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  1. Thanks a lot! I´m sure no one minds if we exchange information, there even is a good chance that people like me later on stumble into the thread and take valuable information out of it. I think I´ll go with the Grim Reaper for my Dolphin. Crew of three for a HITRON-aircraft is correct? HAJO
  2. Yeah, you are a very valuable source of information - may I continue to ask questions? First, thanks for the clarification concerning HITRON and base designations. The 1/72 kit comes with these decals: In the middle there are some logos, like the Texas Longhorn - are there decals that would go to a specific HITRON-aircraft? And another one: Nomber of crew members is three, right? HAJO
  3. Thank you! So I have to search my stash for a M240. I also just checked the kits decals. They include some "HITRON"-markings, but I didn´t found "Jacksonville" as home station. Did HITRON-aircraft fly from other bases as well? HAJO
  4. Roger, so starport it is. Do they always carry a M240 with them or are there alternatives for it? I do have some nice M82 Sniper Rifles, but I´m short of M240s. HAJO
  5. Is there any rule on which side the guns are used? I thought it would make sense to have them on the pilots side, aka starport. HAJO
  6. I´m looking forward to see pictures from your bird! HAJO
  7. I heard from a friend (German Army Aviator) that in formations the last guy usually keeps his lights running to safety reasons. A bit like "we are a formation, and here we are *light glow*". HAJO
  8. You are welcome! Do you need better pictures from my "In Progress"? Those current are blurred due to photobucket... HAJO
  9. It´s from the Revell Royal Navy-Seaking. This is the kit: https://www.scalemates.com/kits/revell-04450-westland-sea-king-has6-aew--112066 HAJO
  10. Thank you very much! I was just curious, because I´m nearly done with my B-58 and would now switch to another project until the decals arrive. HAJO
  11. Are you shipping the B-58 Hustler-decals? (Just curious, because I ordered some). HAJO
  12. Add me to the list: Just sent an order via Paypal for the 1/72 B-58-set. 😉 HAJO
  13. A buddy of mine is looking for aftermarket decals for a "tricolor" (grey, green, black) CH-46E in 1/72. Should look like this: Any ideas? HAJO
  14. Yeah, the DreamModel-kit is the one I will be using. HAJO
  15. Try getting as close as possible to the city with your car and then sneak in with public transportation! 😉 HAJO
  16. I'm watching with interest, since I'm planning to build the same with a 1/72 kit. But of course with less details... HAJO
  17. Thank you very much! I was using an Ikea picture frame and have added some basic "artwork" to it: At the front is the title of the Diorama and the scale: Of course the USMC Hymn comes to one of the sides: A description of the units and their task is shown on the other side. And I put various creeds of different Marine Infantry units worldwide on the frame, seen different ones here from Germany, USA, Great Britain, Russia, France, etc... I was able to present this gift as a surprise to my buddy on monday, and he was extremely happy and surprised! Giving him the diorama was a real pleasure for me and worth the build and effort. As they say: Shared fun is doubled fun! HAJO
  18. Have you tried an external file-hoster, like imgur? HAJO
  19. Yeah, it was a lot of fun! Thanks for hosting and all participants for taking part! HAJO
  20. Just want to show you the project I´m currently finishing. It´s a diorama in 1/700 scale, showing an amphibious landing, centered around the arrival of a LCAC, Landing Craft Air Cussion. From all four directions: Other significant "players" are two Super Cobras, a CH-46E, a RHIB and a Riverine Command Craft, which was scratch-built. Some details: Marines! The diorama is a gift from me to a friend and collegue who is a "76er", which is the german "MOS" for Naval Protection Force Soldiers. Among their duties they secure installations, but also do boardings and support landing operations. Since he spent some years as exchange officer in the United States and mentionend "LCACs are cool!", I have chosen this subject for the build. HAJO
  21. Hajo L.

    Hunter F6

    Very nice! Love the camoflage, you did a wonderful job here! HAJO
  22. Yeah, I´m usually so much interested in doing a lot of models, that I don´t want to spend my precious time with an "old" and outdated kit. But I´m interested in a new GB, as long as it fits my interest. HAJO
  23. We would have trusted you anyway, but this looks good as well! HAJO
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