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  1. I´m planning to do an AV-8B in 1/72. Since I like the new Airfix-kits, I´d love to simply use one of their British Harriers and convert it into an AV-8B. Possible without bigger changes or completely nuts? HAJO
  2. I converted the Revell Seaking into a SH-3H, using spare parts from the Fujimi kit: Maybe my WIP helps a bit. HAJO
  3. Monogram in 1/48 does not include the dual Sidewinder-rails. HAJO
  4. Now I´m getting asked if I want to download the homepage when I try to access aircraftresourcecenter.com. Message says "You want to open the following file: Type: text/x-server-parsed-html (214 KB)".... HAJO
  5. Happy birthday! Thank you for making this spot so valuable and interesting for years now! HAJO
  6. This was another project for a collegue and friend of mine - the guy with the interest in strategic weapon systems... 😉 During current research he had learned about the project "High Virgo", an Air Launched Ballistic Missile that has been tested from a B-58. Best is to watch this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OVtosAjWUvY The build of this relative old kit was plain and simple, I used Caracal Decals to have markings for the test airframe of Convair. Great decals, I have to say! As you can see, we realized a "flying configuration". 😉 The "High Virgo"-missile is scratchbuilt from a 1/48 Sparrow and a 1/288 Booster of the Space Shuttle. Cotton was used for the rocket smoke, which of course is not fully realistic - the original missile had a different appearence due to the temperatures and speeds, but it sure highlights the whole idea! And the best shot as last! HAJO
  7. Cool, Broncos! Will watch with interest! HAJO
  8. That´s a great idea for a display, and very well executed! HAJO
  9. I´m sure the kit is sooooo 70ies, but you made a great model! HAJO
  10. Some pictures of my recently finished MH-65D Dolphin by Dreammodel in 1/72. Overall I was quite pleased with the kit, although there are some things that either don´t make sense, or have only minor details, or are simply missing. The construction phase was quite nice, I added some stuff in the cabin to give it a crowded look: Since I didn´t had a M14 rifle, I simply used a German G3, which looks quite the deal in this small scale. For the M240 I ordered some aftermarket stuff by Miniworld that really impressed me: OKB Grigorov provided the sniper rifle: Pilots were added and the fuselage halves closed, but at that point I noticed the Dolphin was a tail-sitter. To counter that, I added a a small lead ball (fishing weight) that I disguised as some sort of buoy, seen here behind the pilots seat: Another close-up of the now painted M240: A search-light had to be added from the spare box: You can also see here the wheels, which have no details at all, and the floatation devices. These didn´t come with the kit, I simply cut out some thin paper in the correct size and glued it on the hull. A "bungee cord" for stabilizing the M82 was done with an elastic thread: Decals were fine and good to use, although the sheet misses the white stripes below the cabin and front doors. And if you are doing the "white" USCG-version (Retro-scheme), you won´t have the red diagonal stripe for the tail... Anyway, pictures of the finished model: HAJO
  11. Oh, I had that experience when they showed The Rocky Horror Picture Show at my university! People dressed up, rice throwing, water pistol shooting, singing, dancing... It was a blast! So, we Germans can do that, too... But not too often. It´s not serious then, and we do feel uncomfortable. 😄 HAJO
  12. Just a curious question from a German Guy: Do you US guys applaud in movies a lot? Never experienced that in Germany, propably because we know the actors can´t hear the applause and - in typical german efficiency fashion - just go home. (Of course we do applaud in a real theater with a stage, where the cast comes out for applause after the play). HAJO
  13. Maybe it would have worked without additional weight - I tested while I still ddin´t hat the rotor and the front window attached. Maybe they would have had enough weight, but I didn´t want to take any risk here. HAJO
  14. They are. The G3 that mimics a M14 in the cabin is from a Preiser German Bundeswehr Set. The M82 is from OKB Grigorov and the M240 from Miniworld. Both were worth every penny! HAJO
  15. My MH-65D is finished, I´m just posting a link to the latest posting in my german WIP-thread, don´t want to hijack tgoetz build: https://modellboard.net/index.php?topic=63075.msg972877#msg972877 I will do a separate entry in the galery here as soon as I have the opportunity to take some pictures outside. HAJO
  16. Good observation, I just checked my (few) pictures and saw that shortened window only on the port-side. Anyway, I´m pretty far now with the model and will hopefully be able to complete it the coming week. HAJO
  17. I´m leaving it away, although I have a picture of a specific BuNo (6564) that has is. I also noticed that some aircraft had "long" lower front windows, while others have "short" ones. HAJO
  18. That antenna-looking thingie on the rotorhead - what is that and why do some have it and some don´t? HAJO
  19. Do you happen to have any close-ups on the port-side searchlight? HAJO
  20. I think you´re confusing it with the Italeri F-14D. https://www.scalemates.com/kits/italeri-1202-grumman-f-14a-tomcat--268102 AFAIK this is the only Bombcat in town, at least Hobbyboss never had something similar in their boxes, I built the A, B and D. HAJO
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