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  1. Amazing model with tons of detail. Thanks for sharing your great work with us! Blair
  2. Great job on this oldie! These 1/40 Revell kits stand up pretty well even to today’s kit standards. I have been building some of these old kits lately, and here are a couple of suggestions regarding decals: 1. You can remove most of the yellowing by placing the decal sheet in the sun. I tape them to an inside window - facing outwardly - on the sunnier side of my house. A day or two usually does the trick. 2. before using the decals, try coating them with a clear gloss lacquer such as Testors Dullcote or just clear gloss enamel out of a spray can. This will help to prevent the decal
  3. Great job on a great kit. I built this kit in the late seventies as the Enola Gay, and also hung it from a ceiling in my house. Late one night I heard a horrible crash and got out of bed to find my Enola Gay smashed on the floor. After all the interior work, etc. it was heartbreaking to throw the model in the trash (but I still have one left in the stash)!
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