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  1. Great build, neat markings!
  2. Gotta love the Mudhen, man is this a great build!!
  3. Any difference between the Revell and Revell Germany F-15E in 1/48? Is this actually the same kit? Also do they still produce the Pro Modeler Version with all of the ordinance? Thanks, Jason
  4. Do all of the Israeli F-15C' have the feathered exhaust, or would there be a chance that some have featherless exhaust? Wanting to do a Tamiya 1/32 F-15C using all kit parts without aftermarket for a change. Like the look of the featherless anyway. Thanks for any insight, Jason Brown
  5. I live in the US and am trying to find a 1/72 Revell F-16B for the isracase Sufa conversion. Anyone have any ideas, I'm out of luck trying to find one. Thanks, Jason Brown
  6. Still talking about my 1/32 Tamiya F-14A first release. Have the option? of the Avionix or Aires pits. Which if either have a better fit to them? Are both mostly accurate? Any other opinions for this bird o' mine? Thanks AGAIN...:huh: Jason
  7. I'm looking for a canopy paint mask for a 1/48 Hasegawa f-14B. I see eduard makes them for the F-14A and D models. Is there a difference in Hasagawa canopies for the A,B and D models or will a A mask work on a B ect? Thanks for any assistance. Was going to use the color Eduard instrument panel but also only in the A and D models. Will probably use the Aires or Black Box pits on this build? Thanks, Jason
  8. Thank you for all of the assistance!! Jason Brown
  9. What years would this Tomcat kit represent? Thank you again Jason Brown
  10. I have been offered a 1/32 Tamiya F-14A kit #6301 from a friend for about $90.00. Been wanting one for awhile now, however I can only find the prices on the 1994 version. Are the original kit and the 1994 version have a major difference. Is this a resonable price for the kit? I am wanting to build an A model air to air only, no bombcats. As far as decals go I have not decided what to use yet, if I purchase the kit. Any assistance or advice would be greatly recieved. Thanks Jason Brown
  11. I LIKEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Building my second 1/32 F/A-18C from Academy. Having a decal and armerment mental block! Decals not that big of deal, however my first bird is out fitted with smart bombs and sidewinders. This bird I want something along the lines of fleet air defense? Mainly/totally air to air. Any photos out their to assist of a bird in this configuration? Not finding many myself, wondering if the Hornet C model was positioned in this role much? As for time period, not an issue. Anything from the early 90' to present for me with the decal option. Thank you for any assistance available, Jason Brown
  13. Wondering if I have to use the Revell F-16B Kit for the 1/72 IsraCast converstion for the F-16I? Can the Hasegawa F-16D be used as a substatute? Any suggestions, advise? Thanks, Jason Brown
  14. Wondering, having never built one, if the Academy 1/35 AH-1W NTS updated? version would build into an accurate version using the eduard photo etch kit? Any opinions on this one. I don't forsee any AH-1' coming out in the near future. I would love to see an AH-1F/S in 1/35, that would be the shiznit. Thanks, Jason Brown
  15. Wondering if the new 1/32 P-51D Early Mustang by Dragon is any better than their first one? Any difference, fixes ect? Same kit? Any advice would be well recieved. Thanks, Jason Brown
  16. Looking for the best out of the box builds on the A-10A, F-15E and F-16C. Wanting to build a trio of all three. I have the Has 1/72 F-15C, good build altogether with that one. Thanks, Jason Brown
  17. Doesn't matter, just looking for an accurate build that takes the least amount of conversion (FUNDS) to do.
  18. What mods would be necessary to turn the Academy 1/32 F-16CJ into an IAF F-16. Can one be built straight out of the box, minus the decals? If not is there a conversion available. Wanting to build one obviously. Thanks in advance. Jason Brown
  19. 10-4 fellas, will do with the Hornet D model. Thanks for the assistance. I am suffering from modelers block!!haha. Thanks, Jason
  20. Little bit of a bind, would like both the 1/32 Tamiya F-15C and Academy Hornet D model but can't afford. Which of these two in opinion only makes the better kit? Got an itch to build a 1/32 kit but can't decide. Not finding alot of reviews for the F-15? Thanks, Jason
  21. Wanting to build, but in the process of researching airfields for a Corsair Diorama. I have a 1/48 Tamiya F4U-1A on the way with intentions of purchasing a second along with O scale shacks, Tamiya/Hasegawa Jeeps and equipment for a roaring 1/48 PTO diorama with palms, sand ect. My question is about airfield surfaces. Were they all PSP or were there asphalt/concrete/rock/coral ect? I suppose I could purchase some 1/48 psp but the diorama will be 16" x 20" (alot of photoetch psp). Any suggestions or offerings for reference site with photos of just the airfields or airfields with a/c on them
  22. 1st. In 1/72 are the Revell and Italari MH-47E kits the same? If not which proves to be the better more accurate kit? 2nd. The Italari 1/48 new CH-47C, Does this new release come with weapons? .50 cal ect? Will there be a 1/48 MH-47E in the future? Thank you, Jason Brown
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