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  1. Leaves the question how late ‘ late’ is. In other words: belly strap or not (apart from cockpit differences). I would like them to do the kit with strap or even better: have both options in the kit (might be slightly incorrect for either). More choice is always better. In the mean time I am going to enjoy my next kit on the bench: the Meng F-4E of the very late variety.
  2. Maybe this can help: http://www.primeportal.net/hangar/weichao_chen/f-100d_56-3440/index.php?Page=2
  3. Yes, one custom sheet that could have done without this in the first place. Done with these replies, please send your hate mail by PM, thank you.
  4. Not blaming anyone, just trying to find out WHY. And if you took some 5 minutes of your time (as I did) to find out the status of MDD trademark(s) you would have found they don't exist anymore since the late 90's. So everybody is free to use that design. The NASA trademarks on the other hand are still active. Tread carefully, maybe some lawyers listening in...
  5. Here you go, you can print it yourself if that is fine with you: https://1000logos.net/mcdonnell-douglas-logo/
  6. Lets say these were approved in the 80's-90's, the trademark expired late 90's so still wouldn't be an issue.
  7. Indeed the image was and is there, just (me) hoping for a (non-mentioned) insert correcting this missing MDD logo issue. If Monogram or ESCI could use the graphics in the early eighties, why not Caracal thirty years later? My custom sheet is not full yet so still able to get the markings eventually, it just might take a bit longer than hoped for. Unfortunately this means another kit pushed WAY back on the to-complete list.
  8. as explained to Kursad by PM the problem is most likely the other way around: MDD logo has no trademarks, NASA logo does have trademarks.
  9. Pretty sure they carried it through the test program as shown in this image posted by you. Not sure if you are not allowed reproduce a company logo for the purpose of scale modelling but McDonnell-Douglas is a non-existing company since Boeing absorbed it, I would expect no issues. And you reproduced several other company logo's on other sheets (e.g. NASA), why not this one? Rethorical question, info on MDD trademarks sent by PM. I guess just one more item to add to my custom print decal sheet.
  10. Kursad: I recently got the 1/48 sheet and noticed there are no McDonnell Douglas logo's on it while both 160775 and T1 160781 had these logo's on the tail section. Any reason why not included?
  11. So ZM in a Meng thread is OK, the other way around isn't. And you COMPLETELY missed the point of this video, unless you did't care to watch it...
  12. I think Aires 4281 is what you are looking for, readily available. Example: https://spruebrothers.com/ars4281-1-48-aires-sju-17-ejection-seats-for-f-18e-f-18f-f-14d-4281/
  13. You mean the Zoukei-Mura kit has the extended slats only option.
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