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  1. Really love the camo-scheme! Great looking bird! HAJO
  2. I´m currently working on a MH-53J Pave Low. Is there anyone who can provide me with some pictures or descriptions where the ammunition boxes for the Miniguns are located? Thanks! HAJO
  3. Thank you, guys! According to scalemates this specific kit has been produced in 1986 - so the decals (and parts) are 34 years old! But they still set like a charm! Invisible thread is flexible and reacts to plastic cement, so it´s perfect to use for simulating the cables of the instrument panel: HAJO
  4. Any updates concerning a possible release date? Especially for 1/72? Because currently I have four CH/HH-53s in my stash, and while I know what to do with two of them, the two other ones are still "unplanned". HAJO
  5. In my eyes the Airfix-kit, although the oldest one, is still the best looking CH/HH-53. Italeri/Revell has only little details on the outside (and I love those rivets on the Airifix-kit!) and the Fujimi is a kit I never built. Another pro of Airfix: The cargo bay has a "roof". HAJO
  6. Books are always an inspiration, especially when they deal with one of our favorite topics. Currently I´m reading "On a Steel Horse I ride", a documentation about the "Pave Low" and the first Combat Rescue versions of the Sikorsky H-53 model. You can buy this book as paperback at Amazon, but why should you? It´s available for free as PDF on the website of Air University Press: https://www.airuniversity.af.edu/AUPress/Display/Article/1533165/on-a-steel-horse-i-ride/ So, reading this brought up my old idea of completing my partial "Pave Low" re
  7. Yes. I also saw the protruding bumbs that carry the DIRCM at the aft of the fuselage! HAJO
  8. Even though it´s way too hot outside these days (today we'll reach around 32 °C, tomorrow are 35 °C forecasted... 😞 ) I shot some pictures of the finished Bombcat: And the full bomb load in all its glory: In the meantime the Tomcat has found a safe parking spot in my office among a couple of HobbyBoss Tomcats: HAJO
  9. In 1/72 I can also always recommend the Hobbyboss-kit. Never had any fit issues, and with its swept wing mechanism and the correct front gear strut it beats the current Academy - if you want something that´s really easy to model. HAJO
  10. Here is a compilation of several tweets of Mark Hertling, a former US General in command of forces in Europe: "Having just watched the SecDef, Vice CJCS and @US_EUCOM Commander, I am sickened by this decision and explanation. It is not tied to any strategic advantage, and in fact is counterproductive to showing strength in Europe. A couple things: 2/ First, what is obvious to me - having served 12 years in Germany and having participated in the last force structure change from 2004-2011, this is not a "strategic" move...it is speci
  11. I read comments (not official ones!), that indicate that other units will stay at Spang, which would mean that there is still some need in keeping it open. I personally hope this whole thing will be cancelled, there is obviously NO military benefit in that whole stunt! HAJO
  12. If you scroll down on that scalemates-site you should see that someone is offering a set as a privateer. HAJO
  13. I used the Eaglestrike-decals for my A-1H: https://www.scalemates.com/kits/eagle-strike-productions-72004-south-east-asia-skyraiders--976843 I can really recommend them! HAJO
  14. Very nicely done! I´m looking forward to see your U-28! HAJO
  15. I´m on vacation and therefor can´t do any progress - but there actually is no need anymore, since I was able to get the Tomcat finished on my last evening home! But I was only able to do some "hush-hush" pictures, I will take some better ones as soon as I return home. The 14 MK-82s look awesome one the bird! The front part got some sunlight on this picture, it´s usually not that bright in relation to the rest of the aircraft. HAJO
  16. I just built the Academy F-14A. The kit is very nice, but I don´t like that the wings can´t be swept "symmetrical" (there is no provision to link the wings together, like on - I think - all other kits) and the front landing gear is coming only in a "in-flight"-configuration (hydraulics are completely "released" and not weighted in). HAJO
  17. Really good looking! HAJO
  18. Uops, my old thread... The GunPod is from the old F-15E kit of Italeri: https://www.scalemates.com/kits/italeri-166-f-15e-strike-eagle--110001 HAJO
  19. Decals are one! Now a matt clear coat next and then a lot of bombs. HAJO
  20. I added the clear parts and painted some smaller details. Because of reasons I also re-painted the rudder in a blue-ish and darker grey, using Revell 79. Now some clear coat to prepare the model for decals. HAJO
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