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  1. Thank you all for your entries into this, the second Super Suckers group built! I've had a browse through the Completed Builds Gallery and chosen my five favourite builds. Now, It's time for you to vote for your favourite to win one of Victory Models' 1/32 A-7 or new 1/32 F-8 sheets. The winner of the vote will get to choose their sheet, and the remaining sheet will be allocated by random draw. Voting will close at 0:00 BST on 22nd May 2010 In no particular order, the voting options are: 1) THX1138's VA-22 Camo A-7 http://www.arcforums.com/forums/air/index....t&p=1976265 2) Pete W
  2. Of course you can! The more the merrier :(
  3. You can all join, of course - no permission needed!
  4. If you want to offer a raffle prize, please drop a quick post in here - it would be hugely appreciated! Anything would be welcomed with open arms, from a 1/24 B-36 to some old sprue. :wub:
  5. Dunno! I'm a moderator on another forum so I'm pretty sure I haven't pressed something I shouldn't have! Anyway, opened again now.
  6. Right, the Group Build is now open! The subforum is here!
  7. Shamelessly stolen from the previous Suckers GB, but here they are: 1) Only 25% or Unstarted kits will be allowed to enter the GB. 2) All models must be an A-7 or a F-8. 3) All models must be completed within the the two dates set. 4) Any Era of A-7 and F-8's will be allowed. 5) Any User of the A-7/F-8 will be allowed. 6) What If's are allowed. 7) No restrictions on scale, aftermarket or scratch. 8) You can build as many models as you like. That's it! Happy Building
  8. If you have any banners you've put together and would be happy for other members to use, drop them in here!
  9. Got some photos of the real deal to show off, or need to request a close-up for reference? Post away!
  10. Come on then, what are you all going to be building?
  11. Let's see your completed builds! No more than six photos per model please.
  12. As the title, post here any previously completed A-7/F-8 builds for inspirational purposes!
  13. Apparamtly the phone made by Apple is auto-corrected by the filter, sorry!
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