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  1. I can confirm Crash Test’s answer that cockpit changes would be minimal. My old man was an ATARS instructor so I asked him. He said the only unique thing in the cockpit of recon birds was a small switch the pilot had. Nothing that would make a huge difference in 1/48th scale.
  2. That might work! I haven’t done enough research into microscale’s USCG decals but I could look into building a Hasegawa E-2! Do you have this sheet for sale? Thanks!
  3. Sure thing! It’s about 12 seconds into this video:
  4. Hello! I’m trying to track down the bingo decals E-2C sheet with the USCG markings. I have a personal connection with one of the crew who unfortunately perished in that flight and I would like to pay tribute to them when building an E-2 kit. Any help tracking this down would be greatly appreciated. I’m not certain how rare this sheet would be to find, but if anyone is familiar with it and knows I’d also appreciate any information Thanks!
  5. So you’re exactly the guy I was hoping to hear from haha! Cheers!
  6. Much appreciated! Gonna have to track some down! Saw a cool video of an F-111F with dual GBU-15s and Aim-9s on the inboard stations. Knew they used the Lau-105 otherwise.
  7. Does anyone know off hand what the correct launchers would be for the inboard most pylon when carrying single Aim-9Ps? I’m looking at creating a desert storm era F-111F and I couldn’t really find what launcher is used. Thanks!
  8. I only have F/A-18D reference photos on hand with both seats in the shot. They’re the same seat, the canopy breakers on the headrest are differently sized. If the Kasl seats are any indication, this is the same in the F as well. The E’s bang seat will just looks like the F’s front seat
  9. Another option I'd recommend is Kasl Hobby's offering of the NACES seats. They have the correct canopy breakers for a two seat Hornet. If you look at the Tomcat's seats theirs are a bit taller.
  10. I know others have contributed but I thought I’d throw in my two cents. Personally I believe the Kinetic kit edges out the Hasegawa by a little. Still though the Hasegawa hornet is still very good. The Kinetic kit has the parts included to replicate just about all minor differences across different versions of the legacy hornet.
  11. Hey all, Link to photo: https://www.cloud9photography.us/Military-Aviation-11/Israeli-Aircraft-Company-F-21/i-fZxmPtN/A I'm really horrible on visually identifying most ejection seats, especially when they're obscured in photos. I've seen a few different ejection seats referenced for the Kfir's different versions and I wasn't sure which one was used in the US leased ones. Any help is appreciated!
  12. Ahh that makes sense then. Knew I shoulda picked up an E from Sprue Brothers when they were in stock. Just have to wait for a restock!
  13. Can’t seem to find a reasonably priced F-8E/J anywhere. Was considering picking up the French version if it has everything I need still. I’m not too familiar with the differences of each version but I know they exist. I guess the comparison of what I’m trying to avoid is like how the Hasegawa Harrier II plus omits the day-attack, night-attack pieces. Any help is appreciated! Thanks!
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