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  1. Yeah, great... We had the hottest day on wednesday, fortunately it went up to 36 degrees Celsius only. Today was nearly "cold" with 25... Sunday is scheduled again with 39... *sigh* I show two pictures of the model as it looked yesterday, I´m already a bit ahead, just put on some decals! HAJO
  2. Yeah, or I just use them as ventilator... Look at this!! I´m looking forward to next week, although I´ll spend it on a training course and therefor won´t be able to build. This is the current status of the model. It´s hard to see, but I added a couple of brown dots on the green patches along the demarcation line to soften it up. Same will be done with green on the brown patches. Or maybe I just go into the shower and "let it rain" until I have to go to bed... HAJO
  3. Hmm, that would be a bit too much "what iffy" for me... Aaaand I don´t think they would fit under the wings! 😉 Got the first camo on: Will continue on here, my idea is to get some subtle camo that resembles roughly the "Hinterhalt-Tarnung" of the German Wehrmacht. I will also add a different prop: On the right side the original prop of the kit, on the left side my interpretation, using blades of a 1/72 Lancaster. HAJO
  4. Made a very quick check: Yes, I was able to see the forum. HAJO
  5. Sorry for not posting much, but with the summer on full swing and the holidays starting for my older daughter the days somehow don´t offer much modelling time anymore... Anyway, that´s the way it looks at the moment: I also added some pylons, my plan is to hang mostly A2G-stuff: HAJO
  6. Last build?? We have still more than two months left! I have at least one another project in the pipeline. 😉 HAJO
  7. Oh yes, that looks like work! HAJO
  8. Here you can see my main modification: I want to give the aircraft some bigger engine and prolonged the nose cowling by 4mm. Putting the thing into shape: And after some more sanding and the installation of the front end: HAJO
  9. A quick google search brought only one hit that supports the move of weapons out of turkey: https://www.euractiv.com/section/global-europe/news/us-moves-nuclear-weapons-from-turkey-to-romania/ All other articles just described the potential problem that could come with US nukes still in turkey. HAJO
  10. My next build will be a modification of the Airfix 1/72 Tucano prop trainer. I already did something similar years ago, but this time I will add some more constructive changes (not too many). Starting point is this: First stop: The cockpit! HAJO
  11. Next project: "Mega Tucano", a modfication of the 1/72 Tucano by Airfix, but better than a Super Tucano... 😉 HAJO
  12. At least Revell got some hold of Preiser figures, I was told that their line of pilot figures was a joint cooperation with Preiser. I think I have used so far at least 4 of their sets and still have 3 sets stored for later.... As for modern vehicles: I enjoy the list of things to come from asian producers like Modelcollect or others. I recently built the Modelcollect M1001 with Pershing and was VERY pleased with the quality of the parts. HAJO
  13. I accidently stumbled over this....: https://www.whatifmodellers.com/index.php?topic=37387.0 Great, I think I will rob the stash at my parents home with all the sins I produced as a small boy and turn it into something similar! HAJO
  14. I think your vendor is not the problem, Preiser is! I entertained myself a couple of (already!) years ago by writing Preiser emails, asking for set 72544 (sitting modern GIs, I even know the # by heart!!), and always got the reply "next quarter of the year"! I even sent the follow-on-emails with a quote of my initial question and their answer... I also got the feedback by several of my shops and vendors in Germany that they don´t order anymore from Preiser, and instead just wait to some sets miracolously appear one day. Ordering things from Preiser seems like shouting against a wall, and with exactly the same result. I´m very disappointed about this policy as well, since I love their figures and use them very often for crews, passengers, gunners, and so on. The figures are also among the best you can get in this scale, and would most likely sell like sliced bread. However, for reasons unknown (and in contradiction to anything you´d thought to know about capitalism and the laws of a free market), Preiser seems to be perfectly fine with NOT delivering and selling goods people would love to pay money for. Hard to believe these folks are from Germany... HAJO
  15. Exactly my thoughts! Boooah, what an ugly pig! HAJO
  16. My "GrowLear" is ready for business, expect some electric sparks, followed by a Shrike anytime soon! Yeah, the last summers have been quite hot, even for german standards... Last few days fortunately have been a bit more relaxed... It was not easy to fit the stores under the wing, but I was able to squeaze them in: The old AGM-45 Shrike is mounted on one side: More pictures here in the WIP: HAJO
  17. Thank you, guys! Yes, that´s a Hansajet, a very fine model by Sova-M. I can really recommend it! HAJO
  18. Yeah, the last summers have been quite hot, even for german standards... Last few days fortunately have been a bit more relaxed... It was not easy to fit the stores under the wing, but I was able to squeaze them in: The old AGM-45 Shrike is mounted on one side: An ALQ-119 on the other side: And the whole perspective: "Porcupine"! Slick! The markings are very spare on this bird and show only a registration: Comparison with a LearJet 35: And a HansaJet HFB-320: HAJO
  19. Very cool, even reflective belts for the ground crews! HAJO
  20. Added the second grey, Revell 57: Summer has hit us now, we have over 34 degrees celsius over the day and the house is hot. When I put on the lights in the evening, bugs and flies come, because I have the doors open to get some cooler air... I don´t like these hot summers here, I was born at the coast... HAJO
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