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  1. I bet there would be several builders who would love to get their hands on a new issue of the CT-114 kit. I'd order a few for sure! Put my request in early for Christmas! 😉
  2. These are kits that I presently have that I am looking forward to building. The Hobbycraft kits are not the greatest regarding details and accuracy; Belcher Bits is a much more detailed resin kit of this aircraft. I think I will be doing a lot of scratch building to get the details right with Hobbycraft kits. I have two of the Hobbycraft 'Snowbird' kits and one of the 'RCAF Tutor' kits from Hobbycraft. Found a good supplier of the paint (apparently colour-matched to the RCAF Snowbirds colours)... Now, the hunt for a few good decal sets!
  3. Yup, I think have nailed it with that font! Thank you very much sir. Let me know if you ever produce a current Snowbird livery decal set in 1/48 scale! Would line up for that pre-order for sure! Cheers!
  4. thanks for letting me know about the Snowbird font ('MVB Mascot') for the canopy crew lettering on the Snowbirds CT-114. I think you are right and nailed the font. I have 3 of the Hobbycraft 1/48 scale kits in my stash that I am looking forward to building; along with a vintage Belcher resin Snowbird kit (also in 1/48 scale). I see the kits out there on ebay every now and then. That's where I found mine. No current Snowbird livery decals exist unless someone makes a custom one from scratch. The Belcher decal set for the birds is long out of print and has been very hard to find. That decal set
  5. Very true about the Belcher decal sheets. It still needs modification to do up to 2017 Snowbird aircraft livery. Best one that I have found currently. Still need to make some custom decals to make my kit more detailed... any thoughts or recommendations/suggestions about the font used for the script below the canopy for the pilot name and aircraft technician name ?
  6. Does anyone know what the font used on the current RCAF Snowbirds CT-114 aircraft for the pilot's name and the aircraft technician's names below the canopy is? Is there a close True Type font out there for it? I am working on a couple of Snowbirds CT-114 1/48 scale models and wanted to get a little more detailed with the paint/decals on them. The Belcher decal sheets (if you can still find them) are great: but don't have any decals for the pilot names and their aircraft technician names. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!
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