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  1. In case you don´t have someone who is able to do photoetched parts in your region (I´m from germany), I will ask him. HAJO
  2. Interesting... a german border police Puma in the background on the second picture. HAJO
  3. For overall amusement I´m showing some pictures of my actual project, a HH-60 of the USAF. This one will complete my collection of CSAR-birds I´ve already done (MH-53 and HH-47). I decided to built the weather-radar from scratch, I think it had been a Harpoon-missile warhead before the conversion. The pilots are not the best, the gunners will be much better. I made a quite simple FRIES-system, the cargo space will be occupied later by a single PJ and some stuff like backpacks and a stretcher. The small "stubwings" had to be scratched using the original cut-off wings (I´m using the Italeri MH-60K kit) and some filler. The ammo-boxes are left-over from the Dragon 1/35 pilot/gunner-set and should have been used as ammoboxes for the 1/35 M-60. The look also good as boxes in 1/72... I also included a additional fuel tank in the back. These tiny little things are really awesome: Our hobby-club president made them for me, I hope they make excellent chaff/flare-launcher front-ends. HAJO
  4. F***, IE crashed after a longer answer.... Short one: Miniguns: Don´t you have several AC-130s? Rob the U-version, it doesn´t need 7.62mm Miniguns. 0.50s: Ask you local hobby shop for Roco Minitank Set 442 Seen "in action" here: Alternative: Dragon Humvees 0.50s (two per kit, be sure to get a kit that contains them, ask me if you need more info) "In action": HAJO
  5. Some weeks until we see the pics? Damn, at that time my HH-60 is propably done... HAJO
  6. Model is coming good so far (maybe will do some pictures later), one of my future problems will be: Where do I get 6 Flare/Chaff-launchers? I used 1/700 ASROC-launchers for my SOAR Nighthawk, but now I´m depleted with these tiny little launchers... HAJO
  7. Looking great! I´d like to jump on the bandwagon to ask what is the "actual" shape of the weather-radar. In this thread we can see that it is on the underside of the nose, in my attached picture it sits just "in the middle" of the nose. What´s the deal? HAJO
  8. Looking great! I´d like to jump on the bandwagon to ask what is the "actual" shape of the weather-radar. In this thread we can see that it is on the underside of the nose, in my attached picture it sits just "in the middle" of the nose. What´s the deal? HAJO
  9. Thank you guys, great pictures! HAJO
  10. So far I learned that the actual HH-60s have new door mounts for their guns, with the ammo-boxes outside on the sponsons. Question now is: Do they always carry a mixed combo of a .50 cal on one side and a minigun on the other? Is there a rule on which side the minigun is? Are these boxes of symmetrical size, although they carry different ammunition? (12,7mm and 7,62mm). Thanks a lot! HAJO
  11. Sehr schönes Modell, Gruß aus Lübeck! HAJO
  12. Hajo L.


    The ESCI is OK, but accuracy is not the best, seemed to me as if it´s a bit shorter than the original, at least my Italeri C-130s are longer. For example the sensors at the front port side are way to small: I replaced it with a scratch-built one: I think I need to put all my pictures of this built in the "Progress forum" one day... :unsure: HAJO
  13. As far as the crew goes: I found it extremely difficult to equip my MH-60 by Italeri with pilots. I ended up cutting their legs so short that they remindem me more of gorillaz than of human beings... So regarding that point the Hasegawa-kit would be better. HAJO
  14. Why don´t you buy the Revell or Italeri (both the same kit, Revell´s decals are better) MH-47? They come with the sand-filters. HAJO
  15. Well, I´d prefer the Italeri/Revell Blackhawks, but that´s just me... :) They are good ( I think they are partly better than the Hasegawa-kit), but lack the crew. If you want some nice molded soldiers, try to get your hands on a set of Preiser Modern GIs. They´re made of hard-plastic and therefor could be quite easily converted into rappelling soldiers. Have look: http://www.plasticsoldierreview.com/Review...&code=72519 HAJO
  16. LOL, and if you know the UZI you know that even a lock set on safety is no guarantee for not spraying the whole magazin out... ;) HAJO
  17. Hajo L.

    Indonesian Broncos

    The "D" includes all part of the "A" and also the "D"-parts (well, that´s why it is the "D" ;) ), su you´ll get all the stuff youneed and some more when you buy the "D". HAJO
  18. Nice, but no .30 cal. guns? :P HAJO
  19. My idea for a minigun: Get yourself the front end of a 7-shot rocket-pod with a proper diameter (1/72 or 1/48 for 1/32), drill out the holes and use this as a guidance for barrels made out of the plastic rods. I made one for a fictional SOF-boat in 1/72, using the rocket-pod of a 1/72 OH-58 Kiowa by Italeri: HAJO
  20. That´s the Italeri 1/72 Huey, OK, but not as good as the B and C-models. I like them much more as the D and have about 5 finished in my stash. HAJO
  21. That´s the way my mounts look like: Here´s the finished Huey: HAJO
  22. Are you looking for machine guns in generally? If yes, try to get your hands of one of ROCOs set of machineguns. They are in 1:87 officially, but are a bit too big for that scale and fit perfect to 1:72. HAJO
  23. I found this: Most of the accounts of airstrikes, close air support and heroic rescues during the Vietnam war sought to give credit to the brave airmen who risked their lives by giving their names, aircraft type and even their hometown. While any newspaper account can scarcely do justice to the chronicled events, the one glaring omission was any mention of the real central figure in almost every story, the Forward Air Controller. ?The FAC? was usually the only mention; no name, no aircraft type, no unit, no hometown. In all probability, it was the FAC who discovered the target or was first called for help. It was the FAC who requested the air support and specified the ordinance or type of weapons needed for each situation. It was the FAC who guided the fighters to the target, briefed them on the target location, enemy fire and positions, emergency escape and evasion areas and finally marked the target with smoke or flares. It was the FAC who coordinated the actions of fighter/bombers, attack helicopters, rescue helicopters and the ground troops, usually on at least two and sometimes three different radios. The aerial ballet that followed the call for help was busy enough just in the radio coordination, but it played out in three dimensions with aircraft moving over 200 miles per hour in a confined area. Add to that the FAC having to record all the pertinent information on locations, fighter call signs and munitions and flying his own aircraft to boot! And it was the FAC who flew back over the target at the end of the strike to get the BDA (Bomb Damage Assessment) for the record. It was very much like whacking a hornet?s nest with a stick and then walking closer to count any dead hornets! The FAC aircraft it was usually a one-man show. We normally carried a second pilot or navigator only at night. On missions designated from before launch as ground support, we did carry another person, usually an Army ?Trail Rider?, to help with the coordination efforts and confirm friendly and enemy positions before dropping any bombs. Given the increasing number of accounts where ?The FAC directed the airstrike? was our only acknowledgement; it wasn?t surprising some creative mind would come up with a way to relieve the frustration. I don?t recall which idle mind eventually thought of it and am at a total loss how we pulled it off in the first place, but someone decided our planes needed a big ?THE FAC? painted on the top of the wing and fuselage. If ?The FAC was how we were to be known, then ?The FAC? we would be! What better canvas than our all-black ?night-fighter? O2s? The large white letters stood out like beacons on the coal-black upper wing surfaces so the fighters orbiting above could see ?THE FAC? from almost any altitude. If the idea caught on, we planned to paint black ?THE FAC? stencils on our white and gray ?day-fighters? too. The maintenance guys and crew chiefs were in on the plan and painted the black birds to our new unofficial specifications. We were ecstatic. It was a blow for freedom for all our neglected comrades and a stick in the eye to any over-inflated fighter jock ego. To most of the jet-jockeys? credit, they saw the humor in it and went along with the fun. The zenith of our glory came with a story and photos in an issue of the ?Stars And Stripes?, the official newspaper of the US military. There was ?THE FAC? emblazoned across the wing on one of our ?Oscar Deuces? and even a short caption as to the ?why?. Our euphoria was short-lived. Within nano-seconds of the paper?s release, an edict came down from some pencil-necked REMF declaring the symbol of our rebellious and unprofessional attitudes would be removed from all aircraft and never again see the light of day ? or night! The official reason was the white letters would stand out and make us easier targets at night; never mind the fact we would have to fly inverted and the O2 wasn?t built for that maneuver. We slid back into the terminal boredom of non-recognition, but deep in our hearts, if not our minds, we held onto that moment of glory, however fleeting. http://www.covey-fac.com/warstories/The%20...hnMesserly.html
  24. @Cobrahistorian: I only build 1/72, so this -G would be that scale, too. HAJO
  25. I´m planning to kitbash a Revell AH-1S with the Mastercraft AH-1G to do a G without those deep rivet lines. Don´t know if the canopy will fit on the AH-1S, but I will keep you updated as soon as I begin this project. HAJO
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