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  1. Y Yeah, Without luck just about everywhere, it seems as if this is my only choice. The decal sheet for the kit is just too limited in the kit. Thanks for the help so far, I’m new to this forum, awesome to talk to the person who produces these.
  2. If you have any left over, I would buy it from you.
  3. Yeah, really sucks, out of stock everywhere, checked all sites that possibly carry it. Tried to order straight from Caracal myself but sounds like it wouldn’t happen til winter basically. but hey, what you don’t use I’ll buy!
  4. Hello fellow enthusiasts, I have searched everywhere I can to locate the Caracal Decals CD48048, which is the 1:48 decal sheet for the YF-23 kit by Hobbyboss. No one has them in stock anywhere. If anyone has this sheet and wouldnt mind parting with it, I have cash on hand and would love to buy it off you. I am interested in the full sheet, but I will not hesitate to buy partials or partly used decal sheets. Anything helps! Thanks guys, JC
  5. Apologies, I am new to this forum and figure it just might be a frequent question. thanks for letting me know where to go.
  6. Hello everyone, I have searched everywhere I can possibly search on the internet to try and locate the Caracal Models YF-23 Prototype decals in 1:48 scale. Is there anyone out there that may have one of these lying around? Partial or full I will buy it. Thanks in advance to anyone willing to help. JC
  7. Would you be willing to print off some more of the yf-23 prototype decals? I have looked everywhere is sold out. Or tips on where to get it. I am looking for the 1/48 option. willing to pay extra or buy another product you offer
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