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  1. I used the gallery-section and measured the planks by rule of thumb of one of the 1/35 Little Birds. That´s one of my results (I built two): Also very helpful: HAJO
  2. Try Revell´s UH-1H, it´s in 1:32 and quite OK. No markings for 101st IIRC in the kit. HAJO
  3. Rent and watch a "Blackhawk Down"-DVD... Or just browse through the ARC-gallery and the walkaround-section. HAJO
  4. Nice model! You as a "Kieler", have you ever thought about joining the PMC Lübeck? HAJO
  5. Revell did a 1/32 Jet Ranger some decades ago. I remember a friend of mine building it without instructions (real men don´t need them) and ending up with installing the engine parts in the wrong direction... :D HAJO
  6. Until now, there is not. I just bought a Revell AH-1S to convert it into a "G" using the nose and the clear parts of a Matchbox "G". Really strange, one of the most used and famous attack helo and only these crappy kits from Matchbox and Monogramm... HAJO
  7. Here come the pictures: I just thought to give my Pave a name and therefor called it "Night Rider" as you can see here: The decals are one of the best I´ve ever used, they came off from the paper after only 10 sec., fitted smoothly and without silvering. Obviously I mixed the grey right, since the stencils are really hard to see in contrast to the overall color: This is one of the views I like most of the Pave Low, a sight that will even improve when the aux. tanks are mounted: HAJO
  8. The Pave is painted, now I´m turning to the main rotor. Can anyone tell me what color the blades are on a grey Pave Low? BTW, I will post pictures later this day. HAJO
  9. OK, now the six o´clock position is also covered... HAJO
  10. I will make it a grey one. HAJO
  11. Ok, some new pics. The helo is glued together, did I mention that the colour of the plastic sucks? :blink: I also added some scratched detail: On the right side of the dog-house I drilled the intake open and coverd it with some photo-etched parts. I also need to drill out the small openings again after painting. On the other side: Also drilled open the little opening. On various pictures of the original aircraft I saw something that I scratchbuilt and can be seen here, it looks like some kind of IR-cover for an APU-exhaust. The Co-Pilot is holding a map to navigate to the infil-point... :blink: HAJO
  12. The crew is mostly scratchbuilt. The pilots upper bodys as well as the gunners are of the ex-ESCI, now Italeri ground-crew set. The legs of the pilots are from some Airfix-pilots IIRC. I have a lot of experience in "plastic surgery" so far since there are only a few kits left that come with pilots in the box (and those often look just bad, like the "standard" Airfix pilots. The PJ´s are made out of Preiser´s excellent "Modern US-Infantry-Set", the ramp-door-gunner will be made also out of some Preiser figures. Here are some impressions of the preiser figures I used on my MH-6Js: And no, I won´t do any basement or diorama for the Pave. HAJO
  13. Juanjo D.s Pave Low motivated me to start my own MH-53J. As you might see from my progress pics of the interior I didn´t put so much effort into detailing as Juanjo did. I usually focus more on completing the model in a short time and also on giving it some "live" by adding crewmembers. The interior now has been made by simply glueing a small sheet toilet-paper (YES, toilet-paper! Not used, of course ; ) on the plastic. If someone is asking: I would say that´s a kind of new kevlar "liner" to secure the crew from small arms fire and shrapnells. The crew so far consist of 2 pilots, 2 minigun-gunners and 2 PJ´s I haven´t glued on their seats so far. HAJO
  14. Which colour will you use on the drop-tanks? One reason for me to wait with finishing my 1/72 Spad is that I don´t know which colour to paint the drop-tanks since the rest of the aircraft-belly is black. HAJO
  15. I own several AC-130s in 1:72 (Italeri, ESCI, AMT, Airfix), but none of them has Miniguns that are worth it. Usually it´s just 6 barrels with something that should look like the gun mechanism, but surely doesn´t. If you want nice SUU-23 Miniguns you have to buy Italeri´s AC-47 Spooky and use them, they look pretty good. HAJO
  16. Got a pic and a unit: OH-6 C, Real Cav, B Troop 7/17th Air Cavalry, Pleiku 1972. HAJO
  17. I stumbled across the picture of a OH-6A Loach equipped with a grenade turret and FFARs in another forum. Must be something that flew (really, with THAT much weight?) sometime around Vietnam. Does any other know this bird, or even better, has more pictures of it? HAJO
  18. Do door-gunners use night-vision-goggles when flying with MH-53s? HAJO
  19. Looks like I have to cut off a little bit of the window, just leaving away the clear parts wouldn´t do it, so my opinion. HAJO
  20. On the left side you removed more than only the gunner-window and made a "bigger" window, is that correct? I´m starting a Pave Low myself these days and enjoy your pictures very much! HAJO
  21. I´m going to buy the RoG Pave this weekend, which technically will be my second one since I built the Italeri Pave some years ago. I was just browsing through the walkaround pics when I noticed that the sponson seems to have some kind of struts, propably to reduce the load-factor of the sponson with full aux. fuel tanks during hard manoevres. Is that "normal", do the actual Paves have this? HAJO
  22. Hmmm, "problem" is, I already have 4 built Herks (two of them with wings "off") and still an AC-130H from Airfix. I planned to convert it into an "U" using the AMT parts. Anyway, what would you like to have for your "U-boat", Mandrake? I´m not good in making offers.. ;-) HAJO
  23. I´m looking for AMTs 1/72 AC-130U or at least the so called "U-sprue" with all the U-Boat specifics. Any ideas? To make tihings difficult: I´m from germany, europe. HAJO
  24. Here are a couple of pics of my finished 1/72 Air America UH-1C: Interior with lots of stuff like rucksacks and boxes, looks like a logistic support flight. :) The exterior: My printer sucks, therefor the usually black lettering of "Air America" looks grey: HAJO
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