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  1. Bri2k

    Silver Dope finish

    I use an aluminum acrylic, Tamiya is my preferred choice. I can't speak to how accurate this is, but I always read about silver dope having aluminum in it. Bri2k
  2. Bri2k

    Shops in Pittsburgh PA?

    I can't think of any hobby shops inside of city limits. There's a Hobbytown in Robinson Town Centre not too far from the Ikea. Here's a list of Pittsburgh area hobby shops from the local IPMS chapter's site. I hope you have a nice trip and manage to score tickets to the game! Bri2k
  3. Bri2k

    American's new livery

    Yuk. It looks like it was designed by a grade-school art class. The only thing that stands out about the new livery is its striking blandness. Google American Airlines livery and you'll see that every alternative is better than what they went with. This site has some nice ideas. They should've gotten Jennings on the job! Bri2k P.S. Here's my favorite: It keeps the colors and the stylized eagle yet pays homage to U.S. Airways at the same time and sure is eye-catching. I would've flipped the eagle around so it's facing forward though.
  4. Bri2k

    1/72 Ansaldo A-10 Antonio

    This project began with a bunch of parts including a cast-off fuselage from a 1/72 Tony and the wings from a 1/72 KOR-1. The spats were vac-formed by my friend Jeffry Fontaine. A good day's work later, it looked like this: Decals were from the Italeri CR-42 and a Roundels of the World sheet. Guitar strings were used for the rigging and the model is brush-painted by hand with acrylics. I hope you enjoyed this little "could've-been" and are now aware of the great danger posed by Chop Suey. Bri2k
  5. Bri2k

    1/72 Ansaldo A-10 Antonio

    Colonello "Dom" Domino flew straight for il Palazzo per le Persone Più Importante di Lei (Palace for People More Important than You), official residence of Il Duce. Using the Antonio's upper wing 20 m.m. cannon to great effect, the Colonello completely destroyed the third floor master bedroom and bath. At the time, Il Duce was "seated on the throne" as often happened after a Chop Suey binge and not even his snow peas survived. After this, "Dom" Domino vented the rest of his rage by strafing Greg Foo-Yung's House of Chop Suey on La strada di Generale Tso. Fearing reprisals by the Black-Shirts, the Colonello flew to Sardinia where he boarded an olive oil tanker headed for America, exclaiming "L'America, una terra libera dall'oppressione di Chop Suey! (America, a land free from Chop Suey oppression!)" Without Il Duce to lead them, the fascists were tossed out of power, replaced by a small-town mayor and oenophile named Italo Bombolini and his Chianti party, known for their slogan, "In vino veritas" (In wine there is truth). "Dom" Domino went on to open one of the first pizzerias in the U.S. which later grew into the famous Domino's Pizza chain, that to this day does not have Chop Suey on their menu. As for his Ansaldo A-10 Antonio, it was recovered from the Sardinian field where it had been abandoned and is now on display at the Museo di Aviazione in Rome, across the street from Won Hung Lo's Meatball Buffet. Bri2k
  6. In November, 1934 during a midnight meeting on the next expansion of Grande Italia, Mussolini, Il Duce, got hungry (planning conquests always made him hungry). Finding the kitchen closed at that late hour, his aide ordered food delivered from the only all-night restaurant in Rome, Greg Foo-Yung's House of Chop Suey. Never having tried Chop Suey before, Il Duce was immediately hooked. Soon he was eating it morning, noon and night and proclaiming the wonders of Chop Suey: Eventually, Il Duce issued a decree making Chop Suey the national food of Italy: There was even a famous conference with Hitler in 1935 where Chop Suey was served: Unfortunately, der Führer preferred creme-filled pastries. Finally, Il Duce changed the markings of the Regia Aeronautica: This was all too much for Colonello Dominic Domino, commander of the 20th Sqn. based just outside of Rome. In a fit of pique on the evening of March 11, 1936, "Dom" Domino had the fascist "chop suey" markings on his Ansaldo A-10 Antonio over-painted in more traditional Italian colors and took off to set things right. continued... Bri2k
  7. Bri2k

    1/72 CAN-1 on skis

    Within a few months, the last of the Soviet invaders had been forced out of the Great White North. This caused a little back-pedalling from the Red Army: Today, the CAN-1 is beloved as the aircraft that kept the True North free. Boys still build model kits of it with which they bomb and strafe imaginary backyard invaders. Bri2k
  8. Bri2k

    1/72 CAN-1 on skis

    While the CAN-1 was a revolutionary and incredibly capable aircraft for its time, it didn't hurt that the invaders stopped to rest on their laurels: This gave the brave Canucks the opportunity they needed to finally push the Soviet invaders out of their country. Armed with two .303 guns in the wings and two .50 cal. guns in a tail turret as well as two 250 lb. bombs, the CAN-1 was the perfect weapon for getting the Reds on the run. continued... Bri2k
  9. Bri2k

    1/72 CAN-1 on skis

    The objectives of the Soviet invasion were clear: In March of 1934, the Red Army launched an attack on the Great White North from across the North Pole. The Canadians, while caught off guard, resisted bravely: Unfortunately, despite their best efforts, the Red Army seemed unstoppable. Recruiting more troops did little to stem the tide: Fortunately, the Canadian Car & Foundry Co. came to the rescue with a radical new attack plane called the CAN-1: continued... Bri2k
  10. Bri2k

    1/72 CAN-1 on skis

    While not widely known to the outside world, Russians have a great love for beer. In fact, beer was instrumental in the Russian revolution in 1917: Unfortunately, by 1933, the country was in crisis: However, Stalin had a plan: invade Canada and get their beer. Preparations were made: continued... Bri2k
  11. Bri2k

    Delta Airlines 707P - P for Pusher

    Yes I know, the maintenance crew at this airport is slacking badly, especially on runway Bri2k. I should make a 1/144 scale guy with a lawnmower... Bri2k
  12. Bri2k

    Delta Airlines 707P - P for Pusher

    While it's no prize-winner, I learned a lot about the peculiarities of the 1/144 Minicraft 707 which should help me with the other five of these I have in the kit stash. Decals are the 1/144 Minicraft Delta DC-8 set by Cartograph which will curl if you're not careful. The props are white metal courtesy of AeroClub and the engine nacelles were made from drinking straws, drop-tank tips and wheels. I always imagine that something awful happened and Boeing couldn't get working jet engines and had to do something to sell all those 707 orders. I call this the 707P - P for Pusher. Bri2k
  13. You know what they say. Some days you get lucky... ...and other days you get a Minicraft 707. The nose was a rhinoplasty nightmare. I wanted to do something a little different, so I came up with the idea of making pusher engines from drinking straws: Bri2k
  14. Bri2k

    Flying Wing(s) in 1/144

    The model is painted in Model Masters Semi-Gloss White and the decals are mostly leftovers from a sheet of Eastern Airlines livery by ATP. Here's a couple of glamor shots: Bri2k
  15. Bri2k

    Flying Wing(s) in 1/144

    While the flight from Mt. Vernon, Ohio to Keokuk, Iowa was uneventful, everyone on board raved about the buffalo wings. Demand for those delicious wings forced Flying Wing Airlines to serve them on every flight. The airline was a huge success. Then the "Sacre Bleu!" bleu cheese blight hit hard and it became impossible to enjoy buffalo wings. Ranch dressing was tried as a substitute and deemed a dismal failure. This and the deepening depression caused Flying Wing Airlines to fold after only a short time in business. While Flying Wing Airlines and the FWT were soon forgotten, Jack Northrop used the experience to refine his flying wing designs which led to development of the B-2 bomber. Bri2k