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  1. Hmmmm, where is the attach button gone?
  2. Nate, If you can get hold of an caustic soda based oven cleaner, here in Ireland I use Mr Muscle brand, put the part in an old plastic container, spray on some oven cleaner, close the lid and leave it over night, you'll find a perfectly clean clear part the next day. I've used this to strip 15 year-old enamel off canopies, no problem. You may need to give a light rub with an old toothbrush over the sink, but that's all. Modelstrip is also a good product, but I don't know if it's available in your part of the world? Cheers, Roy
  3. The_animal; I have one I use for exactly that purpose (as well as driving screws, no really dear, I promise I will use it about the house too... not just on my models....) I bought mine here a couple of years ago for about IR£20 (€27-€30 approx) and it was one of the best investments I ever made. I managed to get 2 chucks for micro drill bits, but I had to go online to Micro-Mark to get them. Any tool shop around here said they had heard of them but 'we never stocked them'. Its really useful if you are drilling multiple holes, (for me that means more than 2) and it's slow enough NOT to
  4. Thanks folks, That's exactly what I needed to know. I'll post some pics when finished. Cheers again, Roy
  5. Hi all, Sorry about the placing of my question, but I reckon that if anyone knows the answer, you lot do. I am currently building the Italeri 1/72 F/A-18F for 2Bobs VFA-41 decals (bought both the kit and decals before Hasegawa released theirs) and I need to know how to place the wing pylons. I know they should be toe'd out by 10 degrees, but do I measure from the rear attachment point, or should the point of the angle be at the rear of the pylon? OR, should the angle point be in the centre of the pylon, as though the pylon was rotated 10 degrees about it's centre point (as though the front is
  6. Been trying for a while, can't find interior pics of either the Irish Air Corps (or French Navy) SA-365F. Any suggestions? Got loads of exterior pics, though. Cheers again, Roy
  7. Hi guys, or you could order it direct from Bare metal yourself, I did this recently and I am a very satisfied customer, good shipping times and costs, excellent customer service. BTW they also make an Inkjet version if you want to print it yourself... HTH Roy
  8. Thanks for the responses guys,even if I did mis-spell the title.... I should have mentioned I live in Ireland, I don't have access to any model paint except humbrol enamels, no Tamiya, no Testors, only acrylic sprays I can get are car touch-ups. I bought the Alclad PolAlu in a mail order bundle from Aeroclub. I figured that the chrome shade would be too bright in 1/72 and make the model too toy-like. I won't know till I start. One more question, if I screw up (which is most likely) can I use my favourite paint stripper (MR Muscle oven cleaner!) to start again? Once again, thanks all for the
  9. DEFINETLY LAST UPDATE------------- one pic here and more on the critique corner..... now that the attach thing is back.. Well guys, tell me did it work? Here she is, finished. I'll take some more pics in the daylight, and post them on the proper forum. B) I think the picture is on the end?! Cheers, Roy --------------- Hi again all, ---- update on alclad 2 polished aluminium.. I've finished the painting, and I have to say it worked. I used a mist coat of humbrol matt black enamel as a primer, followed by humbrol gloss black as an undercoat for the highly polished aluminium. Have a l
  10. Cheers guys, thanks for the decals. Roy
  11. Thanks Stevie, I definetly think I came off the better in that one! Cheers, Roy
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