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  1. If Nighthawk can't help you pm me. I have this kit and won't be using the decals https://www.scalemates.com/kits/hasegawa-00745-f-14b-tomcat-vf-102-diamondbacks--103621
  2. Current Polish scheme with tributes to famous Polish pilots... Caracal did a set.
  3. I've checked and i have that CAM set and 2 copies of the Microscale sheet. PM inbound...
  4. Thanks lads. Those links really help.
  5. Question for the experts. 1/72 scale, I've a Fujimi F-4B done up as a Marines mud mover (VMFA-542) and the kit has a separate centre line pylon with no tank. I have several ESCI & Hasegawa MERs but no idea of the MER position on the centre pylon. I.e how far forward/back. Anyone got any ideas? None of my references are any help. Plan is to put some Mk82s on the MER, a pair of rocket pods on a TER on each inboard pylon, outer wing tanks and a pair of Sparrows on the rear fuse wells. Sound plausible? TIA Roy
  6. Hi Dutch Can't help with VF-102 but I have that VF-114 scheme for sure on an old Microscale sheet. I may even have the CAM set but not 100% on that but I defo have 2 copies of the Microscale version. Any use?
  7. Yes. I used them a few years ago to build Starize. I wonder were they one of Xtradecals earliest sheets? Yes they were awful, poorly printed, strange shapes to some of the code letters and with a yucky yellow milky adhesive. Ugh...
  8. Email inbound on the 4 colours and markings books, mini in action RA-5 & And Kill Migs.
  9. Just after buying a replacement clear sprue and decals from Italeri to replace dodgy AMT B-52H kit parts I've managed to mislay the rearmost landing gear door. Anyone got a spare scrap part before I send more Euros to Italy? Willing to trade or pay. Thanks, Roy.
  10. I had a package (kit and some decals) correctly addressed to me in Ireland that ended up in Iran of all places. The Iranians put it back in the post and it got to me about 4 months after I bought it. It was sent from Japan.
  11. Second shot of Pfizer today. No side effects after first only ache in the upper arm for 2 days. Will let ye know how the second goes. I work in the pharma industry. The only reason this was so fast was because the board of every pharma company literally threw money at getting this done. The usual timeline for new drugs are mostly due to the scientists asking the board for money and the accountants making it difficult to give it to them. My sister in law is a nurse. My friend comes from one of the hardest hit in 2020 areas of Italy. I do not want to take the
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