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  1. I have no idea what you said in this post but I got to go to the flight line and see this right after it was painted. Shortly after though it suffered an accident and may never return to China Lake. What a great scheme and what a very nice model! The Italeri kit may not be easy, but it sure looks the part to me! Cheers and Happy New Year! Larry
  2. Gotta be close to an update eh Elmo? If any build needs one it's to see where you are at these days! Cheers my good Man, and hope the new year has you and yours doing well! Larry
  3. Gorgeous! Planned this from the first day I saw it at China Lake! Cheers Larry
  4. That Second picture looks like it was taken at China Lake and I was there and have pictures. I don't know if they will scan with enough clarity, but it looks as though it did. The Pilots name is; Lt Daill Kraut. Picture is pretty small but here is a crop of the name and font. Cheers Larry
  5. A CMV-22B conversio for the sponsons will be needed right away. And then an F-135 Engine to be inserted in the cargo hold! Yep that is what will be needed.
  6. As the title asks, anyone heard anything about this? Would be nice to see one in a manufacturers arsenal. Cheers! Larry
  7. That is some FAST and damn good news about the Fuselage! You are being a little modest about your correction... It's a beautiful easy to accomplish correction to install. From the photos though, the surface seems a tad ROUGH especially next to your correction piece. When I get to my examples to paint I know the surface will have been sanded and polished out a lot, but man you shouldn't have to. Thanks for getting that example and showing us the news! Can't wait to get mine for that Edwards white wing and camo fuselage former T-Bird Phantom II!
  8. There is one song that will give me goosebumps everytime I hear it...!
  9. Does someone here know the BuNo's of the Super Hornets that are to become Blue Angel aircraft? Hoping 165780 will do duty with them... China Lake bird dontcha know.
  10. All is well up here in the desert, and I can see the pictures now. That windscreen is BEAUTIFUL! Now the hard part eh, PAINT! Cheers! Larry
  11. Hey Elmo, how ya doin during this mind blowing time in our lives? Just to let you know, I can't see any pics on my end. Can't wait to see them though Cheers Larry
  12. The planform of the wing was gorgeous! Intake not so much but that wing was fantastic!
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