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  1. That orange is off the shelf: Revell Orange 30 Acrylics. I think it´s a tiny bit too bright. HAJO
  2. Very nice Starfighter! Any personnel planned to be put on that diorama? It looks a bit "liveless" without some ground crew... HAJO
  3. Thanks! I´m sure they´d also make great Doomsday Vehicles when the Zombie-Apocalypse is coming... 😉 HAJO
  4. Thanks for the hint! This particular detail was a shortcoming of the kit respective the instructions. Maybe a small layer of paint can look convincing enough... HAJO
  5. There is a good chance I simply use the Hasegawa (tehre is a german offering) for the build. My initial intention was to use the Airfix GR.9 and convert it into the AV-8B. HAJO
  6. This is my second M977 that I converted into a Guntruck. Usually Guntrucks are used to secure logistic convoys, but my idea was to have some vehicle that would accompany the Special forces Humvees and provide additional firepower and logistical support like spare parts, ammo, food, etc. The kit is quite straight forward, if interested, I can provide a couple of WIP-pics. As you can see, the Guntruck is quite heavily armed with a M134 Minigun, and a mounted M82 Sniper rifle. The monster is waiting for some prey: And with #1: The first Guntruck is even more heavily armed, sporting a MK-19 grenade launcher, two M2s and finally a TOW-launcher. And the whole Military Mad Max-combo, with a Stryker and various pimped Humvees: You´d better not trying to stop this stampede... HAJO
  7. I´m looking for Harrier Gunpods, the version that comes with the AV-8B in 1/72. as far as I know only the Hasegawa-kit has them. Anyone having them in their spare? Shipping would have to go to Europe, so any possible european stashes please check first! 😉 HAJO
  8. Lovely! Great job on the camo! HAJO
  9. Yeah, I haven´t made myself fully clear. Of course there were "worty" targets in Somalia, but not necessarily "hard" ones. I always wonder why the Barret is called "Anti-Material Rifle", because it implies you´d only shoot on vehicles, equipment, etc. with it. I don´t think any sniper using it would switch so lighter stuff just because of the official designation... HAJO
  10. It also gives some new light on all that "the M82 Barret 0.50cal is only an anti-material rifle"-BS - don't know of much material that would justify as a target in Somalia during that time... 😉 HAJO
  11. Thank you! You may change your year on the frontpage of ARC, it says 2010... 😉 HAJO
  12. Thank you very much, very helpful! Although I'm still undecided what to do now... 😉 HAJO
  13. Hi Eric, it IS helpful, since I now know that it will take some effort (nose shape) and even additional material (gun pods and chaff/flare-system). Removing things is not a problem, and I tend to ignore different bang seats. So, what´s wrong with the Hasegawa Harrier? I may turn to this option if it´s usable. HAJO
  14. I´m planning to do an AV-8B in 1/72. Since I like the new Airfix-kits, I´d love to simply use one of their British Harriers and convert it into an AV-8B. Possible without bigger changes or completely nuts? HAJO
  15. I converted the Revell Seaking into a SH-3H, using spare parts from the Fujimi kit: Maybe my WIP helps a bit. HAJO
  16. Monogram in 1/48 does not include the dual Sidewinder-rails. HAJO
  17. Now I´m getting asked if I want to download the homepage when I try to access aircraftresourcecenter.com. Message says "You want to open the following file: Type: text/x-server-parsed-html (214 KB)".... HAJO
  18. Happy birthday! Thank you for making this spot so valuable and interesting for years now! HAJO
  19. This was another project for a collegue and friend of mine - the guy with the interest in strategic weapon systems... 😉 During current research he had learned about the project "High Virgo", an Air Launched Ballistic Missile that has been tested from a B-58. Best is to watch this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OVtosAjWUvY The build of this relative old kit was plain and simple, I used Caracal Decals to have markings for the test airframe of Convair. Great decals, I have to say! As you can see, we realized a "flying configuration". 😉 The "High Virgo"-missile is scratchbuilt from a 1/48 Sparrow and a 1/288 Booster of the Space Shuttle. Cotton was used for the rocket smoke, which of course is not fully realistic - the original missile had a different appearence due to the temperatures and speeds, but it sure highlights the whole idea! And the best shot as last! HAJO
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