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  1. Hi everyone, Looking to downsize some things. I'll be updating this list periodically as I continue sorting through the stash. All prices include shipping in CONUS. I'm willing to entertain offers especially on purchases of multiple items so make me an offer I cannot refuse! *Any Flying Leathernecks 3D printed resin will sell for $3 per item if 5 or more are purchased* Kits: - 1/48 Italeri F-35B Lightning II - No. 2810 - $40 - 1/48 Revell A-6E Intruder - 04578 - $20 - 1/48 Revell EA-6A Wild Weasel - 85-5623 - $20 - 1/48 Italeri S-3A/B Vik
  2. With Kitty Hawk long gone I wanted to see if anyone would happen to have this kit on offer. Thanks!
  3. Hi everyone. I was curious if anyone had any suggestions on a good way of attacking this project. I know there are conversion sets from Wolfpack Design and SOL that may be floating around out there for the Academy SU-27. And before I start the arduous process of attempting to track down a discontinued resin set from a decade ago, I figured I'd see if any Flanker experts out there may know of a better way. From what I know, Minibase, GWH, and Kinetic are currently issuing the best Flankers on the market. Is there a way to Frankenstein's monster a Terminator together since it's uniqu
  4. Hey Charlie, looks like I cannot send you messages either. Turns out my inbox was full. Want to try PMing again when you have space?
  5. Not seeing the setting i must’ve hit on mobile. I’ll fix it tomorrow. I’ll send you a private message in the mean time
  6. Hmm that’s odd. Let me check on my settings. I’ll PM you in the mean time.
  7. Hi everyone! Life circumstances have required that I cut back on the model stash a bit, so I'll be listing things up for dibs on here. All prices shown include shipping so that's factored in! I am open to negotiation if you have a good offer as well. I still have more of the stash to go through in the coming days, so I'll be updating the listing here. To start, what I have for sale is: KITS - 2x ICM No. 48302 OV-10A and OV-10D+ - $75 - ICM No. 48301 OV-10D+ - $32 - Monogram F-105G 1/48 - $25 - Italeri F-35B 1/48 - $60 AFTERMARKET
  8. Hi everyone, This might be an obscure question but I was having trouble finding the answer online so I'm hoping some Eagle experts out there can help. Phase Hangar Resin offers two sets of seamless intakes for the GWH Eagles, one for the F-100-PW-229 and the other for the F-100-PW-100. Does anyone know what configuration 58th TFS birds would have during Desert Storm? I know that they were fitted with MSIP II, just wasn't sure about the engines. Thanks!
  9. Seems like these people have really come out of the woodwork lately. Possibly making the BST forum a little more restricted might cut back on these people just creating new sock accounts.
  10. brownorch is also definitely a scammer. Same nonsense of sending a private message recommending someone using their first name saying they want to part with the super-duper rare thing you've been searching for.
  11. Absolutely a scammer. Just trying to be a little less obvious by posting on the forum first. Definitely avoid
  12. Got a PM on a listing I made in the buy, sell, trade subform from this guy. The message was the typical scam stuff people have been running here: "The last time I purchased parts from Mr Michael He mentioned he had one for sale. Hit him up Michaelmckemie51@gmail.com he might still have what you looking for. Cheers Mate and stay safe" I've been duped by these types once before (thank God for credit chargeback) so just wanted to give everyone a heads up. Definitely need to ban this guy
  13. Hi all! If anyone has this sheet and is open to selling it, please reach out! I'd be very willing to purchase! Thanks!
  14. If anyone happens to have this decal sheet and would like to sell it please feel free to message me! I've been looking for this one for a while and would like to buy it from someone.
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