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  1. FrereLeO

    Capitole Kit Club

    Hi, I would like to present you our new models club website: www.ckclub.org And here are news from August: Models Builds: * MS406 de JP * M50 de Laurent * P-51A de Serge * Nieuport 17 d'Adrien * F-105 de Philippe Walkarounds: * Dodge Ambulance * M26 Pacific * M727 MIM-23 Hawk Hope you will like it. Regards Philippe
  2. FrereLeO

    Su-25 Monogram 1/48

    Thanks for your comments. It was my first idea. But after to have finished the build, I thought it was a pity to hide the work. Sorry John. I didn’t paid attention when I posted the pics. Cheers
  3. FrereLeO

    Su-25 Monogram 1/48

  4. FrereLeO

    Su-25 Monogram 1/48

    Hi, here are some pics :
  5. FrereLeO

    Su-25 Monogram 1/48

    Hi gentlemen and thanks for your kind words. Sorry for the delay but I didn't receive notification email I'll try to put photos of finished model, ASAP Good choice. The OEZ model is more accurate and I think the build will be easier. My pleasure, Kresimir Have you received the documentation ? Cheers Philippe
  6. FrereLeO

    EE/BAC Lightning F.6

    I have rarely seen a work brought to perfection like that. :( I'm admiring in the face of finesse and precision of your build. It is a great time of modelling. Hats off, sir. :P
  7. FrereLeO

    IAF EF-112I "Thunder"

    Superb and imaginative. :( I like it.
  8. FrereLeO

    Mig-21 MF Trumpeter 1/32

    Really impressive build :( The explanations of your process are very clear and useful. Thanks to share them with us :P
  9. FrereLeO

    PZL23 "KARAS" 1/48

    Merci Pat. Et encore perfectible. ;-) Aplus
  10. FrereLeO

    PZL23 "KARAS" 1/48

    In situation, with some accessories : See you soon, with a Mirage 2000c Eduard build.
  11. FrereLeO

    PZL23 "KARAS" 1/48

    The mast was scratchbuilt. It doesn’t exist in the box . The clear parts are very thin and it’s not “a piece of cake†to glue them in place :
  12. FrereLeO

    PZL23 "KARAS" 1/48

    Hello, first, I wish you an happy New Year. I used a brush soaked in Mig’s pigment diluted with turpentine. This build is finished. The weathering around the cockpit was made with very diluted paint and Mig’s pigment :
  13. FrereLeO

    PZL23 "KARAS" 1/48

    A little bit of silvering Bye
  14. FrereLeO

    PZL23 "KARAS" 1/48

    Thanks. I use a ball cutter. Then I polish the plastic to round the corners. End of the weathering of underwing :
  15. FrereLeO

    PZL23 "KARAS" 1/48

    To finish, the washes. Payne's Grey for the engraved lines, Sepia for the shadows et Raw Umber for the flaps and horizontal stabiliser : Bye