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  1. Niels, feel free to bypass comments on my posts.
  2. Sure... just like you told me the past years. 🤬
  3. Again: this was promised for release in 2014! An surely there are real life issues but being lied upon several times personally I won't touch this release with a ten foot pole if it is ever going to be released.
  4. So your patience is obviously not great, many have been waiting for more than 5 years for this release, you a measily 5 months and start moaning already?
  5. Vapourware, announced in 2014!!! Hi Decal HD48033 Foreign Currency OptionsGB PoundAustralian DollarsBrazilian RealCanadian DollarsChineese RenminbiCzech korunaEuroHong Kong DollarsIsraeli sheqelJapanese YenNew Zealand DollarsNorwegian KronerPolish ZlotyRussian RubleSouth African RandSwedish KronaSwiss FrancUS Dollar Description: McDonnell F-4E Phantom II "Pharaoh's Ghosts" (4) 222nd Tactical Fighter Brigade, Egyptian Air Force: * 66-0366 / 7813 in disruptive "Compass Ghost Grey" camouflage, 1980, * 67-02
  6. I reported them so the moderators can have a look at it, blank page. Since there is no reaction from he admins there are no issues with my part. I am not upset with a manufacturer, just saying that I am done waiting for it. The reactions following that are obviously also OK with the admins, good to know you allow this kind of reactions.
  7. Most interested in the MH53 portion of the sheet, please keep the good work coming, I got a few more un-released sheets on my wishlist.
  8. Guess what I have sent Diego back in 2018: an email about this. And was told a march 2019 release. One year later and nothing to show for. So same thing has has been going on since 2015. And people get upset when I say something about this? People get upset when I say I sourced my own material? Maybe you should act upon your own words and send a PM, not responding to a post you have no business with. PS: all posts reported by me so the admins can sort this.
  9. So lying is ok, making known I found different sources to get the result isn't. Wonderfull world we're living in...
  10. Hard to remain positive if you are kept being lied to over and over again. YMMV And some positive vibes for you: 🥰. Feel better?
  11. Does anyone happen to have the placement instructions for the 1/48 sheets? If so please share a copy with me. Bought mine second hand and they are missing. No answer from Hobby Decal. TIA.
  12. Vaporware, first promised 2014 and after 6 years still nothing to show for. Even the latest promise has not been met, just the same reply from 2015 over and over again. Sourced my own Egyptian roundels and flags from other sheets. I will make my own markings, tired of waiting for this sheet.
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