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  1. Mike, all parts are custom designed and 3d resin printed.
  2. Upgraded a 21st Century HMMWV with hobby grade rc electronics, custom robotics and 3d printed resin parts.
  3. Wow, what a wealth of information on this subject! Wish I had found this earlier when I started my project. I'm making a 1/6 scale diorama on the subject, featuring an animated Task Force Ranger hero figure. All of you with sharp eyes will notice the Huey imposter faking as a crashed UH60. I will be adding damage details later so it won't be recognizable:) I also started a build thread here: Pat Leong
  4. Hi all, here's my current work in progress- a 1/6 diorama featuring an animated soldier, kind of a whimsical take on the Battle of Mogadishu. Hope you enjoy it! Pat Leong
  5. It's been awhile since I updated this. Here's my latest Cobra story- emergency extraction of a stranded soldier using the ammo bay door. While lifting off, crew encounters heavy ground fire. A fire fight ensues. FYI, I have yet to fly it in this configuration. I need to procure longer main blades for better lift.FYI, I have yet to fly it in this configuration. I need to procure longer main blades for better lift.
  6. Cobra stretches its wings- fast forward flight is successful!
  7. More Cobra porn for your entertainment:)
  8. Just realized the pictures I posted in the previous post didn't show up. Here they are again:
  9. Zach, Did you fly that Cobra in your signature? I notice it has the airborne laser tracking glass dome. I spent days figuring out how to make the glass dome until I came across plastic Christmas ornaments in the exact diameter! This may not be the best RC Cobra out there but I dare say it is the only one with the laser tracker. Everyone else just paint it body color.
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