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  1. The tips are just plastic and from the factory they were straight on the 150 and 152 but the "hoerner" tips of various designs are a very common modification at about 1 AMU installed (1 AMU = $1,000 regular dollars. Just part of the lies we tell ourselves about how much general aviation costs!) 😀 http://buyplaneparts.com/cessna-hoerner-high-performance-wing-tips-140a-150-170b-172-175-180-182-set/
  2. Very little difference between the two externally. The 152 is 2" wider but that's about it and that doesn't strike me as worth trying to make apparent in 1/48. https://cessna150152club.org/150-152-History Panels today are a wide variety of classic steam gauges and modern electronics and that should be very easy to scratch build. This guys new panel with the Garmin 275s makes for a very simple panel. https://youtu.be/B9tnYVfwO5Y Where the creativity lives is the huge variety of paint schemes you can do. General Aviation is underserved in modeling so looking forward
  3. Alas, those days of wet film and scans stymies my ability to get decent enlargements. The slides I had digitized worked well though!
  4. But we sure did a lot of it (as well as Victor and L-1011) right Herbal? (over SE Turkey on an OSW mission)
  5. Necro thread for the record. 😀 VAQ-209 has a letter on file from Lucasfilms allowing the use of the Vader head. I actually had to produce it for an Inspector General investigation when I was the PAO.
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