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  1. My German Growler is done: WIP here: HAJO
  2. Thank you! It´s done now: Now only the the Luftwaffe needs to purchase a couple of these beasts... 😉 Hard to see, but my buddy is flying this aircraft: The tiger-striped ECM-pod: Front sight: Belly and dirty engines: HAJO
  3. That cockpit looks more like 1/32! Great work, congratulations! HAJO
  4. Really nice model you did there! The self-made decals come up great, even though you had a "special" technique.... I´m planning to build an Italian Seaking sometime, I think you´re propably the guy to ask when I have questions.... HAJO
  5. Uoops... It has been finished some years ago. Damn wrong instructions.... What are the "Desert Ducks"? HAJO
  6. In the meantime I was able to apply the decals. But I have to tell you a story that came with the decals... I´m pretty happy with my life, but this time even I got jealous! Of course the EF-18G needs some German markings, and so I went through my stash and "voilà" - that fits - dug up the Revell decal sheet of the "Lechfeld Tiger" of 2011. Looks like this: A short research reveiled that the aircraft is listed as "located in the city of Erding". Okay, what does that mean? Can I use the registry of 46+33 on my Hornet, or is the Tornado with this number still active? So i have a collegue and friend who´s a German Air Force Officer, a jet-driver. I ask him if he knows anything about this specific Tornado. The answer comes quick: That bird is practically out of service, the big fin has been removed and is a decoration in someones garden. And the registry is "blocked". "Huu, blocked??", I´m wondering and ask him again. "Yeah, I hold the privileg for that registry!" he answers with a smiley. And he adds: "Check the canopy!". So I zoom on the canopy... I see the names of the pilots... There is his name on the canopy!!! I check the decal-sheet - there is his name as well!!! My buddy has his own freakin aircraft-model!!!! Damn.... 😉 Well, it´s an act of honour for me to put his name on my EF-18G now. I only cut off the rank, he´s no Hauptmann (Captain) anymore. 🙂 This is how the model looks right now, still needs some matt clear coat: And to use some pieces of the cool Tigermeet-decals, I put a couple of them on one of the ECM-Pods: Looks cool, I think. HAJO
  7. As long as you do it as a non-ASW-aircraft, I´d say yes. HAJO
  8. Dammit, you´re right about the missing sponson! That sucks! Hopefully there will be a different re-issue in the next years. HAJO
  9. I built the Learjet, which is - according to scalemates - from 2014. The plastic itself was ok, the shape of the model wasn´t. Which is not really understandable, considering what other short-run-companies have been able to offer already at that timeframe... HAJO
  10. The crew has taken their places: "Schwarz-Rot-Gold" ("Black, Red, Gold") is a must for my Luftwaffe-aircraft! Canopy closed! And some clear to prepare the model for decalling tomorrow! HAJO
  11. Sorry for pausing so long, but I was on vacation and had another kit taken with me. But I´m back and was able to do quite a lot during the last few days. Basically because the kit literally snaps together, the montage of the gear was a thing of 5 minutes...: I already painted the first layer, using a slightly lightened up Revell 374. Since I do want some sort of camoflage on the aircraft (and not do a boring "one-grey-only"-bird) I oriented myself on the Norm 90J-scheme of the F-4F. I shortly thought about doing a Norm 81A or B, but that would be a bit too retro for a 2020+ aircraft... That´s why I only added a slightly darker grey: HAJO
  12. Well, of course the Fujimi is better, but hard to get these days! HAJO
  13. Apparently it´s out now: https://www.72news.eu/2019/07/hobby-boss-douglas-4e-sky-hawk-released.html The sprue with the bombs is the same that came with the HB A-7 Corsairs. Bombs are too small for MK-82s, but you have Fuse Extenders. HAJO
  14. This is what I did to my B-52G when I built the kit some years ago. Sorry about the photobucket-logos, if you need better pictures, just let me know. HAJO Sorr
  15. Even though it´s heavily "canadasized", it still looks fairly aggressive to me! HAJO
  16. Are you going to work on the front window as well? HAJO
  17. Great idea with the engines! HAJO
  18. Nice stuff - all I need now is the 1/700 USS Enterprise that had been announced by Dragon/Cyberhobby several years ago... HAJO
  19. Excellent work, really like every aspect of it! HAJO
  20. It would be indeed possible to build the kit without glue! You can snap all parts together. But I still used glue, just to be sure, and to close smaller gaps. HAJO
  21. You may have heard, the Luftwaffe needs a replacement for the aging Tornados, and while the F-15 and the F-35 have been already removed from the competition, the F-18 (it´s unclear in which configuration, EF-18G would be good since it would fulfill the Tornado ECR-role - and it already has a "G" in the dsignation 😉 ) and an updated Eurofighter are still in the game. So, I will assume the EF-18 has "won" and will do a german Hornet! I already did the instrument panels and the cockpit tub. I realized that this must be some sort of "snap together"-kit, since most of the parts have some pin that fits into their counterpart. Details look good, though, and it looks like this will be a rather quick build. HAJO
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