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  1. If it´s "special", I need to have it! The U-28A is the SOCOM-version of the PC-12, so that´s special! This looks like a small airstrip somewhere in Central America... The kit went together without any major problems, only thing I added were two pilot figures and a lot of lead in the nose to keep it on all three wheels. The U-28A reveals that it originally is a PC-12 Executive Prop - simply an elegant and good looking aircraft! I love the light-effect on the front window! HAJO
  2. You´re in for a challenge! I built the Mach2 Learjet a while ago... Have you considered buying the Sova-M-kit instead? HAJO
  3. The ACH-47As had some bolted on armor on the outsides. But that´s all stuff that´s roughly 50 years old... HAJO
  4. Very nice! And looks very stylish on the fireplace! Well chosen harbour! HAJO
  5. In M$ Flightsims you have to press "Shift + p" and your parked aircraft will be pushed back until you press again. (And if you press "shift + p +1" or "shift + p + 2", it will even make a 90 degree pushed turn to the left [1] or the right [2]). Some better aircraft models even have an animated pushback-truck appearing when you push back. Some addon-programs also provide this feature. HAJO
  6. Great one! A "Blacksheep" was my first fixed wing model I built as a child, but it was the Italeri kit. Of course yours looks way better than mine did back then. 😉 HAJO
  7. You´re quite fast with your project! Don´t you add any auxiliary fuel tanks? HAJO
  8. I usually use a single layer of kleenex. Fits perfect with water-thinned white glue. Does not have any lines or structure, but you can put some wrinkles in it. HAJO
  9. I do fly FSX a lot, but I´m pretty focussed on the military side here. HAJO
  10. They are GBU-48s. Check out this official Luftwaffe-video. It´s in german, but it´s pure bomb-porn: HAJO
  11. I just had http://www.decalprint.de/2020_Webseite/ do some really nice decals for me. They were quite small, since it was for 1/72, but they were extremely well done and the price (some adjustments, printing, shipping) was also pretty fair, I´d say. Their homepage is in german only, so you may either need a translator or try to contact them directly. HAJO
  12. I was a bit undiceided then, and finally dug through my stash to look for something to build. I came out with the 1/72 Fujimi OA-4M. Getting the decals aligned to the color-scheme was a bit of a challenge, both in colours as well as in the exact demarkation. Some minor flaws are there, but overall I´m happy. Done until may 31th. After that I did another "secret" project. It´s a farewell gift to a working buddy who is changing his post, and I will present it to him in september, when he will visit us for the last time (at least in his current function - I hope we´ll stay in touch!). I´m pretty sure he won´t be browsing this page, but I´d better do anything to not spoil his surprise, so no pictures here. "Secret model" finished until june 11th. Then another slightly unusual model, because it´s in 1/48, not my prefered scale. But this Revell CH-53G was a gift by my wifes parents, which I received over ten years ago. I started it then, but didn´t finished it until I dug it out at my parents house a couple of weeks ago. I had the brilliant idea to give it to another working collegue of mine. He had taken care of my 1/72 CH-53G for some time (I have a lot of my models in showcases in my office, and the 1/72 CH-53G was a loan to his office), but it encountered a crash while at his place, and I kept it after the repairs. But since the 1/48 version of this helo is out of my usual scale, I was more than happy to give it to him. Apperently he spent some time beeing flown around with the real one when he served his tour in Afghanistan a couple of years ago. This beast was done on june 16th. HAJO
  13. Well, I have to update my builds... My last entry was the S-58 in German Naval Aviation colors. After I had finished that helicopter, I made a nice little "what-if"-project with a MD-500 in 1/72 by AZModel. I played around with a nice night-camo, and love how it came out. Except for the pilot figure, pylons and weapons (including the flare/chaff-dispenser) complete OOB. Done from april 20th until april 27th. April 28th until may 5th I built my "Bedenkentraeger", more details here: A very short build was done with my 1/72 Revell Horten Go229, a very untypical subject for me, as I usually never build WWII or Luft'46. https://imgur.com/bSE4aSc But this model was a gift for a collegue, so I made an exception from the rule. Must be done around the first week of may. To counter this unusual Luft'46-aircraft, I turned to the wonderful Airfix 1/72 Beaufighter TF.10 that I did in the colours of the Operation Firedog. I practiced some heavy weathering on this and was quite satisfied with the result. The model was finished on may 18th.
  14. Great, I somehow missed the decals... So, the wings can be modelled movable, but they are not syncronized, right? HAJO
  15. That sounds a bit like "yodeling"... Which may work, since Austrians were part of Germany in the specific time-frame, but it doesn´t fit right into the "I´ll ride this thing like a wild bull"-theme we see on the picture... HAJO
  16. Thank you! The instrument panels look like after-market parts - but I´m sure it´s OOB. How did you do that??? It´s awesome! HAJO
  17. Yeah, following this closely! I will order mine next week, and I have in mind to do some "What-if"-project... Did I saw a LANTIRN-pod among the many parts of the kit? HAJO
  18. Well, good luck then! Me with speaking German as my mother tongue, I have no idea what could be used. We don´t do any bull-riding here... 😉 On the other hand, if it´s just an outcry of joy and testosterone, "Juchhuuu" would work, but it´s a bit old-fashioned. HAJO
  19. Well, that should be entertaining at least! 😄 HAJO
  20. That looks pretty much like the finnish version, right? I just started the same kit, but will do the SOCOM-version. HAJO
  21. Looking really good! I will watch your Academy F-14 with interest, would you do a work-in-progress-thread here?I´m planning to buy and build one soon... HAJO
  22. What´s the specialty of the UC-123K? I know and built the AC/NC-123, but jever really got an idea what´s all about the UC... HAJO
  23. Yeah, I´m also looking for a decent F-14 to turn it into a heavy mud-mover! 😉 I´m considering the new Academy F-14A in 1/72. Any idea if Academy is doing any new versions on this kit soon? HAJO
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