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  1. Hello I did a test run of an RCS motor First step I round my pieces of aluminum second step the tracing 😁 [/url third step I drill at different diameters hollow out of the nozzle with a hand chisel, I give the first form
  2. hello Great job πŸ˜‰ Nico
  3. Hi Spaceman I looked at the 95 pages of the subject one by one fantastic work 😲 great great great Nico
  4. Hello Thank you for all your great compliments It makes me very happy I can move on tomorrow I will explain to you how I bent the wands I made a cross mounting to avoid the deformat and to keep the good measurements I also went back to work so less time was spent on it Regrds Nico
  5. hello Slartibartfast it's super easy to bend nothing complicated I can explain to you i would do its wek it is the same principle as the florist who spends a ribbon on his pair of scissors you understand what i want explained
  6. some nice pictures shame that we don't have that with the structure of such good quality i have but it's postage stamp size Nico
  7. Hi niart17 Thank you very much Frankly I looked at a lot of subject and I must say that there is great work very very good quality
  8. Hello it's fantastic I have none of this ho yes it will help me Thank you very much yes after 10 years normal that the link no longer works Nico
  9. thank you so much The underdog we will see in the future, this may be a very long project 😁
  10. thank you for helping us K2Pete I will see if I cannot find this document I did a little rivet test, too small too big, tell me Should I take a break or not?
  11. K2Pete it's beautiful it's the first time that I see one with its apparent structure I have a lot of photos of the construction of the LM but not enough if you have any I'm interested we find few photos of the construction of LM in detail the LM is a vehicle that I also really like Nico
  12. Hello yes it will be a lot of machining I will take it on my own so some things will have gone through test phases luckily i'm passionate about watchmaking so the little one doesn't scare me I use the link as a pattern more lots of photos to be fair in the end I would like to represent him as in the factory before the break of his panels his is how i would like to represent it really its structure plus the wiring etc. I don't know if it will be possible on this scale
  13. Hello my name is nico i live in belgium i am 38 years old ,i use google translation for you spoken and showed my project my project is the LM Apollo 13 in scratch the pattern comes from this site, I enlarged it to 185% http://uhu02.way-nifty.com/die_eule_der_minerva/2014/04/041-apollo13-lm.html you understand me well 😁 url=https://servimg.com/view/12678586/6364][/url]
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