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  1. That navy at one time used a color known as True Blue, perhaps this is the color that was used. I'm thinking that someone produced this color once, however the name of the company eludes me.
  2. Crutchfield uses biodegradable packing peanuts for shipping, they dissolve in water, perhaps that same material, whatever it is, could be used to make something to enclose the parts trees.
  3. I have one of those, along with the Monogram F-84F Thunderstreak that has 'UASF' on the tail. Coincidentally (or, perhaps not) the same artist.
  4. Just a WAG. AIM-7Fs and AIM-9Ls, grey bodies on both, the Sparrows could have black fins.
  5. Found another Badger 250 airbrush to add to the others. Now four airbrushes, still the same price.
  6. Three airbrushes for sale, a Badger 200, Paasche H#3 and a Testors Aztek with two extra heads and cleaning station. $75 plus shipping for all.
  7. Nice F-4, as is all your work. I happen to be the one who coined the term "Phantomness", by the way.
  8. I have some of the KANG decal sheets that were inspected and culled by Ben Backes, the 184th shields are very slightly out of register, however the other markings are usable. Let me know if you would like one.

    1. B-ONE27


      Hi, thanks for the kind offer , are they the HILL gray markings?


    2. silverkite211


      Yeah, Hill Grey, Euro 1, wrap around SEA. Includes noseart.

  9. That happened to be me, thank you very much. To my eye the Monogram kit just seems to capture the spirit, the "essence" of the actual aircraft very well. Sure the kit is dated and can use some work to bring it up to a proper state, however that's alright with me.
  10. Actually, during the AIMVAL/ACEVAL trials, F-15s and F-14s would engage in dogfights "off the record" while returning to base at the end of an exercise. During the exercise Tomcats were not allowed to use their entire suite of ECM, etc, however the pilots of both services agreed, during these "lets see what we can really do" engagements that all bets were off, that everything available to use was fair game. During those engagements the Tomcats consistently came out the victor. This was reported in either Wings or Airpower magazine, I can't recall which.
  11. Here's how she looks today, many, many, MANY years later. The decals have held up well, I think.
  12. I built that kit many years ago, using the kit decals for the aircraft based at Sosterburg. They still look fine, even after all this time, all I did at the time was wipe away the excess decal setting solution while I was pressing the decal down firmly onto the surface. Give the decals sufficient time to fully cure, the white disappears completely. I can't recall if I used any setting solution, I do know that I glossed the surface before applying the decals and dull coated it after they had fully cured.
  13. I used the Seamless Suckers ADF tail and bird slicers, along with his seamless intake, to make this.
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