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  1. Not seen any but the Two Bobs one, everyone seems to be doing full colour boss birds unfortunately. Seems to be available here: http://www.college-eye.com/cgis/goodslist.cgi?mode=view_detail&this_num_genre=&this_num_goods=1&genre_id=00000108&goods_id=00000123&sort=by_goods_name
  2. Like the same next level as their previous sets. So far nothing comes close to them, but at a price. So in short: you want the best? Choose Quinta. You are on a budget? Choose the others.
  3. Yes they retained the unslatted wing but the Kai modification changed some exterior details. The wing tips as provided by ZM in this kit (and a few other things) are not correct for a Kai. That is why they released a genuine F-4EJ Kai kit. Regarding the Vietnam era F-4E decals: Aeromaster 48-470, 333, 304, Zotz 48045 and 48046 and many Microscale/Superscale sheets should get you going.
  4. I have to correct myself. Done some digging and AFAIK the following can be made OOB: early Iranian F-4E's before slat retrofit (hard to find photo's without slats). Please note they are marked IIAF (pre-revolution). Marking can be adapted from the DXM sheet. early Israeli F-4E's before slat retrofit (hard to find photo's without slats) all Royal Australian Air Force F-4E's all Thunderbirds F-4E's NF-4E (essentially a Thunderbirds F-4E used for several test duties at Edwards AFB) early F-4EJ before Kai modification program
  5. Iranian F-4E's are of the slatted variety that unfortunately is not provided by Zoukei-Mura. There are conversions for that kit. But that just makes an expensive kit more expensive. So OOB the answer is no.
  6. Well, can't find a better match than that! Looks pretty much identical. Thanks for sharing this test panel, always nice to see some real life paint swatches checking model paint accuracy. Glad I have this Xtracolor paint in my stash.
  7. And this thread has some good info:
  8. As found on the web: The ALQ-87 pod entered service around 1968, and F-4Cs going North ca.65-67 would generally have used the earlier ALQ-71, which could be mounted under the outboard wing pylon (e.g. as in Operation Bolo). Good info is so hard to find about ECM pods in general, even more the earlier ones.
  9. Tamiya depicts a ALQ-87, never seen a picture anything like the GT Resin pod. Best bet is to mate the rear of the Tamiya plastic to the GT Resin.
  10. Both my tins have different names 😁. So at least 3 variations
  11. Xtracolor X159 McDonnell F-15 interior blue/grey is a straight-from-the-bottle equivalent (and a good one too):
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