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  1. Huh actually your link to squadron products worked for me. The one I had been finding on google was saying “available to order” but I couldn’t add to cart. I think the product codes are different too! Thanks for your help though I placed an order!
  2. Hmmm Squadron wouldn’t let me add it to my cart and it said out of stock. Do you have a link to the eBay listing? My search has yielded nothing so far.
  3. Hey everyone, was looking for this set but it looks like it’s sold out most places. Don’t know if it’s a long shot but if you have this set let me know! I’d like to buy!
  4. Hey everyone! I know this decal set is rather old but if anyone has it let me know! I’d love to buy it!
  5. Haha I hear that. Always makes for interesting ‘innovations’ I suppose! Well thank you for your help on this I super appreciate it!
  6. Okay that makes sense! Looks like if I just left the tail of the AMS tank that would be accurate right? Maybe just concave the back with a dremel a bit?
  7. Wow first of all thank you for the information! These are great references I was not finding for some reason. Now I suppose I had a follow on question, so bobtail refers to a rounded yet still football shaped blivet? One of my references for the jet I was looking to replicate showed a sort of flat back on the tank https://www.pinterest.com/pin/341218109249352474/ Is this still the same thing?
  8. Let me know if you’re looking to sell this set! I’m willing to buy!
  9. I was curious about travel pods. I have the AMS resin CNU-188 travel pod and the appearance puzzled me. My limited references showed the hornet's travel pod as having a concave back rather than pointed with fins. Does anyone know the dimensions of the travel pods used by the Marine Corps? I'm thinking I may have to modify mine but I really don't have much in the way of authoritative sources to know what to do.
  10. Hey all! Decided I probably should reduce my stash a bit so I thought I would post a few things here for you all to look at. All kits listed should be complete and may have been opened but I can assure you are unbuilt! PM me if you are interested, prices are before shipping! The kits are as follows: 1/35 Scale - Academy M50A1 Ontos No. 13218 - $30 1/48 Scale - Trumpeter Mig-23BN Flogger H No. 05801 - $40 - Italeri Mirage F1 CT/CR No. 2618 - $20 - Hasegawa F-15C No. 07249 - $35 - Kitty Hawk Mirage F1 CT/CR No. KH80111 - $30 - Great Wall Hobb
  11. Hey all! Just wanted to list a few things I’m on the hunt for. Feel free to message me if you’re interested in selling! The items are: - Wolfpack WP48130 S-3B OIF Update Set - Fightertown Decals 48060 VF-2 Bounty Hunters in OIF - I’m not sure if it exists, but if there’s a VS-33 decal sheet for OIF our there I’d be interested (don’t even really know if the squadron was present for OIF). -
  12. Hey Niels, I was actually interested in the F-111F retirement markings
  13. I know this is an old set but if anyone has it and is willing to sell I will buy!
  14. Just wanted to bump this as I'm still looking! If you have this and are looking to part ways I'll happily buy!
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