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  1. Funny, I just did a count myself this weekend. So far, it stands at about 325. I was shocked. I figured about 180-200 at most. Mostly aircraft, but broken down as follows; 1/72 258 aircraft, of which 4 are vacforms, and 67 are the Matchbox collection (glad to see I'm not alone here, I think...) At least 19 are for the Irish Air Corps collection and most of the rest are post-war, jets props and helos. 1/700-1/720 ships, 31, of which 18 are aircraft carriers and all are post war. 1/144 8 1/48 aircraft 9, all post-war/modern jets. 1/24-1/25 cars, 6 1/72 boats/ships 3 1/350 scal
  2. Can't go this year. Can't find a 2010 Telford thread here either. Any news yet?
  3. Thanks all so far for the replies. Just a couple more questions. I've found some correct older style insig in the decals folder spares. The kit comes with the later stars'n'bars. What I need to know is what size (approx diameter in mm) do I need for wings and fuse postitions? I'm still trying to get my head around the guns question. Would a 1943 B-17 on a ferry flight across the pond from US to UK (via North Africa) have guns fitted, guns stowed or no guns at all, fitted later on arrival? The photos above are inconclusive, at least for the dorsal and ball turrets. Tail does look empty. I wou
  4. Could the third pic be the remains of an Lunar Module wreckage? they did fall back down after jettisioning, didn't they?
  5. I'd go with the side view for no splotches, as the front view with Officer Gable may or may not be 42-3090. Thanks for all the info so far, confirmed that she has meduim green fin centre section, black de-icer boots, yellow serial, possibly yellow name on nose (artistic licence to inform the non-modellers). Looking at the pics again armed with that info seems to put it beyond doubt. Also, looking at the interior colours thread, probably best to go with bronze green HU75 rather than cockpit green (HU78) To be confirmed, National Insignia- 6 stars or 4? Also, it appears to be unarmed. Were t
  6. Thanks Stephen, Looking at the '43 Belle film myself, I saw the interior of the access door seemed to be silver or at least very light grey, that's why I reckon on bare metal for the rear fuse interior. Of course, it could just be the door.... Thanks for the heads up on the medium green fin, wouldn't have known about that. Edit, there is also some confusion as to whether or not "T'aint a Bird" was painted on the nose when she landed in Clon, or later when she arrived in England. One story goes that the name came from a local farmer when another asked him what is that in the sky, the reply w
  7. Ok, bear with me! I'm looking to build a 1/72 model of a specific B-17F that no decals exist of. That's not the problem! On 7th April 1943 Boeing B-17F-25-DL Fortress 42-3090 force landed in a field in Clonakilty, Co. Cork, Ireland while on a ferry flight from Marrakech. Above courtesty of http://www.skynet.ie/~dan/war/crashes.htm Plenty of people have researched this event but to my knowledge no one has modelled T'aint a Bird. My questions are the following; As a delivery flight, I'm assuming that she would have been a new(ish) aircraft and therefore fairly unweathered. What is a good
  8. Bought a kit from Ebay. Kit was sealed so not the sellers problem. It's an old one, everything was in the sealed bag except the windscreen (canopy was there though). So if anyone has a spare windscreen, or even one from a built model now residing in your 1/72 AMARC collection, I'd love to hear from you. Cheers, Roy (Kit is same as this; linky thingy
  9. Nice pics. Nice birds. Nice for a change! Thanks.
  10. Looking for the following, DECALS; Partial sheet of Wolfpack Decals 72-003 STILL LOOKING! (Getting desperate!) I'm just after the B-52 bit, but willing to purchase the full sheet if needed. Have loads to trade, if preferred. It's from this sheet; http://www.modelingmadness.com/scotts/decals/wp/wp72003.htm Now also looking for the AV-8A VMA-231 USS FDR option from Wolfpack thanks 2010 sheet. KIT BITS! Emhar 1/72 F3H Demon windscreen. Missing from my kit. Hasegawa Fuji T-1 1/72; again windscreen needed. Kit was sealed so not the sellers problem. It's an old one from ePay, everything
  11. Hi all, Haven't been on here for a while. Many many thanks for all the links. Just what I was looking for! Cheers, Roy
  12. A long while back, before my HD died, I remember visiting a site that played the sound of an F-8 Crusader spooling up and going to full mil power. Can't find it now, but my question is, is there a site that I can download such sounds? (Without infecting my PC!) Would be cool for an aircraft carrier diorama at a show! So would also need helo sounds, catapult launches, "NOW HEAR THIS" announces, and so on. A few tower to plane r/t transmissions would be cool too! over to you guys!
  13. Got this today, he wants someone local to the US (first mistake, I'm in Ireland), bad grammar (second), vague instructions, and requirements that mainly are a bank account. The icing on the cake though, is that the sent from email address just happens to be the one it sent to, i.e. my own! (obviously this is different to the one they want me to reply to, as listed in the email.) I've recently turned over to Mozilla Thunderbird as my email app and it shows this as from me, to me! So I gather I have had my email addy compromised. I figure also my address book may have been harvested, or mayb
  14. Hey Ryan, I've been in contact with Mark. He says he will reprint it if there is enough interest, and added my name to the list. (Didn't say how long the list was though......) So hoping that someone bought this sheet for one of the other options, and would be willing to part with the B-52 bit!
  15. As per title, in 1/72 scale. Got the lovely Italeri 1/72 kit, want a Sharkmouthed one that is most recent. Any ideas on decals? TIA Roy
  16. I'm just after the B-52 bit, but willing to purchase the full sheet if needed. Have loads to trade, if preferred. This one; http://www.modelingmadness.com/scotts/decals/wp/wp72003.htm Thanks in advance, Roy
  17. http://cgi.ebay.ie/Special-Kitech-1-72-YF-...=item3efd5b5c91 I know, I know, it's a zhengdefu/kitech clone of someone elses kit, but whose? Their Italeri-inspired Tomcat is actually usable, wondering if this is the same? (Unlike their copy of the Hasegawa Prowler....) Hoping it's a Hasegwa, Fujimi or ESCi clone, looking for a supply of spares....
  18. No, they don't. And looking at photos of the blue-painted refurbished ones, they're not visible. They have a pair of hexagon-like panels where the '7' shaped stiffener is on the later versions. The Italeri 1/72 come with these as standard in the kit, and the Hasegawa newer-tool 1/72 has the option of both types of fin. the Fujimi, Hasegawa old tool, and Esci have the 7-shaped stiffener. HTH
  19. Have fun trying to close the canopy over your new seat. I was wondering why the kit one was so small, when I replaced it (Aeroclub white metal for me) I found out why...... Either grind away the bottom of the seat, or cut a hole in the cockpit floor. Even easier would be to lower the cockpit sides/floor part in the fuselage, but obviously you can only do that when putting it in first time... See your past that already!
  20. Is this the scheme you speak of? Been there, done that..... It's actually masked and painted. Have since touched up and it looks even better now (got the curve into the upper corners of the 'A' in 'AJ'.
  21. This sums the whole thing up for me........ http://www.sniffpetrol.com/ (SEAT Leon owner... FBW throttle, 5-speed manual box, can still hear my old man when teaching me to drive all those years ago........"clutch and brake, clutch and brake Son......"
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