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  1. Scale Aircraft Conversions make replacement gear for both the Hasegawa and the Academy kits. They are just direct copies in metal. If you can't find a donor, then try the Hasegawa set. The difference is pretty striking, here's both so you can see the difference: Hasegawa Academy
  2. Milo

    1/32 Aim-120

    If only a quality resin maker made some nice (available) 1/32 AIM-120s...
  3. Fantastic! I've been trying to get one of the newer Dragon kits for a long time. This'll do nicely...
  4. Looks like you dropped a really nice Deuce there!
  5. In 1/72: F4U-4/4B (the new Revell kit is meh and the old Italeri is worse) F-86A/E (Seriously, what's the bias against these variants?) Mirage 2000 (AMK, I'm looking at you) AMX A-11/A-1 (Hobby Boss does a 48th scale, 72nd should be easy) In 1/144: P-8A Poseidon
  6. While they don't have 1/144 decals, this is still a great reference. Fundekals!
  7. One other thing about rattle cans, I soak them in hot water for 10 minutes or so. That seems to make a difference with flow...
  8. Milo

    Counter Invader

    If interested, here's some old threads: B-26K discussion I'm still planning on building mine, I just need to clear some backlog before I start (story of my life!).
  9. Aw man. Anyone have a KC-10 they'd be willing to sell or trade?
  10. Fundekals has a great sheet with two of Boyington's planes: http://www.fundekals.com/corsair_48_72.html Even if you don't buy them, their instructions alone are a treasure trove of info. Lucybelle isn't one of the options though. But that's ok, Scalemates lists some.
  11. Was that kit stored in a non climate-controlled environment? If it's been subject to extreme colds and heat, the plastic can get brittle. Been there, done that!
  12. Milo

    Dragon 1/144 B-1B?

    Anyone have one of these? I have some questions about the new parts...
  13. Milo

    Dragon 1/144 B-1B?

    Ah yes, but do you have an unbuilt kit?
  14. Anyone have this kit? I've got a couple questions about the add-on parts. Scalemates link
  15. Here's my list! 1/72 F4U-4 & 4b - These versions of the Corsair are snake-bit for whatever reason... F-86A - Should be a no-brainer, but apparently the F-86F was the only version flown in Korea (sarcasm). AMX A-1A - Hobby Boss maybe? They did one in 1/48. A-29 Super Tucano - Again, Hobby Boss could scale theirs down. Mirage 2000 New tool - Heller's is nice but not up to modern standards. Italeri's size is off. Atlas Cheetah C - AMK's Kfir is fantastic, maybe they can follow it up with the Cheetah? 1/144 B-32 - Anigrand should not be the only game in town. P2V-7 - I think Aeroclub made one years ago. They're almost impossible to find. P-8 Poseidon - There's some conversions out there but I'd prefer to just have a kit.
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