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  1. Thanks Underdog, that project is awesome the detail is pretty spot on. Those textures for the FIB blankets i would love to be able to recreate. Im not sure if i will be able to come as close to that. That looks like years of experiance there. I have ideas like the ET doors, and the correct version of the Vertcal Stabilizer with the Drag Chute compartment for each orbiter. But i have no real 3D printing skills so thats why i posted here. But looks like I will have some reading to do here to help me achieve some of this detail.
  2. Continued, so do you have the SRB Aft skirts still? Are you making any other parts like the SILTS Pod that was at the top of Columbia Vertcal Stabilizer or those renditions of the SSME's that had the base,heat shield details. What about External Tank Doors for the where the orbiter mounts on the tank? By the way my name is Bill. Thanks
  3. Hi, I'm getting prepared for a 1/72 monogram Shuttle Stack build and I want to get get all the proper parts that I can find before I start. I stumbled across this forum and your posts and was happy to find that you do have some parts that I'm looking for. The Model will be a version of Columbia as looked for its last launch STS-107. It's important to me to be as accurate as possible as I am a former Space Shuttle Technician and I worked on Columbia and all the other vehicles except Challenger as I started working shuttle after the Challenger accident.
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