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  1. Jim Rotramel also made a quite interesting homepage with F-111 details: http://www.f-111.net/models/Jim-Rotramel.htm HAJO
  2. I have a couple of 1/72 equipment sets like tent rolls, backs, rucksacks, rifles, radios and other stuff. I´m pretty happy with them, but some small items like rifles have been damaged in their box. HAJO
  3. Very nice, I also like the idea with the stand! HAJO
  4. Good thing, but I can´t see any pictures...? HAJO
  5. Very nice! Sorry to divert a little bit, but what´s the story about the grey-grey-camoflaged F-18? HAJO
  6. Oh my god! I´d never dare to fly this; I would always fear something (or the whole thing!) would break! Outstanding work! HAJO
  7. I´m sure I have to start with a german language session before I continue here. You probably asked already "what is a Bedenkentraeger?". Well, the german word for "Aircraft Carrier" is "Flugzeugtraeger", from the two words "Flugzeug" (aircraft) and "Traeger" (Carrier). So, a "Bedenkentraeger" is a carrier of concern ("Bedenken" - concern, doubt, resvervations). And, now to the lesson of german foreign policy (very short version): After we have been quite "successful" in shaping the international system some decades ago (wasn´t there something about a War that finally came to an en
  8. Here is a quite lenthy, but IIRC informative WIP of Chico the Gunfighter: HAJO
  9. Wunderbar! Great idea! HAJO
  10. Hajo L.


    What´s the story behind all those camels on the kill-marks? HAJO
  11. I will follow this, as I plan to build a B-57 soon myself. Would ove to do a "special" version, but it will be most likely a conventional bird. HAJO
  12. So many... Brothers in Arms by the Dire Straits, to name something that most people here know. HAJO
  13. Weren´t Battleships designed to take a beating with heavy artillery? I have my doubt that with their armor, they would be crippled by a singe Harpoon. Also, "only some 20mm" for a destroyer seems a bit "light" against a warship designed to fight and survive in a WW2-battle. HAJO
  14. Just a former paper box of one of my kits. Sits in my closet, so it´s dry, not too warm and not too cold. Also, to play it safe, I put in two small pieces of Silicca Gel that once came with some electronic stuff. I think they absorb humidity and that´s a good thing among my decals. Of course due to this method of stashing I have no order whatsoever, so I have to check my whole box every time I need something. But this gives me a fairly good idea what´s in my decal stash, so I mostly start my search with the thought of "...last time I *think* I saw XY..." HAJO
  15. Yep, here! My second "moving bush", a 1/72 Dragon Humvee converted to support SpecOps-Snipers: Started at march 7th, finished on march 14th. The Amodel Bo-105 in 1/72, started cosequently on march 15th: The kit was a bit disappointing, you better save the HOT-launchers for an Airfix-Bo-105 and add a Roco (1/87 scale) weapon sight. Done on march 25th. My third Gun-Truck, but this time a "missile truck", converting Academys excellent M977. Started on march 28th.
  16. JackMan, you are welcome! Mostly I have the feeling that good books can be recognized by the irritation they cause in your brain when you read them - "is that something I just read in the book or something I just saw in th enews today?" I had this strange feeling of mixing fiction and reality a lot during the last years, which is not a good sign concerning our situation in international relations... 😉 HAJO
  17. Very nicely done! What I do find remarkable is that the A400 looks like about the same size as the C-130 - maybe I should build one finally, since I do have 7 C-130s already... HAJO
  18. I propably should have already read it here, but do the LBs now have 6 main rotor blades? HAJO
  19. Anybody know if Sprue Brothers are curently shipping overseas? I put some order in yesterday (nothing important, just some stuff I´d like to use one day), and I´m curious if they can ship, concerning the current situation. HAJO
  20. Am I good to go with this mask? 😉 HAJO
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