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  1. Hi. Just curious how did you get your new local tracking number ? I just checked my account on Luckymodel site and no new update. Tracking number still shows the one to the Kansas office. Thank you. Thanh
  2. Dear Raymond, Thank you for the quick clarification. Really appreciate it. Thanh
  3. Hi. Has anyone ordered the GWH A-10 kit sent out on the first batch from LuckyModel and received the kit here is the US ? My order shows a UPS tracking number and it is out for delivery in Topeka, Kansas when I am located in California. Thank you. Thanh Huynh
  4. Squadron webpage shows they are taking pre-orders for some KittyHawk 1/32 scale kits. I guess Kitty Hawk is back in business ? 🤔 Thanh Huynh
  5. Hi. If you have any left over or unused decals from the 1/48Eduard A6M2/M3 series then I am interested in buying them for my overtrees kit. Thank you. Thanh Huynh
  6. Hi Mike, USAF decals received today. Thank you very much. Thanh
  7. Hi Everyone. I am looking for the "USAF" decals on the top right and lower left wings of an F-86F-30 in 1/48 scale. If you happen to have spare ones, extra left over from your built kits, please let me know to purchase them. Thank you. Thanh Huynh
  8. Hello Dai, Thanks for the reply and the tip. Once i have a replacement set of decal for the bottom part of the wings then i will follow your suggestion. The area I have issues with it has 4 bumps with various sizes as pictured below. I was able to remove the decal by applied some Solvaset to soften the decal again after it dried and removed with masking tape. Some stubborn area, i had to use to a toothpick to scratch it off. Now I have to retouch the area with paint ☹️ Thanh Huynh
  9. Hi Curt, That's what I did. Been watching lot of video about building kits on youtube and i followed the tips. I touched up the roundelle with Solvaset every couple hours but it did not help. Will have to order a set of WW2 RAF insignia and will give it another try. Thank you for the reply and tip. Thanh Huynh
  10. Hi everyone. Just wondering if there is any tips or workaround to set decals on the bottom portion on a 1/48 scale Spitfire wings. The bottom surface of the wings is not even as it has holes and couple bumps. I used Solvaset to soften the decals for the round RAF insignia and when it dried, it has some break lines and wringles around it. Beside painting the insignia, is there a workaround ? Thank you. Thanh Huynh
  11. Hi Ed, I take the A-10 Heavenly Hogs set if it is available. Thank you. Thanh Huynh
  12. Hi Nebbor & Spook498, A forum member is sending me his unused spare parts so it looks like I will be good to finish my kit. If still needed down the road then I will let you know. Thank you for reaching out. Thanh Huynh
  13. Hi. I lost them during a move last year. I am looking for replacement for the pylon to mount the missile launcher on the most outer pylon. I have the Hasegawa F-18E, kit number 09736. They are part numbers C8 to C11 as listed in the instruction sheet below, step 12. https://www.scalemates.com/products/img/7/7/9/186779-11-instructions.pdf If you have spare ones and not being used then I would like to buy them from you to finish this kit. Thank you. Thanh Huynh
  14. Hi Niels, Any unit will do. Thanks for checking. Thanh
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