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  1. To add to a couple of Airfix SH-2 and Fujimi SH-3 kits. I did a Hasegawa Seahawk back in the day and remember the supplied crew looked good. If you have some to spare I'll gladly take them. Not sure if the same figures are in the Black Hawk kits, I've never seen one. Thanks Roy
  2. Slightly off topic but has anyone ever tried 1/48 stencils on a 1/32 kit, and 1/72 on a 1/48? More in scale maybe?????
  3. I love your way with words. Thanks for the entertainment!
  4. Hi all, Dutch, that info is exactly what I was looking for. Many many thanks. Yes, the S-61N will be the Whirlybits conversion with Revell parts. And from Rod D, that means I can use the CH-3 VIP kit for the SH-3G. Yay! Am I correct in thinking the SH-3G is effectively the same airframe as the H? (My plan was the Airfix SH3D kit for the G). As for the Airfix kits, Hajo and Rod, well I have them so might as well use them. I can always use leftover bits from the Revell kits to dress them up. Besides, the SH-3D is a very early release so is crisply moulded. The HAR.3 not so much
  5. Hi all, I've finally got HS-9 decals from HAD on the way for my Nimitz collection which I intend to put on my Fujimi kit of the SH-3H. I'm assuming this kit will have all I need for a Sea Griffin's bird. However, I also have an old Superscale sheet 72-391 that has a Nimitz based SH-3G from HC-2. I'm not totally up on what the differences are between marks but I do have the following kits in the stash to mix and match from: the VIP issue of the Fujimi kit (no mark given, just SH-3), the old tool Airfix SH-3D, the old tool Airfix HAR.3 and two copies of the Revell HAS.6/AEW. One of th
  6. Dutch, it's on the Italeri kit sheet kit 1442, so I doubt it's going to happen in 1/72. It can even be bought from Italeri ATM. (I did).
  7. Ten thumbs. Yes thanks davetur
  8. Yes I was torn too. The same way. Also I even felt a bit guilty that they arrived. I suppose we are still supporting them either way.
  9. Hey folks. Just a public service announcement. I ordered some model aftermarket items from a shop in Ukraine. I found the link to the items and shop on scalemates. Mostly stuff that wasn't available elsewhere and a few vac canopies that are, just to fill the pack. To be honest, I wasn't expecting it to arrive with all that is happening. I also figured if it didn't, at least the guy would have a few euros to use as he saw fit. I certainly felt he had higher priorities than filling my order for bits for (what are effectively toy) planes. To my surprise, the package landed safe and sound at
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