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  1. I was a bit undiceided then, and finally dug through my stash to look for something to build. I came out with the 1/72 Fujimi OA-4M. Getting the decals aligned to the color-scheme was a bit of a challenge, both in colours as well as in the exact demarkation. Some minor flaws are there, but overall I´m happy. Done until may 31th. After that I did another "secret" project. It´s a farewell gift to a working buddy who is changing his post, and I will present it to him in september, when he will visit us for
  2. Well, I have to update my builds... My last entry was the S-58 in German Naval Aviation colors. After I had finished that helicopter, I made a nice little "what-if"-project with a MD-500 in 1/72 by AZModel. I played around with a nice night-camo, and love how it came out. Except for the pilot figure, pylons and weapons (including the flare/chaff-dispenser) complete OOB. Done from april 20th until april 27th. April 28th until may 5th I built my "Bedenkentraeger", more details here:
  3. Great, I somehow missed the decals... So, the wings can be modelled movable, but they are not syncronized, right? HAJO
  4. That sounds a bit like "yodeling"... Which may work, since Austrians were part of Germany in the specific time-frame, but it doesn´t fit right into the "I´ll ride this thing like a wild bull"-theme we see on the picture... HAJO
  5. Thank you! The instrument panels look like after-market parts - but I´m sure it´s OOB. How did you do that??? It´s awesome! HAJO
  6. Yeah, following this closely! I will order mine next week, and I have in mind to do some "What-if"-project... Did I saw a LANTIRN-pod among the many parts of the kit? HAJO
  7. Well, good luck then! Me with speaking German as my mother tongue, I have no idea what could be used. We don´t do any bull-riding here... 😉 On the other hand, if it´s just an outcry of joy and testosterone, "Juchhuuu" would work, but it´s a bit old-fashioned. HAJO
  8. Well, that should be entertaining at least! 😄 HAJO
  9. That looks pretty much like the finnish version, right? I just started the same kit, but will do the SOCOM-version. HAJO
  10. Looking really good! I will watch your Academy F-14 with interest, would you do a work-in-progress-thread here?I´m planning to buy and build one soon... HAJO
  11. What´s the specialty of the UC-123K? I know and built the AC/NC-123, but jever really got an idea what´s all about the UC... HAJO
  12. Yeah, I´m also looking for a decent F-14 to turn it into a heavy mud-mover! 😉 I´m considering the new Academy F-14A in 1/72. Any idea if Academy is doing any new versions on this kit soon? HAJO
  13. Great! Small, but great! May I point out a missing feature...? The transmission between the engines and the doghouse/main rotor... HAJO
  14. I´m feeling a bit cold now after looking at your Fulcrum-diorama... 😉 HAJO
  15. You gotta love those aircraft that have been turned into electric porcupines with antennae all over them! HAJO
  16. Wow, historic model kits! Looking forward to your builds! HAJO
  17. No, I scratched all parts except the canopy. HAJO
  18. Looking forward to see another OP-2E! I built one a couple of years ago. HAJO
  19. Sarathi, GW, thanks a lot for your help, that was very useful! HAJO
  20. Yeah, your ground pounder F-14 is cool! I have the idea of doing a "what-if" with exactly that bombload from above, and was wondering if I just glue them to the Phoenix rails or have some sort of Bomb Rack Unit between. HAJO
  21. Yeah, I´ll have to check with someone who flies DCS... I´m still on FSX. 😉 HAJO
  22. I know the following picture is a test load-out with dummies, but does anyone have any intel what kind of ejector racks they were usung? Looks like TERs...? HAJO
  23. Have you checked the Revell Modern Pilots set? http://www.plasticsoldierreview.com/Review.aspx?id=2184 I use those all the times to populate my cockpits. HAJO
  24. Jim Rotramel also made a quite interesting homepage with F-111 details: http://www.f-111.net/models/Jim-Rotramel.htm HAJO
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