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  1. Yes, looking good! You are better than me, despite having OCD with stuff like this as well, I dont think I could go through the process on a built model, I'd end up out of pocket by starting with a new kit over again..😆 Not sure if I missed it, but what type of paints was it done in originally, Acrylic's?......and yes, Fightertown's Decals are as accurate as they get! Cheer's, Jeff.
  2. Looking good Steve! Great techniques, thanks for sharing them.👍 This is going to be a stunning model when done. Cheer's, Jeff.
  3. Superb work Eric! That looks very good indeed. Cheer's, Jeff.
  4. Looking forward to the next steps Steve! Looking good. Cheer's, Jeff.
  5. That is incredible detail work on that Nose Gear! Brilliant. Cheer's, Jeff.
  6. Any aircraft that I have modelled that have a glossy finish in real life, I use a satin finish on.In my opinion, gloss finishes on scale models just doesnt look right, it makes them look like a die cast model, or a toy, but that is only my opinion, and there will be plenty that dont agree. I would go for a satin finish. Cheer's, Jeff.
  7. Beautiful shots of the -46 Josh! Superb. Cheer's, Jeff.
  8. Outstanding Manfred! The bus turned out fantastic, and I'm sure your friend's wife loves it. Well done! Cheer's, Jeff.
  9. Good job on the grill Manfred! The bus is really coming together now, and is looking great. Cheer's, Jeff.
  10. Nice work Manfred!....this is coming along nicely. I would really like to do this model too, it looks great. Cheer's, Jeff.
  11. Good heads up Giovanni!.....thanks for posting. Cheer's, Jeff.
  12. Superb work on the Tomcat!......and I think you may have started a new design in stands, that is the best inflight display I have seen. Well done all round! Cheer's, Jeff.
  13. Sad news indeed. Its always sad when someone that you have seen on the forums over the years passes away.....even though I didn't know Rex personally, I still knew him through his posts on here and other forums, and it will be another piece of our little community gone forever. RIP Rex, you will be missed. Jeff.
  14. Beautiful work Marco! That is some of the best work in that scale I have ever seen, ...amazing. Cheer's, Jeff.
  15. Outstanding work Janissary! That turned out absolutetly brilliant, well done. Cheer's, Jeff.
  16. Outstanding work Jannisary! Awesome display. Cheer's, Jeff.
  17. Looking good Dylan! Cheer's, Jeff.
  18. Superb work John! Clean and precise construction, beautifully done. Cheer's, Jeff.
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