  6. Hey Guys, Thanks! I just re-posted a select few of my old pics in the BONE thread. New ones to follow sometime soon. Chris, Thanks for that. What's up with you these days? How's business? BTW, do you have anything planned for Trumpeter's Su-30MKK kit? It was a kit I was anticipating for some time, and now that I see it's out.... I'm wondering if it should be added to my retirement stash, ... but only with the necessary AM goodies of course.
  7. Guys, To get back into the game, thought I'd post a few of my older progress pics. I've done work on the ordnance, but I haven't taken any pics. I must do that, hopefully soon, when I get a chance to unpack the BONE and get back at it.
  8. Guys, I've done tried to upload a photo from my computer as a profile pic, but of course, that doesn't work now, or does it? It's not giving me the option to do a link to a photo on photobucket, like the avatar. How do I do this? .... Never mind. Duh!
  9. Charlie Buddy! Good to be back. We'll talk off line again soon. I'm about to sign off for the night. Take care! Cheers!
  10. Hey Flyingfortress! Thanks. Man o' man... sounds like things got a little hairy in here. Anybody lose an eye? Will I need my helmet to play?
  11. Hey Animal... Yes I remember you. Thanks for the update. It's gonna take me a while to reacquaint myself with this place, but glad to see much of the Old Guard is still around, and lots of new faces to. :-) What's your current build?
  12. Guys, after a long absence, I'm back. Glad to see the thread is still going strong. I understand that photo posting has been changed, so once I figure out photobucket, I will attempt to repost my photos of my build. Unfortunately, I'm not ready to start up my build again at the moment, but hope to get at is sometime soon. A lot has changed with suppliers, parts and resources for the 1/48 B1-B kit, many of which I'm probably not familiar with, so I'll have to update myself. In the mean time, I'll follow this thread and participate as much as I can. Mark
  13. Life issues and commitments to the service caused me to drop from sight for a couple of years, but now have time to get back on to the site. Unfortunately for the immediate time being, I won't be making any more progress on my B-1 (Yes, it's still a work in progress). It did make it through the move safely though. Last summer I was posted from Victoria (my home), to Ottawa. Settled after 6 months and working away at my new position at NDHQ. I hope to re-populate my BONE thread with my photos soon, as soon as I figure out this site again. Anyway... so what's been going on while I was away
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