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  1. I can really recommend Academys B-17. Unfortunately it comes with no interior details except for some parts for the cockpit and the front stand. HAJO
  2. A little update, right now the gear is mounted and now the sensors and all the small things can be attached. HAJO
  3. I built (and photographed) the model last winter. The guns are not really "external" only, IIRC the sprues of the "H" (which are inlcuded) have the guns like shown on my picture, the "U"-guns are, since their mounts are covered with a blanket, "barrel-only" and don´t have any addititonal details. HAJO
  4. The AMT-kit gun wasn´t sooo bad, no need to buy an extra Airfix Spectre. I just happened to have both kits at hand (bought them from a friend) and therefor decided to use the Airfix-gun. And IIRC, the "U"-model has a different gun mounting in the kit, since the 105mm weapon station differs a bit from the "H". HAJO
  5. The guns (if I recall correctly the 105mm comes from the Airfix-kit): Front sensor, original kit part: Front sensor, scratchbuilt part: Aerial gunners, spotters: At work:
  6. Some pictures of my built "H" of AMT. I added some details... Left side: Right side: Both together: The sensor box with added detail (a console of the Italeri SH-60B Seahawk, of course it´s not visibla after I completed the built...):
  7. You can see it here, right in the middle of the picture the aft weapon station is the place where normally the bulleye-conversion would take place. If you leave away that part you will get that additional rectangular window. HAJO
  8. On the right side the window had to be cut out, on the left side the original kit would need a plate that "transforms" the window into a bulleye. I just left that away to get a proper place for the weapon station. HAJO
  9. No bad feelings, you just have a total different approach to modelling than I do. HAJO
  10. Argh, I saw the picture but decided that it would do too much damage to my self-build interior if I´d remove the door and widen the whole thing. So I´m not very realistic atthis point of my HH-47. HAJO
  11. This is the original MH-47E-kit, which has the same halfs like the ACH-47A kit. Didn´t you bought the kit also? HAJO
  12. Hajo L.


    To you, you are usually the one who is asking all those questions... HAJO
  13. LB, you didn´t even showed us some of the "simple" stuff, which makes me believe you didn´t even started to built one of your kits, and now you´re going into the real "Hooooahh"-stuff? One step after the other, focus on the things that are close to you, don´t aim too far! HAJO
  14. Now I´m close before mating the two halfs and used this last chance to take some pictures of the right half. Details like the Jungle Penetrator and ammo cans are added and of course the guns. I won´t be able to make more progrees until the weekend in two weeks, but can reply on any questions you might have during that time. :blink: HAJO
  15. Hajo L.


    Contact DJ Parkins and ask him by mail. He is a very gentle guy and surely will help you with your question. HAJO
  16. His nose makes him look dumb... HAJO
  17. Hmm, are those "Stars & Stripes" flying in the correct direction? HAJO
  18. @Trigger Thanks for the excellent article and picture! HAJO
  19. LB, are you actually building any models or are you just browsing the net asking questions? HAJO
  20. Hajo L.

    AMT AC-130U

    No, building is straight forward, it just looks a bit different than my 4 other Italeri C-130s.... HAJO
  21. Since stumbling over the artistic impressions of one of the possible CSAR-X Contenders, the HH-47, I fell in love with this helo. I already have the ARMY-equivalent of Italeri, the MH-47E, in my stash. So I decided to go for the Revell kit, since the RoG Pave Low left me with some really fantastic decals I´d like to use for this project. The HH-47 is more or less fictional to date, but we can be sure that a lot of it´s ARMY 160th SOAR counterpart stuff, material and sensors will be used. I focused on the "fictional" thing, though, and made my own CSAR interior I´d like to show on the following pictures. I´m not even near to a finished interior, at least some painting has to be done, not speaking of lots of other material and stuff I´d like to add, not even mentioning the 5 (!) weapon stations with guns and ammo that would come to action on the HH-47. The left side so far: Not too much done, just some panels added to the ceiling to make the cargo-room look better. The right side is a bit more interesting, since I already glued the floor to this part and lots of scratched details are located here. As you can see also some panels here to prevent the viewer looking right into the rotor-housings. The rear part of the right side: I mounted fast-rope bars since I thought they would be useful even on a CSAR-helo. The bright orange thing is something JuanjoD already put into his Pave Low and that means it must be something really important... The port aft weapon station, some seats in the foreground. Between the blue and red seats is the starport weapon station. I saw pictures of a MH-47E with additional M-240s in the rear windows, using the bulleye-window on the left side. I won´t copy that, since I think that the bulleye doesn´t provide enough space for proper weapons handling and ground monitoring. Instead I will place the gun at the bigger quadrant-window in front of the bulleye, like used on the old-style ACH-47As. The port weapon station for the minigun. Right of that a first-aid station. CSAR does not usually leave personnel or the rescued crew unharmed and so it´s a good thing to have at least some equipment to provide medical help. Next steps will be additional equipment and of course the 5 weapon stations. I will use the kits miniguns for the front stations and 0.50cal M2s at the three aft stations. HAJO
  22. Hajo L.

    AMT AC-130U

    Keep us updated, I nearly bought Mandrakes U-Boat and just didn´t done so because a friend of mine needed money and so I bought the kit from him. Don´t know when I´ll build it, though, the last ESCI Spectre (which is the basis kit for the "U") I built left a bad taste in my mouth, especially since it was about 3cm shorter than my Italeri C-130s and the wings were strangely shaped on the underside... HAJO
  23. I´m actually building the RoG MH-47 and will post some progress pics this weekend. Still in the phase of scratchbuilding parts of the interior. HAJO
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