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  1. Possibly a bit too general but Vietnam Air Wars by Rene J Francillon. Covers 1945 to 1975, l'AdA, Aernonavale, USAF, USN, USMC, US Army, VNAF, NVAF & one chapter on others. If you like reading spreadsheets I also recommend Tonkin Gulf Yacht Club by the same author.
  2. Lovely model. On my to do list. Still looking for an affordable tamiya Sierra Cosworth kit.
  3. CTA do exactly this...
  4. Agreed. And I'm definitely up for buying one of these, as this collection is one of my themes. But 1/72 please!
  5. How about some VNAF birds in 1/72? Or a 10th May 1972 sheet? I know some/most/all have been done but not all are available (anyone got Silverkite 211 from Fox?) Or even the rescue mission for Locher on June 1st/2nd? A-1H Skyraider; HH-53C; F-4; F-105; MiGs. The direct task force of 119 aircraft included two HH-53C rescue helicopters, bombers, and an array of F-4 escorts, EB-66s, A-1Hs, F-105G Wild Weasels, and KC-135 tankers. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roger_Locher This is my favourite titbit I learned today; "During the rescue, an F-4E
  6. Bump and I have the Fox one marine phantoms sheet I'm willing to trade for this https://www.scalemates.com/kits/fox-one-decals-fod-72-003-us-marine-corps-phantoms-in-se-asia--584294
  7. And these.. https://www.hadmodels.com/72218-f-14a-vf-1-wolfpack-uss-enterprise-decal-sheet-172_393403
  8. There's also these... https://www.facebook.com/wolfpackd/posts/3528195257273654
  9. All, I wasn't able to help Glynn here.. anyone else who might be able, feel free to call him!
  10. Ok let me see there... Ok messenger box was full. I have another thread with some wants have a look in case you can help...
  11. Ok. Pm me your address and I'll work out postage costs tomorrow
  12. Hi again Robert. I have a partial and a full. The partial is all yours but check here first if it has what you need. It is missing the fin stripes. For the bits you need this might help... http://www.caracalmodels.com/cd72074.html
  13. Read it thanks. Actually he said he won't be.... 😞 😪
  14. I'll have a look for them in the decal dungeon and see what's left. I do remember i built both a C and an E from a combination of this and a Two bobs sheet. From memory I found the Astra decals were very stiff and difficult to settle so I'd use twobobs or another source for as much as possible if I was you. I'll be back later when I know whats there.
  15. I might have a partial if not a full copy. Are you looking for one option in particular?
  16. Any plan to have a VP-40 Marlins high vis? I know its in the Hasegawa kit but I've got a Revell issue. And I don't think Microscale did it.
  17. As per title. Can swap or buy. Only need VF-92 option but will buy the whole sheet if I have to. Or if there is another way to get Curt Dose's Phantom i don't know about..
  18. Epic! I haven't been this excited since the first shuttle launch. Was too young for Apollo. The formation flying boosters landing will be an iconic image.
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