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  1. Thanks for the reply mate! This is all very valuable information. I actually ordered the Phase Hangar Resin F-14A late kit and from what I can tell has most of those upgrades. Looks like I’ll need to track down wheels though. A follow on question I had was regarding the Lantirn. I initially thought the navy just took the aaq-14 and skipped the aaq-13. Come to find out the pod was really designated the aaq-25 and had some changes. Problem is no one sells aaq-25 only aftermarket sets, only 14. Is there a visual difference between the two? Even if it’s purely the labels? From what I can tell the
  2. Hey all! I've been wracking my brain on what I want to use my Tamiya F-14A for. After reading the Osprey Publishing book "Tomcat units of Operation Iraqi Freedom" researching for a VF-2 bird I'd like to do I became more interested in VF-154s use of older airframes at the end of the Tomcat's service life. From what I understand the F-14A represented by Tamiya is a very early version of the aircraft. The only visual change I know off the top of my head comes from the gun vents being updated which I promptly purchased an aftermarket part. What other changes are needed to the Tamiya Tomcat to accu
  3. Back yet again in search of decals... if you have it and are looking to part with it shoot me your offer!
  4. I know this decal set is long out of production, but if anyone has a spare they're looking to part with I'd be happy to buy!
  5. Have the ubiquitous Revell F/A-18E in my stash and wanted to take a stab at resin improvements! If anyone has one of these let me know I’d definitely like to buy it off you!
  6. Couldn’t find this in stock anywhere! If anyone has it and is looking to part with it I am willing to buy!
  7. If anyone has this set available and is looking to get it off their hands I’d be very interested in buying!
  8. Had a mixup with international shipping when covid got bad. Ended up with an order I thought was going to be returned to the vendor show up at my mailbox many months later. The kit is brand new and unopened. I just no longer need it. Looking for $85 plus shipping. I’m located in the USA!
  9. I know this is an old set, but if anyone has one and is willing to part with it let me know!
  10. Ahh this definitely helps! For the seat in question was an SJU for an F/A-18A in 48th scale! I’ll check those out though!
  11. I know this set was offered a while ago and was pretty exclusive, but if anyone has the Sharpshooters decals unused I would be very appreciative if they’re willing to part with it.
  12. I had an Aires seat that came with the pull handle broken off and I also have a few kits with lackluster seats as is. I saw a trick on YouTube that uses wire to make a handle, I just don’t know what gauge should be good to buy! I’m working in 1/48 scale if that helps!
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