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  1. Rockin! Looks Rockin! cheers!
  2. There is one song that will give me goosebumps everytime I hear it...!
  3. Does someone here know the BuNo's of the Super Hornets that are to become Blue Angel aircraft? Hoping 165780 will do duty with them... China Lake bird dontcha know.
  4. All is well up here in the desert, and I can see the pictures now. That windscreen is BEAUTIFUL! Now the hard part eh, PAINT! Cheers! Larry
  5. Hey Elmo, how ya doin during this mind blowing time in our lives? Just to let you know, I can't see any pics on my end. Can't wait to see them though Cheers Larry
  6. The planform of the wing was gorgeous! Intake not so much but that wing was fantastic!
  7. Very good question and would like to read the answer as well. Doing a Skyraider from VX-5 and don't want to hide the engine. I know it's my model, and I can do what I want to with it, but I'd like to display it as it would normally sit. Out here in the desert heat though, I would think they could have left them open, or removed them all together, but hopefully someone can shed some light on that. Cheers Larry
  8. Here is a good place to get Hypodermic needle tubing. https://www.mcmaster.com/micro-tubing
  9. The best drawings on the net are right here. Are they accurate, well you'll need to be the judge of that, but from what I have researched and held them against what Jun has drawn, they is pretty darned close. Again you be the judge and the tanks from Zoukie Doukie's Phantom II look close to the drawings. Hope this helps. Cheers Larry
  10. You might want to take a look at Jun's 1/32 Seafire and see how he managed to scratch build his contra-rotating props. If nothing else some really good inspiration to see! http://soyuyo.main.jp/spit47/spit47e-2.html Cheers Larry
  11. Exactly where we need to be Jeffrey! I've installed a set of your well thought out Zoukie Doukie correction pieces and though I haven't completed it yet, it SO adds to that Phantom look! Thanks for your eye! Cheers Larry
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