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  1. Hi everyone I want to try mottling with airbrush since it is quite useful for pre-shading. I mostly use Vallejo model air which is acrylic, with a 6 : 2 : 1 (paint : thinner : flow improver) ratio at 18 psi which works fine. But for mottling small dots, I suppose we need to put more thinner with a lower PSI. What thinning ratio and air pressure do you usually use ? Just want to solicit some general suggestions/experiences here. Thanks a lot !
  2. It might also depends on the type of paint you are going to use in the future. Some airbrushes don't take acrylic paint (like vallejo) very well. Great care needs to be taken to prevent or reduce tip dry. Air brushing narrow lines are also challenging. I heard that the nozzle in Iwata HP-CS has a different design, very similar to those in Harder & Steenbeck, it allows more air flow, thus less tip dry and easier to clean. You may also need to consider how to get spare parts for the airbrush. I have to replace needles and nozzles when I just started airbrushing and didn't quite know how to take care of it properly. It is easier to get replacement parts for certain brands, depending where you are.
  3. I am not sure what kind of decal you are looking for. To be honest, these 5th gen jet fighters don't have as much decals as those on 4th gen jet fighters. There is no aftermarket 1/48 decal sheet for J-20 so far, the closest I can find is the low visibility insignia of PLAAF in 1/48 scale
  4. Here is a open box video https://www.bilibili.com/video/BV1WD4y1D7YG, from other photos I have seen, it is not a really good kit. Most of the complains are: there is no detail on the engine exhaust, not even comparable to their own 1/72 kit, 2) several errors on the fuselage, the EOTS at the bottom of cockpit is a solid plastic, one step back from the clear plastic part for EOTS in the 1/72 kit
  5. Just an update, I put a few drops of loctite threadlocker (blue removable type), the problem seems disappeared.
  6. BraggPeak

    Mr Color

    spraygunner has a decent lineup of Mr Color paints, including C511-C530, price is lower as well.
  7. I noticed that my airbrush has some strange behavior today. If the airflow is small, there are bubbles emerging from the paint in the cup, kind of like when you are doing a backflow cleaning. If I pulled the trigger all the way to maximum airflow, the paint coming out of the airbrush with a regular pulse. Upon inspection, I found two cracks on top of the airbrush head abutting the nozzle (in the red circle figure below), I am wondering if it is possible that this causes some air leaking back into the paint cap, or maybe the leak comes from some lose threading in the nozzle ? Should I replace the head, or maybe a few drops of threadlocker on the nozzle will seal the leak ? Thank you
  8. thank you ! this is great info
  9. I have bought a few items from China on ebay and other sites since COVID, some of them have arrived. Overall I think we just need to be patient. Bear in mind that Fedex's network are much smaller in China compared to local shipping companies. My guess is that they created the shipping label with Fedex, but they likely ship the package to Fedex warehouse with a different carrier, which means the shipping information won't be updated until it is actually on the plane. Same thing happened to me in a different way, when I send a package to Japan with UPS, it shows as in custom clearance for almost a week because they actually switched to a different courier after the package arrived in Japan
  10. Hi everyone, I am running low on my vallejo light ghost grey paint/primer. I would like to take this opportunity to explore some other options. I have one bottle of mission model paint FS36375, but it is a bit too dark compared to vallejo paint and it doesn't have that small blue hue as in vallejo paint. I have read some excellent posts in the past comparing different paints for AMS standard colors, just wondering if anybody has done similar comparison for FS36375 light ghost grey. Would you mind share your choice of paint for FS36375 ? Thanks
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