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  1. Uops, just to make that clear: I was referring to the MH-47 kits of Revell and Italeri, since they are both the same in a different box. :lol: HAJO
  2. "Either the Italeri or the Revell has the wrong blades and I do not remember. Do a little reseach on the kits and find out which blades are correct and you will not have to do some scratch building on the blades." I have both kits and don´t remember any significant changes concerning the blades. Hopefully I will remember this thread on friday when I can look in my stash and check the blades again. HAJO
  3. Empty shells? Correct me if I´m wrong, but I think those would went outside the A/C due to these cartridge chutes: Another thing: How can the 0.50 be operated? It looks like the ammo-boxes are in the way, I doubt that any gunner could find enough place to sit and work there. HAJO
  4. Thank you for the kind words! Gunpod: I used a Hellfire-mount for the main structure, cutting away the two struts in the middle and replaced them with plastic-sheet on the outside to make it a "box". Inside I put in a Roco .50cal M2, but not the "usual" ones, but one from the Roco M1 Abrams instead. Also added some lumps and bumps to the gun to make it look better. The front part of the pod is made of small plates of plastic (upper and lower parts) that I´ve left to dry after glueing. When dried, I made the sidepieces using paper. Paper is much easier to cut (I didn´t cut the pieces in shape before glueing them on the pod) and so it was no problem giving them the right fit by cutting the leftover material after the glue went dry. The ammo box is made of three plates of 1mm plastic sheet glued together to get the proper "thickness" of the material. After that just cut into the right shape, a bit of sanding and finished is the ammo-box! The chute... I thought very long of how to do it, and in the end I came up with a 1:35 scale M-60 ammo-chute of the Dragon Chopper Crew set. I used plastic glue to make the material soft and bend it in the right shape, also cut some milimeters of the chute away with a 45 degree angle and glued it back on to it to get "around the corner". But as someone already asked in another forum: Is there anybody with a good idea how to make smallscale (like 1:72) ammo-chutes? It can´t be that hard to make them out of flexible plastic or something similar, can´t someone with the right talent raise his hands and start to mass-produce them? I would buy 1 or 2 meters... HAJO
  5. On the desk: Converting a MH-47E into the CSAR-X. Will keep you updated, but over the week I won´t be able to do any progress, I´m busy... HAJO
  6. Sorry for the delay, here now are the latest pictures of the finished Pavelow: HAJO
  7. I just finished my AH-58D and used tha last warm rays of the sun to make pictures of this cute little thing. I added some ECM-devices and scratchbuilt the gun-pod. I thought about giving it a crew also, but didn´t do so because I´m a bit short of pilot-figures. Need urgently to get hold of one of the Italeri ground-crew sets... HAJO
  8. Well, I haven´t built a 1:48th so far, I only purchase 1:72s... And I also bought the model just some hours ago, need to finish my AH-58 and then the HH-47 will be engaged! :D HAJO
  9. Thanks for the input guys, very welcome! HAJO
  10. I´m planning of "converting" a 1/72 RoG MH-47E into the HH-47 CSAR-X helo of the USAF. As this is aircraft is only a planning thing so far, I´d still like to collect some infos and thoughts about this. For instance, I wonder why the first artistic impressions of the HH-47 shows it with a lot of armament (looks like a .50 at each aft window left/right, a minigun in the left left front cabin window and also a weapon station at the ramp) but no weapon at all at the main cabin entrance at the right front. Is this necessary to allow the hoist-operator to do his work? Ideas and insights welcome! Artistic impression: See also: http://www.flightinternational.com/assets/...px?ItemID=10204 HAJO
  11. I used Revells 43, mixing it with a little bit of black, so it´s not that bright. HAJO
  12. I´m scratching an 1:72 AH-58D using the Italeri-kit. Can anyone help me by posting a picture how the ammo-box fpr the 0.50 is fitted to the cabin? Is it directly clos to the helo or is there some kind of arresting system? HAJO
  13. The Chinook looks cool! What gun is that in the aft window? HAJO
  14. Ooops... My mistake... Somewhere here in in the forum someone posted a small picture of a "M", just try a search. HAJO
  15. I used the gallery-section and measured the planks by rule of thumb of one of the 1/35 Little Birds. That´s one of my results (I built two): Also very helpful: HAJO
  16. Try Revell´s UH-1H, it´s in 1:32 and quite OK. No markings for 101st IIRC in the kit. HAJO
  17. Rent and watch a "Blackhawk Down"-DVD... Or just browse through the ARC-gallery and the walkaround-section. HAJO
  18. Nice model! You as a "Kieler", have you ever thought about joining the PMC Lübeck? HAJO
  19. Revell did a 1/32 Jet Ranger some decades ago. I remember a friend of mine building it without instructions (real men don´t need them) and ending up with installing the engine parts in the wrong direction... :D HAJO
  20. Until now, there is not. I just bought a Revell AH-1S to convert it into a "G" using the nose and the clear parts of a Matchbox "G". Really strange, one of the most used and famous attack helo and only these crappy kits from Matchbox and Monogramm... HAJO
  21. Here come the pictures: I just thought to give my Pave a name and therefor called it "Night Rider" as you can see here: The decals are one of the best I´ve ever used, they came off from the paper after only 10 sec., fitted smoothly and without silvering. Obviously I mixed the grey right, since the stencils are really hard to see in contrast to the overall color: This is one of the views I like most of the Pave Low, a sight that will even improve when the aux. tanks are mounted: HAJO
  22. The Pave is painted, now I´m turning to the main rotor. Can anyone tell me what color the blades are on a grey Pave Low? BTW, I will post pictures later this day. HAJO
  23. OK, now the six o´clock position is also covered... HAJO
  24. I will make it a grey one. HAJO
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