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  1. Just in case You guy's run dry, let me chip in a new word... Is that KISMET I'm reading... "Check Six....." Spooky. (Sorry, didn't mean to interfere...)
  2. Sounds good my friend. Seems You allready made the right choices. I'm sure You & Your wife will have a great time. One small tip. (probably not neccessary since You've alreay been to Japan Yourself before...) Before You set off, make sure to learn something regarding their culture. I found out that the little things I knew & put into practise worked miracles !!! Things that I'm reffering to are: * make sure to have business cards on You * hand things over, holding them with two hand's * accept things using two hand's * make sure You understand their "bow-ritual" * etc., etc.. As
  3. Thank You once again my friend. Rest assure I will return. In the meantime You'll have to rely on those others though from time to time. Never-the-less, You know how to contact me whenever You're in need... Godspeed to You as well my friend. I shall return. "Check Six....." Spooky.
  4. Hi Tomcat Trebor, thanx again for pitching in & once again thanx for Your nice comment. As for the mark which You've given me: WOW, what can I say...??? I can hardly believe I'm worthy of that... Maybe I should tell some people real close to me to have a good look at all the nice comments You guy's are posting over here regarding littlo 'ol me... As for my future... Only the god's know what's written in my book of life my friend. Part of me feels sad that I'm not able to take a peak from time to time. Another part of me knows that it would not be right to do so, though. We have to play
  5. Hi there JMan, thank You for Your nice comment. I'm glad I have been able to be of some service. "Check Six....." Spooky.
  6. Ahhh, one of my first and maybe even best friends of ARC... Thanx for Your wise word's my friend. Couldn't have put it any better & I'll take them to heart (as You know I often/mostly do). Furthermore, Your comment lifts my spirits as it indicates that I've been able to get my point accross exactly the way I intended. Logging off will probably be one of the hardest thing to do & I'm not looking forward to it, yet it's something I feel I have to do right now. However, I don't mean to upset anyone or make them worry about me. I'll return some day. Maybe I'll have changed a bit but in ge
  7. WHOOPS !!!!! Sorry GVoakes...!!! For some reason I inadvertedly missed commenting on Your post. Truly sorry for that !!! Firts, thank You for Your comment & nice of You to chip in as well. Welcome aboard my friend !!! For some reason I thought I'd allready answered but apperently I only did so inside my head... Anyway, nice reading Your going to Japan & that You will be preparing a travel-guide simular as the one I showed in my trip-report. As a matter of fact... You've just reminded me of something !!! I've been to Japan back in 2006 & after I returned I've sworn I would one d
  8. Hey Dude, the honor is all mine my friend !!! It's me that has been blessed, having a bunch of "unknow" friends that have taken the time to keep track of my where-abouts... Rest assure though, I've been arround this funny blue marbel for quite some years now. She's brought me a lot of interresting adventures, given me millions of beautifull memories, shown me a lot of "ugly" places and even has smacked me on the head quite a few times... (And I'm telling You, that realy hurt's...!!!!!) Never-the-less, if I had to do it all over again I wouldn't want to have it any other way (well okay, exce
  9. Hi there once again HOLMES, and once again thank You very much for Your kind comment. I realy enjoyed the company of all of You as well during my trip & I sure hope that I can count on it again once I set of for yet another adventure. As You have been able to read that make take some time though since I've got some "stuff" to sort out. Rest assure though, allthough I won't be on ARC as often as I use to be I'll allways think about all of You since You're all locked into my heart. As for "Mari nanie mithi Indian Rani", I hope that she may inspire all of You as she will inspire me for man
  10. Part.3 (“Contemplating…â€Â) Well, You guy’s probably thought this part would never show up… For those that haven’t lost interest and which are also taking the time to read this final part: I feel honored !!! As the “subtitle†might suggest, I would like to take some time to contemplate on thing’s in life which all of us experience from day to day in regular life. Besides the fact that I feel a strange urge to put in this final part I also feel like it’s the right thing to do. First of all…: • Aigore • ALF18 Ã
  11. Part.2 (“The verdict…â€Â) Time to move on to “Part.2†& as promised I will give my final verdict regarding China. To keep it short I can tell You guy’s that China is probably worth between 8.5 and 9+ on a scale from 1 to 10. OK, so that’s the short version of things but what is probably more interesting is to hear the motive behind the grade. Well, that might take some more time to sum up so for those interested: grab Yourself a refill of whatever it is Your drinking and: Sit back, relax & enjoy… To start off with: it’s a well kno
  12. Part.1 (“Interlude of an ending…â€Â) Well Guy’s & Gall’s, guess it’s time for a final Update. This one will be divided into 3 parts for Your convenience. In “Part 1†I’ll tell You guy’s something about my last day’s in China & my flight back home, including all the “nasty†thing’s life was able to throw at me… In “Part 2†I will take some time to write down my “final verdict†in regard to China. In the last part, (yes, that will be titled “Part 3â€Â) I’ll
  13. WOW, how appropriate would that be..."planes" !!! :P "Check Six....." Spooky.
  14. Hi Aigore, how nice of You to drop a line !!!!! I hope You've been able to enjoy some R&R in Finland my friend. Sure am flattered to read Your comments... If there are any pic's I can please You with, just let me know. I'll send You some hi-res copy's which You can make soem quality prints from to adorn Your wall's. Sure would feel honored !!! If You decide to do so, please shoot me an e-mail via private e-mail address. (Won't be around ARC that often in the future...) Next update is about to come on-line. Most of it will be written text but I'm sure You will enjoy it anyway so stay tu
  15. Hi there Yufei, how nice of You to pitch in. Boy, too bad I didn't know You work at the SWFC !!! Sure would have been nice to just drop in for a minute and just say "Hi"... Oh well, who knows. Maybe next time. Nice to read You've been enjoying the pictures I've posted & yes, I guess it's true that You tend to look at every-day stuff differently once You've seen tem through the "eyes of a stranger"... "Check Six....." Spooky.
  16. Hi there my friend, I would like to appologize for not getting Your "tactial" right but I had to do it by heart. I knew the right letters but I wasn't quite sure if I placed them in the right order. Sorry dude... As for Your guidance regarding the possibilities of modellingshops in Shanghai. I saw Your list on ARC and copied it down. I would like to stress that it was very usefull, especialy since I'm very sure that the place I visited would have taken years to find !!! While looking at the list You've so kindly provided I only had "written information" to guide me and I was triggered by Yo
  17. Hi Angels49, Nice of You to pitch in. Yeah, that "bird" in black sure was something else wasn't she...???!! ;) As for seeing those old Delta's still doing their thing... Oh man, what else can I say than that I feel a VERY fortunate man to see those old ladies still hitting the circuit when they came in after yet another mission. If You take a close look You ought to see some Maverick's hanging on the L/H inboard station. Albeit probably just a training round, still looking very juice.. Say Angels, as for something completely different: I read Your explanation regarding Your condition
  18. WOW, now that's some interresting additional info. Thanx for pitching that in Sim Fixer. "Check Six....." Spooky.
  19. Thanx AK-47 !!! Truly nice to read You like them. I'm honoured by Your comment... "Check Six....." Spooky.
  20. Thank You my friend. Just saw that this thread was "revived"... Nice to read You like the shot's "Check Six....." Spooky.
  21. Yepp, I'm positive !!! It's for real: Spooky has obtained a true fan on ARC !!! Hi there Holmes, just teasing You there for a bit but it's just soo funny to see You pop up on my threads. And yes: I saw the mighty Phantom soar once again. And may I point out to You: F-4D !!! (Sorry but I'm still sooo impressed by those bird's, even after over 6 month's) "Check Six....." Spooky.
  22. You're welcome my friend !!! I'm glad to read You've enjoyed all of it. "Check Six....." Spooky.
  23. Well, well HOLMES..... You devil !!! It almost sounds as if the two of us are alike... I'm glad to read You've enjoyed it so much & hope that You'll enjoy my next trip just as much (or possibly even more). That is: if I make it to India... Thank You once again for Your sweet comments. I feel honoured.... "Check Six....." Spooky.
  24. You might be wondering what I was doing there… Well, couldn’t resist a Royal Elevation leak at nearly 1500 Ft now could I… (Yeah Mike, I know: I nicked that shot. But hey…) Well, my friends: That wraps it up pretty neatly don’t You agree ? Leaves me with only two more pic’s to show. You might remember what I wrote regarding my “travelling-guideâ€Â. Here is a nice example of what happened to me nearly every day… Aren’t they cute ? OK, time to wrap it it now. Spooky is pretty exhausted & is going to call it a day. Last p
  25. OK, finally it’s time for the main-event of the 27th. Of course it was just my luck to have awe full weather, but hey: “You can’t win ‘em all now, can You…†Maybe it was even better this way since I’ve seen hardly any blue sky over shanghai while is there. Whenever the temps were up really high, the sky was filled with smog. Besides, even though the weather was pretty poor, it sure was an amazing experience to be up amongst the clouds “without leaving groundâ€Â. You don’t have a chance to experience that too often, now do You…??
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