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  1. Dutch, it's on the Italeri kit sheet kit 1442, so I doubt it's going to happen in 1/72. It can even be bought from Italeri ATM. (I did).
  2. Ten thumbs. Yes thanks davetur
  3. Yes I was torn too. The same way. Also I even felt a bit guilty that they arrived. I suppose we are still supporting them either way.
  4. Hey folks. Just a public service announcement. I ordered some model aftermarket items from a shop in Ukraine. I found the link to the items and shop on scalemates. Mostly stuff that wasn't available elsewhere and a few vac canopies that are, just to fill the pack. To be honest, I wasn't expecting it to arrive with all that is happening. I also figured if it didn't, at least the guy would have a few euros to use as he saw fit. I certainly felt he had higher priorities than filling my order for bits for (what are effectively toy) planes. To my surprise, the package landed safe and sound at
  5. Wish I was there.... Ah well, we also have a decent tribute band in Ireland too (Breathe) that I've been lucky enough to see a couple of times pre-pandemic. Agreed better to have a decent tribute re-creating the live sound than a karaoke band or worse not being able to experience that live sound ever again. At least I get to go see Munster Rugby live tonight so still all good.
  6. I've looked at this over the years and looking at the link above my own interpretation is that the blue hue is partly from sky reflection. If you look at the Ferocious Frankie pic you can also see the remnants of the black stripes above the fuse Star/n/bar. So another probable source of the difference in finish is the "scrubbing off" of the invasion stripes and the remnants of the old olive drab that was under the stripes, add in weathering to OD before stripes painted and after they were removed. And the scrubbing effect on the finish.
  7. Sorry for thread hijack but what version is this? I've now got a notion in my head for a spare Matchbox F4U-4 kit and surplus decals....
  8. Another vote down for fakebook. This works well. If it can't work here try another forum as suggested above, or maybe through Scalemates. Not farcebook though. For the love of God nooo....
  9. This is all a moot, if sometimes interesting and/or entertaining thread. I hope Steve is OK. My interest in what is wrong, if anything, or his personal circumstances, whatever they may be, end after the word ok in the last sentence above. It's nobody's business but his. I'm a long time member and did drift away for a while. The difference in traffic here from before my break to after was staggering and like above I do fear for the long term here, but its far from dead yet. It is still one of my favourite forums due to the wide range of nationalities, and resulting attitudes/variety
  10. Our (Irish) local model shop chain removed them from sale at the start of the month. They stock Humbrol, Revell enamels, Tamiya Acrylics and lacquers, and the smaller brands (alclad, AK metal etc. Humbrol was always the largest share, easily 60%. Across the chain they have approx €17,000 (retail) worth that they cannot sell and Humbrol refuse to take back. Humbrol knew this was coming and still didn't do anything about changing the formula. I think it's safe to say it's the end of Humbrol here at least.
  11. Sorted on the parts, and thanks to Wardog on one set of walkways.
  12. That's an impressive display. 👏 Beyond that, individually your models are stunning. Really well finished. What scale? We remodelled our living room a couple of years ago, and I lost my display shelves. Still trying to figure out a replacement that will work.
  13. I don't know why anyone thought it was a good idea to celebrate a national day by having a parade in March, on a windswept and wet island. But here we are... I was hoping to get a couple of IAC models done for today, but at least one will be done by the weekend. A double bank holiday here (today and tomorrow) to make up for lost time over Covid. Also as a thanks to the front line health service staff for the last 2 years. Forecast looking good for the weekend so hoping to get out on my bike 🏍. However, it will be somewhat muted this year, not just due to t
  14. Sweet. I have the 68 kit planned as the Bullitt car. How was the build?
  15. Also now looking for tail planes and u/c doors. Trashed kit parts are fine.
  16. Evening all. Have a total of 4 Fujimi E-2 kits in the stash (and one Heller repop of the Lee kit, let's not go there) but only have wing walk decals for one. Looking for any suitable decals from the E-2C or E-2CJ kits to do one B, 2 Cs and a converted C-2 Greyhound from the 80's time frame. Can't find any aftermarket sheets with them (I have Microscale decals for squadron marks & stencils). Looking for any help from your decal dungeons...
  17. She's gone https://twitter.com/Osinttechnical/status/1499352901688385547?s=20&t=sF_zK4ncCc1EvdibllXK5g
  18. An export version of the RN FG.1 Phantom perhaps? Navalised Tornado? Both F.3 for air/ Fleet defence and GR.1 for strike? Actually the F.3 idea is a good one, internal gun, good radar (not the concrete block version) bvr missiles. GR1 good range of underwing stores options.
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