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  1. How about some VNAF birds in 1/72? Or a 10th May 1972 sheet? I know some/most/all have been done but not all are available (anyone got Silverkite 211 from Fox?) Or even the rescue mission for Locher on June 1st/2nd? A-1H Skyraider; HH-53C; F-4; F-105; MiGs. The direct task force of 119 aircraft included two HH-53C rescue helicopters, bombers, and an array of F-4 escorts, EB-66s, A-1Hs, F-105G Wild Weasels, and KC-135 tankers. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roger_Locher This is my favourite titbit I learned today; "During the rescue, an F-4E
  2. Bump and I have the Fox one marine phantoms sheet I'm willing to trade for this https://www.scalemates.com/kits/fox-one-decals-fod-72-003-us-marine-corps-phantoms-in-se-asia--584294
  3. And these.. https://www.hadmodels.com/72218-f-14a-vf-1-wolfpack-uss-enterprise-decal-sheet-172_393403
  4. There's also these... https://www.facebook.com/wolfpackd/posts/3528195257273654
  5. All, I wasn't able to help Glynn here.. anyone else who might be able, feel free to call him!
  6. Ok let me see there... Ok messenger box was full. I have another thread with some wants have a look in case you can help...
  7. Ok. Pm me your address and I'll work out postage costs tomorrow
  8. Hi again Robert. I have a partial and a full. The partial is all yours but check here first if it has what you need. It is missing the fin stripes. For the bits you need this might help... http://www.caracalmodels.com/cd72074.html
  9. Read it thanks. Actually he said he won't be.... 😞 😪
  10. I'll have a look for them in the decal dungeon and see what's left. I do remember i built both a C and an E from a combination of this and a Two bobs sheet. From memory I found the Astra decals were very stiff and difficult to settle so I'd use twobobs or another source for as much as possible if I was you. I'll be back later when I know whats there.
  11. I might have a partial if not a full copy. Are you looking for one option in particular?
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