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  1. So I have the masking kit for the Danish E-191. It is a red and white scheme. I am concerned because I had assumed I could just paint it white then apply the masks and do the red but I came across some things indicating it is hard to get a true red this way as it tends toward pink. I am thinking my options are: 1- just proceed and see if I can get the red to work 2- apply masks then a gray then the red. My concern with #2 is that there might be the slightest sliver of grey at the edges when I remove the masks. Any suggestions? Edit- also thought of a third option which would t
  2. These are great for me, one video per topic. I thought the demo was good, explanation was clear, camera work was fine. Definitely keep putting the topic in the title like in part 2 (part 1 doesn't say "Post Shading"). Also, pet peeve but the audio for me is panned hard left, which is minor but a little weird in headphones. Looking forward to more!
  3. Got my second one today and my calendar is relatively clear tomorrow. Just ran down and cleared the painting area, this is a great opportunity to get my "modeling season" going. "I don't feel good enough to work, must paint Hellcat...."
  4. I got the Makita MAC210Q since I spray in the garage and need it to do double duty as an occasional around the house compressor. Pretty quiet. They also have a 1 gal version, the MAC100Q.
  5. Giving input as someone who was/is also new to airbrushing, I bought the GSI Creos Mr. Airbrush Procon Boy PS-289 0.3mm Platinum. I have had no issues with it and it is able to do what I need it to. I use it for priming with Mr. Finishing Surfacer 1500 as well as Stynylrez and mostly spray Tamiya paint. I clean with lacquer thinner and pull and wipe the needle at the end of spraying sessions. I am still trying to master thinning ratios and pressure and spray distance combinations. The airbrush never comes into the equation, which is a good thing. Given airbrush design isn't ro
  6. Watching to break up the monotony, although the Steelers should have a decent year. Plus, getting to watch Cleveland flounder is always entertaining in and of itself. As far as comparing athleticism across sports, they are all different. Different energy systems, different demands for different skills, etc.
  7. I had to send it twice but got a response that my pre-order kit (Iron Maiden spitfire) just arrived in stock. Will update this when I get shipping confirmation.
  8. One thing I have learned is I need to have one or two at the most models going at the same time. I dove into this and ended up with three things going at once, forgot which grey was for which, lost decals, etc. Also, not to rush. Being new I am always looking to the next step to try techniques I have been reading about and to see how it is going to look. Caused some missteps and lessons learned as I wasn't planning things out ahead.
  9. Ugg, have had a pre-order from HobbyModels.com for months...may have to get Visa to handle it and order from someone legit.
  10. I grabbed one of those samples at Lowes. Also, the second time I used the tape to continue the tube vs. just taping it off after the first one had a lip, although I can't imagine anyone could ever see that.
  11. Yeah, I missed the boat on them and can't find the kit.
  12. Well, if I do end up stockpiling kits/AM/decals, I better get more organized than I am currently! At this point I am building the E-191 F-16 and have no idea where the decals went. In the same packet were the decals for the Orange Lion. I think I have weighted wheels somewhere as well. Probably should build one kit at a time for a while...
  13. So I think I am like a lot of people who built models as a kid then coming back to it in adulthood. I'm 46 and got a couple kits to do with my son and then found all the YouTube model channels and got the itch. I actually had been watching videos for almost a year before I started pulling the trigger on a couple kits and supplies. It's funny how far you come from first impressions until you start to find out what kind of modeler you are. I think you actually have to discover it, you don't really decide. Here are my examples: Then: -what's a stash? OMG, what are those sta
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