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    1/32 P-51D

    I'm am currently building 3 1/32 Hasegawa P-51D Mustangs also using Blue Nosed Birds of Bodney decals. While not a bad kit you can definately see the age of this kit while building it. Are there any rumors, news etc of a new 1/32 P-51D out there in model land? Just wondering, Jason
  2. stsok9

    1/32 P-51D Decals

    Wondering what decals come in the 1/32 P-51D From hasegawa' Man O' War and Checker Tail releases. Thank you for your assistance. Jason Brown
  3. Hello, I am interested in building a P-51D Mustang in 1/32 scale. What is the general opinion of the Hasegawa kit. Are all of the releases the same minus decals? Does it build into an accurate representation of the Mustang? What is the ease of build? Thank you for any opinions or helpful hints you can give, Jason Brown
  4. I just can't decide and need some opinions for my case of modelers block. I have started a diorama featuring an EE Lightning in 1/48 from Grand Phoenix. I need opinions for a second aircraft to be displayed next to my lightning. This is a large diorama featuring a section of flight line/taxiway ect. Can't seem to decide what to park next to this puppy. For those who have seen this beast in its natural state (in England) what would look normal aside the Lightning? Thanks for any opinions, Jason Brown
  5. Wondering if any F-15C were painted in the Air Superiority Blue Scheme or was it only F-15A's? Also what year(s) was this paint scheme discontinued? Thank you for any assistance available. Jason Brown
  6. Wanting opinions for the best build in 1/48 concerning the British Tornado and Jaguar kits. I am wanting a couple of British birds to place next to my Grand Phoenix EE Lightning. Thank you for your assistance and opinions. Jason Brown
  7. Wondering if there are any 1/48 USAF European Squadron F-15C decals available. Also do any of the 1/48 F-15C kits from Hasegawa, Revell, Academy ect. have decals for European theater F-15C's? Thanks for any assistance available. Jason Brown
  8. Wanting to build both a 1/72 B-17G and B-29A. Wondering which are the most accurate of each in 1/72. Have some expirence building in 1/72 so thats not a worry however I do like to have an accurate build in the end. Thank you for your assistance and opinions, Jason Brown
  9. BEAUTIFUL!! Wonderfully done!! Very nice indeed :blink: JB
  10. Excellent indeed. Wonderful job!! Jason Brown
  11. AWSOME!!! Very nice indeed Jason Brown
  12. Excellent build very nice job indeed!!! Jason Brown
  13. Unbelievable, Wonderful diorama and what a subject to boot!! The master indeed.
  14. Wonderful Job, interested in building one myself!! EYE CANDY
  15. stsok9

    F/A-18 C

    Awsome job, looks great!!
  16. I have just awoke from passing out!!! STUNNING!! Speachless
  17. stsok9

    1/32 Hawg

    Gotta love the HOG, very nice
  18. BEAUTIFUL, Love the markings!!!
  19. Sweet Job, After looking at this build now I want one!!! Very nice!
  20. Totally awsome job on this baby!!!
  21. Wondering how the Fujimi 1/48 AH-1S rates against the monogram offering? Thank you Jason Brown
  22. Wondering if there has been any thought by manufactures in reference to marketing a 1/35 AH-1F or even a AH-1G Cobra helicopter. More interested in the F model but am a Cobra fan no mater what model. Thank you for your time and efforts, Jason Brown
  23. VERY Nice!! Can't wait to get started on mine now!!! Looks great
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