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  1. Now that's something you don't see every day! Well done and that color you used is so pleasing to the eye, especially with those red stars! Bri2k
  2. I tried Vallejo Model Color and found them terribly disappointing. With Model Masters acrylics, I often get away with just one coat. Model Color was three or more and still not as good, unfortunately. Then there's having to decant the stuff because they don't sell it in a real paint bottle which I can't fathom because this paint is supposedly made just for brush-painting. If you've got any tips on making Vallejo Model Color work better, I'd welcome them. I still have two full squirt bottles left. Thank you for your advice. I greatly appreciate it! Bri2k
  3. Magnificent and the rigging is especially well done! I've got the 1/72 Airfix version, not sure I'm brave enough to tackle it yet. What a treat to see this beauty and thanks for posting! Bri2k
  4. Can anyone recommend a Model Masters/Testors acrylic replacement for hand-brushing? I've tried Model Color and it was awful, cheap craft-store paints are better if you ask me. I noticed Lifecolor had a good ref from one of you kind folks. Noted and hoping to hear more. Many thanks in advance for the tips! Bri2k
  5. Thanks for the inside scoop. I'm really hoping you're wrong about MM acryl going away. I can still get it on Amazon and a few other sources. There's absolutely no acrylic that hand-brushes like it, even some that say they're formulated specifically for the old hairy stick (looking at you Model Color, just a waste of money). Guess I'd better stock up while I can still get it. Many thanks again for the head's up! Bri2k
  6. While it's well known that the Fokker Dr. I of Red Baron fame started life as an attempt to copy the the Sopwith "Tripe", it's been forgotten that this process worked in reverse. After the debacle that was Bloody April, the RFC asked for a fighter that could match the German Albatrosses responsible for most of the carnage. Four companies submitted sesquiplane designs but the Sopwith firm was first off the mark with a prototype. Unfortunately, there were issues with the motor-mounts for the license-produced
  7. That's a fantastic take on one of the truly classic Corsair schemes! Well done! Bri2k
  8. That's absolutely cracker-jack! I really like record-breakers and test-beds. Thanks for cluing me in on another interesting MiG! Bri2k
  9. I've liked Sword since they released their 2-in-1 kit of the 1/72 P-40 "short-tail", two kits in one box with killer decals for a fantastic price! I picked up two of these back when they were available for $25 each. I still have one complete kit left and most of a sheet of decals. Great stuff! Bri2k
  10. If there was a any justice, Boeing would be sued out of existence for such malfeasance. I have yet to see anything that justifies their actions or absolves them of responsibility. A text-book case of terrible, criminal management. Bri2k
  11. Well this might explain why Sprue Bros. has been steadily whittling back their stock of Model Masters acrylics, my go-to paint sadly. When I checked a week ago, no "standard colors" like Flat Black, Insignia Blue, Red & Yellow, etc. These have been out of stock for a year now. If you don't carry my paint, you're unlikely to get my business. Enjoy the Mr Paint! If that stuff worked like Model Masters with the old hairy stick, I might be thrilled too. Bri2k
  12. The Studebaker-Packard Aero Division "SPAD" XSP-1A heavy attack prototype featured large dive-brakes to slow it down (ha ha ha!) in the attack run and had built-in armament of six auto-cannons in the wings and one machine gun mounted between the engine cylinders which was synchronized to fire through the propeller. This gun was usually loaded with tracers for sighting purposes. The XSP-1A was powered by the enormous(-ly over-rated) Bratt & Brittney 11 cylinder radial engine which would become a hallmark in the annals of unreliability. Unfortunately, despite
  13. Man I wish I could vote for this twice! Here's what I've got so far, all 1/72 scale: Monogram vs. Revell P-36s Academy vs. Airfix early P-40B/Cs Academy vs. Hasegawa P-40Es Academy vs. Hawk T-6 Texans Academy vs. Airfix F-86s I could also add Matchbox vs. Monogram F4B biplanes. I won't get to all of them, but I'd really like to build the P-36s, P-40B/Cs and Texans. Bri2k
  14. 1/72 Curtiss P-36 made with modern design/tooling. 1/200 B-36, again with modern design/tooling. Will struggle with the older versions until these flying unicorns show up. Bri2k
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