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  1. So ZM in a Meng thread is OK, the other way around isn't. And you COMPLETELY missed the point of this video, unless you did't care to watch it...
  2. I think Aires 4281 is what you are looking for, readily available. Example: https://spruebrothers.com/ars4281-1-48-aires-sju-17-ejection-seats-for-f-18e-f-18f-f-14d-4281/
  3. You mean the Zoukei-Mura kit has the extended slats only option.
  4. Just an idea: when you glue the horizontal stabs in a fixed position you don't need the poly-caps anyway. You would only need some correctly sized tubing. Or fill the opening with sheet styrene, drill correct diameter and glue in place. Only when you want the rear stabs to be positionable at any time you will require this assembly.
  5. So each kit has it's pros and cons: the spine area, cockpit outline, splitter-plate stand-off's, exentended or optional slat position, belly strap, tail thickness, etc. And they both closely resemble a F-4G, at least they do to me. Just build the one you like best. I'll try my luck with the Meng kit unless everyone is dumping their Hasegawa G's and I can pick one up cheap 😁.
  6. As Scout712 already said the early Israeli F-4E were hard wing versions so can be built from the current Zoukei-Mura F-4E offering. Here is one example, note it is already fitted with the MIDAS gun fairing:
  7. Great info Scott. For building one there are currently 2 paths: Hasegawa slatted F-4E kits can be build into the desired version OOB or take the Zoukei-Mura F-4E kit with this conversion set: https://the48ers.com/f-4e-haf-classic-conversion-set-limited-production-set.html These decals are nice and accurate for the early versions: https://the48ers.com/f-4e-classic-greek-air-force-decals-no-booklet-included.html
  8. No idea what Brengun "seized" from attack Squadron, they bought some of their moulds but certainly not all as confirmed by direct communication with the owner of Brengun Jan Sobotka. And you come up with the exact same product as 2 people did before you.
  9. Can't confirm kit content, aftermarket LAU-131 do exist: http://www.brengun.cz/e-shop/1-48-accessories-22/lau-131-rocket-launcher-1781 Seaknight just beat me to it 😀
  10. Sorry to hear that Arnaud, I wish you a speedy recovery from the situation.
  11. No build log here or anywhere else. Maybe when this Su37 project gets going again. I think getting one of the older SOL/Wolfpack conversions installed is more difficult than what I did. Problem is more likely getting the correct parts. That might be the case in 1/72 but in 1/48 there are no Zvezda Flankers. Unfortunately Kitty Hawk went out of business so going my route is getting increasingly difficult too. Maybe something similar can be done with the GWH Su27 and Su30SM but since GWH has no spare parts service that I know of that will be an expensive route. I was lucky
  12. Indeed, called Rb 27 in Swedish/Finnish service.
  13. No, taken with my iPhone, lens covered with greasy fingerprints. And pics taken for reference, not to win photo contests.
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