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  1. More Cobra porn for your entertainment:)
  2. Just realized the pictures I posted in the previous post didn't show up. Here they are again:
  3. Zach, Did you fly that Cobra in your signature? I notice it has the airborne laser tracking glass dome. I spent days figuring out how to make the glass dome until I came across plastic Christmas ornaments in the exact diameter! This may not be the best RC Cobra out there but I dare say it is the only one with the laser tracker. Everyone else just paint it body color.
  4. Floyd, very good question regarding the CG. In fact, my need to build a highly detailed cockpit and animations scuttled the original plan to locate the heavy lipo flight batteries in the ammo bay. It will be way too nose-heavy. I have since relocated it closer to the main shaft (see pic), it is now perfectly balanced with a 5 degree backward tilt while hovering. It is a kit you can buy at https://www.starwoodscalemodels.com/estore/products.php?8 , but very basic fiberglass components with no details at all, the builder has to figure out how to fit his mechanics inside and detail the rest. Below is picture of what comes in the kit.
  5. Gino, The fuselage itself is about 7'2" long. It is about 8' if you count the bade length.
  6. This is slightly larger than what gets normally posted here, it is a scale helicopter nonetheless. It is also RC and features simulated sound, animated gun and cockpit.
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