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  1. Yep, he's a big tease But, given time, he'll Please us
  2. The Aerofax book on the Vigilnte is available atAmazon The wingfold is fairly simple comapared to other birds of that era. I'll be doing my VIgi up as a bird from RVAH-9 since my uncle flew with them back in 1966 & was lo0st t sea in BuNo: 149312 on 16 JAN 66 off the Ranger. Glad to help you with your Vigi.
  3. Kewl!! I need to get one for my 1/48 Vigi myself. I'll have to check out AAA Hobby sometime.
  4. Tken from the Aerofax Minigraph 9 Noth American Rockwell A3J/A-5 Vigilante by Michael Grove and Jay Miller This is the best I can find on the wingfold. Let me know if there's anything else ya need. Eddie
  5. I'll see what I got on the wingfold for the Vigi. I have some references & a couple books on them. The Ginter book Naval Fighters #64 and, if you can find it, the Aerofax book on the Vigilante. I'll check back later & post a few pics. Eddie
  6. All I know is it was done by students from an Art academy there in the area. THe aircraft itself is suppose to be moved to the forer Navy base since there's talk of a museum being built there in Cubi Point.
  7. Here's some pics a buddy of mine took awhile back...
  8. HEY! I resemble dat Remark :o Now this bird at Cubi was painted by students of some Art Academy in the area.
  9. Great job on the Vigi!! And yes, they did get dirty while out on the Carriers... RVAH-9 aboard USS Ranger 1966
  10. Just after Christmas I stopped at a LHS in Sonora,Ca while I was visiting & picked up a Hasegawa 1/72 A3D-2 early Skywarrior. The box was open & the guy had it marked at $26 as we talked, he opens the box & says looks like the kids have been in here, can't say if it's all there or not. Gimme $4. I spied a photo-etch set in the box and I said something bout it & he shrugged & said Merry Christmas. Upon further inspection later, I found a resin tail cone & nose cone and, was a complete kit!
  11. I'm sitting on around 110 kits. Mostly 1/72 USN aircraft, 2) 1/350 WWII battlships, 4) box scale Revell Carriers & the USS Pine Island, 1) scratchbuilt 1/350 USS Ranger CVA-61, 2) 1/32 jets, 1) 1/24 Bf-109E and 8) 1/800 WWII carriers, several 1/48 aircraft & a few cars, trucks & motorcycles. Not to mention several Star Trek kits
  12. Hey Red, what's the major differences between this and the CA-123? Would it be a major conversion to back date to 1951?
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