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  1. Thank you for the encouragement, guys! HAJO
  2. KursadA, thank you, I will be patient! Niels, I called USPS and gave the tracking number to their voice system. As I understood it, they do not track it anymore (I had the feeling that when I gave my tracking number, they would only have a look at the current status - obviously the shipment had no follow-on-services or whatever you´d call that). So far I think it´s just overworked customs agents - we germans aren´t that effective anymore, we somehow still keep the impression outside of Germany, but it´s not true anymore... HAJO
  3. Hi, I´d like to ask if there are any special experiences with foreign customs services. To be more specific: My order from Caracal had an excellent start and made it over the Atlantic pretty fast, but is since september 30th sitting at Frankfurt, Germany: I hope that it´s the German Customs Service, because otherwise I´d said the package has gone AWOL... HAJO
  4. Thanks for the info and the idea with the SideWinder! I´ll use that! HAJO
  5. I´d go with markers for a successful mission. Tgoetz, can you tell me what that big red rocket-like sensor (?) is in the cabin? HAJO
  6. No, the instructions show only one aircraft, but don´t mention th eother options...: That big red "rocket" in the cabin, is that a sensor? HAJO
  7. Thanks a lot! I´m sure no one minds if we exchange information, there even is a good chance that people like me later on stumble into the thread and take valuable information out of it. I think I´ll go with the Grim Reaper for my Dolphin. Crew of three for a HITRON-aircraft is correct? HAJO
  8. Yeah, you are a very valuable source of information - may I continue to ask questions? First, thanks for the clarification concerning HITRON and base designations. The 1/72 kit comes with these decals: In the middle there are some logos, like the Texas Longhorn - are there decals that would go to a specific HITRON-aircraft? And another one: Nomber of crew members is three, right? HAJO
  9. Thank you! So I have to search my stash for a M240. I also just checked the kits decals. They include some "HITRON"-markings, but I didn´t found "Jacksonville" as home station. Did HITRON-aircraft fly from other bases as well? HAJO
  10. Roger, so starport it is. Do they always carry a M240 with them or are there alternatives for it? I do have some nice M82 Sniper Rifles, but I´m short of M240s. HAJO
  11. Is there any rule on which side the guns are used? I thought it would make sense to have them on the pilots side, aka starport. HAJO
  12. I´m looking forward to see pictures from your bird! HAJO
  13. I heard from a friend (German Army Aviator) that in formations the last guy usually keeps his lights running to safety reasons. A bit like "we are a formation, and here we are *light glow*". HAJO
  14. You are welcome! Do you need better pictures from my "In Progress"? Those current are blurred due to photobucket... HAJO
  15. It´s from the Revell Royal Navy-Seaking. This is the kit: https://www.scalemates.com/kits/revell-04450-westland-sea-king-has6-aew--112066 HAJO
  16. Thank you very much! I was just curious, because I´m nearly done with my B-58 and would now switch to another project until the decals arrive. HAJO
  17. Are you shipping the B-58 Hustler-decals? (Just curious, because I ordered some). HAJO
  18. Add me to the list: Just sent an order via Paypal for the 1/72 B-58-set. 😉 HAJO
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