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  1. Try windshield washer fluid, water or alcohol. Experiment and see what works and doesn't.
  2. I have read in several articles that Green Zinc Chromate is not really the correct color. Below is a part of the IPMS Stockholm article regarding the P-51 interior color as well as the anti-glare on the nose. You can find the entire 3 part article here; http://www.ipmsstockholm.org/magazine/2004/02/stuff_eng_interior_colours_us_part2.htm North American P-51 Mustang In the beginning, the P-51 was built exclusively to the British specifications. In the Mustang Mk. I production, North American reportedly used colours that were substitutes of the official colours of the RAF. When the P-51B came about, it was probably painted Dull Dark Green throughout the cockpit. The June 1944 Structural Repair Manual for all version of the P-51 calls for overall Interior Green in the cockpit, in the area extending from the instrument panel to the back of the canopy. An exception from the rule was that areas not normally visible required no finish coat. Instrument panel was specified as Instrument Black. According to the same source, pilot's seat and the anti-glare forward decking were to be painted Dull Dark Green. However, there are clues indicating that this colour may not have been used on any on the items. Based on the inspection of preserved aircraft, Dana Bell claims that at least some of the seats of the P-51 were painted Bronze Green rather than Dark Dull Green. Likewise, many wartime colour photographs consistently show Olive Drab in the anti-glare area. Another subject of long-going controversy is the colour of the cockpit floor, which in P-51 was made of plywood. Erection and Maintenance instructions for the P-51D specify all wood floor areas to be covered in black non-skid surfacer purported to be a mix of silica sand and matt black paint, the kind of finish that was also used for wing walks. Metal floor areas were to be left in bare metal finish. The December 1944 update of Erection & Maintenance Manual for the P-51D follows the same description with the exception of anti-glare decking inside the canopy which was to be painted black. Similarly to other aircraft types, the camouflaged P-51 most probably had wheel wells painted in Neutral Grey. On later-production natural metal aircraft, the wheel wells were Interior Green. Additional piping and wiring inside the wheel well area was painted in Aluminium lacquer. Hope this helps Robert
  3. Hi John, Sent you a PM yesterday, did you get it? Interested in one of the items you have for sale. Robert
  4. And your friend is the reason a lot of kits are not made, lawyers make everything expensive. Boeing got on that band wagon a few years ago, I have seen their lawyers roaming the trade shows looking for unlicensed kits that includes anything made by Boeing from any era. You can't make anything with a brand name on it without one of the those sharks wanting blood for it.
  5. Its been a long time, nice to know you are back Dave! Robert
  6. I started out with a paint shaker about 10 years ago, but it didn't last long. Once I found the Badger mixer, I never looked back. Best freaking thing invented next to sliced bread in my opinion.
  7. JEFlint, In case you didn't realize it, you can edit your original post and add or delete what you posted. Robert
  8. Remind me never to go to or thru Woodland, NC. There be stupid people living there! Robert
  9. What is all this nonsense, you do realize we were put here by alien ships as a food stock. When they travel by, they pick some of us up to replenish their stores. :wacko: This is pretty cool stuff, I like reading the history of man and how they where able to survive, though a short survival. Robert
  10. If not spoke for yet, I will take; Fellow Hobbiest: 21) 1/32 Hasegawa Fieschler Storch Thanks, Robert
  11. Considering I have too many models to begin with, I won't be asking for any this year. I asked Santa for a new exhaust for the motorcycle and a Sturm/Ruger SR-556 rifle. Robert
  12. Great job on your Spitfire. I to have collected all the aftermarket update sets and decals hoping to turn out a nice kit. I purchased the MDC Jablo Propeller and Blades and found it doesn't fit properly. I am thinking the resin shrunk causing it not to fit to the back plate. I plan on doing what you did and sand down the nose of the spinner to make it look better. Robert
  13. Wow, that is just plain evil power! I want one!!!
  14. He is a bad trader; 30 days is too long, especially if they don't have the courtesy to respond to your PM's or emails.
  15. The strange part to me being that I am in the shipping business, is that the ship seems to be tied up, the gang way attached and down, but yet there are tugs pushing on the ship? Wonder if they were there to keep the ship steady for the launch? Robert
  16. LOL, that's too funny! My wife's uncle who joined after the Pearl Harbor attacks was on board the USS Tennessee during the war and was discharged after the White Fleet trip around the world after the war ended. He to loves to tell me stories about his time in the Navy. Robert
  17. Though it may look unconventional, it looks like it works for you and that all that counts. If its comfortable and works for you, then stick with it. Robert
  18. Do you know with what a/c they are being replaced with?
  19. try this page; http://strangevehicles.greyfalcon.us/PANZERKAMPFWAGEN%20VIII%20MAUS.htm
  20. That's an awesome picture! Thanks for sharing.
  21. Remember, Nostradamus predicted WW-3 would be started in Persia, both Syria and Turkey were part of Persia....just saying. Robert
  22. Didn't see it mentioned, but Russian aircraft based in the region are not marked, they are not showing any national markings, so "unknown nationality" is spot on. Robert
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