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  1. Also interested in picking up a couple of cheap Fujimi (or Hasegawa even) F-4Ns... 😀🙃
  2. Interested in acquisition of one or more Monogram C/D kits. Currently on a Vietnam war theme kick and realised I don't have kits to match my decal stash. Hoping with the release of the Hobby 2000 kits and the upcoming releases from Fine Molds, that some might wish to move on the old, dreadfully detailed, raised panel line monsters that came in the various Monogram, AM or even Hasegawa boxes. Builders kits are fine, dont need decals, instructions or boxes. (The cheaper the better!) Even consider partial kits depending on what's missing, as I've a good stock of spares. If RoG reissue it like th
  3. Can't help but maybe worth trying Italeri for spares as they recently released it. I just got a box of bits off them in the post today that included clear parts from the B-52 and A-6. Worth an email surely?
  4. Not entirely correct though, my understanding is with the EU system the main difference is sellers like Caracal can either choose to register (either directly or through an agent) in one country, (and be then able to collect at source but still sell goods to the rest of the EU) OR choose not to register at all and continue as currently, where the purchaser pays on receipt of goods, as is the case now. Its optional. He also won't have to "open the books" so to speak..
  5. Fights On I'm trying to pm you but it's saying you can't receive PMs.
  6. Any plans to scale the Skyraider sheets down to 1/72?
  7. Go Navy has some http://www.gonavy.jp/CVW8-AJ1980.html
  8. 1999 Revell Germany reissue of Monogram's classic B-52D kit. Old kit, challenging at times, will never be a contest winner, but it was great fun to do. Wings are still detachable until she finds a permanent home. On to the AMt kit next...
  9. Black week for motorsport fans. First Murray Walker and now Sabine Schmitz. RIP to both.... Forget Top Gear, this was her in her element..
  10. Happy Green day to all ARCers. Second year in a row we've had to cancel festivities. Stay safe, stay at home and protect each other. Vaccine is coming so maybe next year I'll have some nice Irish models for Steve to post on the homepage. Public service announcement FYI..... March 17th is ST. PATRICK'S DAY Variously referred to as... St Patrick's Day, Patrick's Day, St Paddy's day, Paddy's day. ---- IT IS NOT---- St Patty's day or Patty's day. Not this year, not last year, not ever. Happy St Patr
  11. Perfect thanks. Not a rivet counter. Though I read 1/48th before which I found odd cos I thought they were the same engine...
  12. As per title! RoG reissue of the Monogram kit, happy to build (mostly) OOB, just not sure if I need 1/72 or 1/48th scale F-15 exhausts to do it.
  13. Funny how you can look at something for ages and not see the obvious. My H kit is a old AMT issue and the decals are not the best. I have some Wolfpak decals for individual aircraft markings and waiting to see what Caracal come out with on their upcoming sheet. In the meantime was trying to source an Italeri sheet for the walkways and stencils etc bit the original issue gunship grey sheet is no longer available. The current sheet is but its camo. The current G kit decals are there too but contains both grey and black walkways. Which is current I ask myself. Google some full sized H
  14. My gator grip has gone mouldy (and quite smelly) which deters me from using it any more. I either need a fresh bottle or an alternative (it's not available in Ireland..)
  15. I think the later sheets are silk screen or at least are individual decals, not on a continuous carrier film.
  16. The number font is also way off, like every print scale USN sheet I've seen...
  17. Thats a new one on me. I always thought the wingtips were movable. If you look at the instructions in the link i posted above you can see it allows you to build the wings either way, level or drooping.
  18. Scalemates has it to download https://www.scalemates.com/kits/italeri-1282-xb-70-valkyrie--640294
  19. Thanks, i know the trailing edge of the flaps that form part of the upper wing surface when retracted are camo. My question was the upper flap surface normally covered by the wing when retracted. That photo confirms it. Cheers
  20. Ok, I've figured out that the flap bays are chromate green or yellow, and the underside of the flaps are black, but what about the top of the flaps, the bit that's hidden under the wing when retracted? Is it zinc green/yellow or does the upper wing camo carry over onto it? B-52D RoG kit oob scheme, "Orlando where the action is " Cheers, Roy
  21. Despite the apparent EU bashing from some quarters in this thread, Kursad you should kwnow that if you do decide to go with registering for the EU you'll only need to register in one country. However, my info at the moment is it will be optional, you can continue to trade as before and I'll pay the charges when I collect the package. https://www.revenue.ie/en/tax-professionals/tdm/value-added-tax/part10-special-schemes/vat-ecommerce-rules-1-july-2021/vat-ecommerce-rules-1-july-2021.pdf I do take exception to the inference further up that the EU is somehow responsible f
  22. I've made some progress on the Revell kit. I'm now wondering if the u/c doors should be zinc yellow, along with the flaps and flap bays. U/c bays green. Outrigger bays yellow. Ideas? Also made a start on the H. Well, cut the wing box like Paul Boyer did. Well, my attempt at what he did. Not sure if i got them the same. I thought I was a genius when I figured I'd just install it upside down. It's keyed so it will only go one way..
  23. I have it. It weighs a ton.... The bubbles are there too,cbut that's not the worst of it. The deck itself is warped, to the extent that the catapult track dips and bends, not in a straight line in either the vertical or horizontal planes. In addition, each one of the blast shield parts are all of different thicknesses. It's impossible to get them all aligned to each other (or the base). I think you've got the better of the two. (and yes I've tried the hot water trick on mine... usually makes it marginally better until it cools down and reverts to warped state).
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