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  1. Hi Charlie, I checked with Allen and he has no plans currently. Thanks for the suggestion though.
  2. Now that is a cool project! I'm kind of surprised that I haven't seen anyone do it before... If I were you, I'd make a post in The Spares Box section for spare Zero parts or a cheap/scrapped kit. Good luck on the project, be sure to post pics!
  3. F-15C 85-0114 has been done to death, but there are no decals in 1/72 for "The Trooper" with the additional nose art (I realize Wolfpak did 72-137). Trooper noseart
  4. Let's try again. Anyone wish to unload their kit?
  5. I'm a long time, ride or die 1/72 modeller. However, I still have 3 really nice 1/32 kits and they are: Hasegawa P-47D, Tamiya F-15E and a Wingnut Albatros D.V. The last one was an impulse buy but just looking it over, it's fantastic. I know they're out of business currently but if you can score a Wingnuts kit for less than a king's ransom, you won't be disappointed...
  6. It must mean we're in the End Times. Or did Italeri finally have a moment of clarity?
  7. Not gonna lie, this is a shot in the dark, but you never know. Thunderfighter
  8. Hey ESzczesniak, I think I have some spares from a Hasegawa. PM me with your address and I'll hook you up. Rich
  9. Fantasy Printshop still has them.
  10. Fujimi's F-4s have a centerline pylon. It's part 65, maybe you can get one from the Spares section. Fujimi F-4C/D instructions
  11. Fantastic build! I've got a set of those decals as well. Maybe I'll get around to building it one day. Hopefully, I can do as nice of a job. I liked the dogfights in that show, the story was pretty convoluted but the action was great! Macross Zero Dogfight
  12. Wow, this is lousy news. Like many have said, I'm not much of a WWI or even 1/32 builder but I did break down and get an Albatros D.V a couple of years ago. I'm glad I did, it's a fantastic kit and all the hoopla about Wingnuts' quality is well deserved. Their site alone is a treasure trove of info. Pretty bad for everyone...
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