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  1. Still can't see the darn pics whats going on can someone help out here please Clive
  2. Are you referring to the 48 kits or the new 1/32 kit. Clive
  3. Hi there I'd love to be able to comment but I'm not seeing the photos at all, I've tried reloading but nothing so I guess this ones going to get missed. Clive
  4. Hi all I've just finished this Revell 1/32 Arado A196. Clive
  5. man she's not finished its a real shame as she was to go inside a coffee table but I live in hope she'll be done one day. Clive
  6. This looks very sweet indeed I would love to have a more modern cat. I have the VF-84 version it was bloody awful looked like a leopard with the dodgy paint job. But I converted it to VF211 CAG bird and she now sits in my loft. This is her at a model show some years ago at RAF Hendon she caused quite a stir. Clive
  7. Hi Thomo thanks for your interest, this is her on the bench she never made the model show. I hope to have her done soon but your rite Airfix have gone and done a super job on this kit. Clive
  8. Hi all I have not been at this for a while, it seems like this year has not got off to a great start as we lost our unborn child, I had an accident at work and its got that bad that I'm not able to do a great deal I'm hoping for a speedy recovery but I have been informed by my GP that elbow injuries can take a while to heal. Any road I have made a bit of progress where I can I'm hoping that I will have her done for the model show this weekend at Hornchurch in Essex. Anyway on with the show. Well she now has paint on her and I must say I'm quite pleased on how she's come out. The c
  9. Hi all thanks for your interest in this build, I've had a go at finishing the cockpit off and so here it is the seat belts need to be added and so do the side walls but apart from a few wires this is nearly done. Here's the engine its not finished but this is where I'm at. Finally the wheel bays have been finished off. Thanks again for your interest and stopping by, till the next time. Clive
  10. Thanks David & Joel, the built tiffie is in fact a 1/72 model I have. Clive
  11. Hi all its a slow progress this one but we are getting there, I hope to have her done for the southern EXPO 2015. Still here's a look at where I am with her, first off she is now starting to look like a Typhoon, the gear bays and the seat belts are the next on the list then finish the engine and put the tail on. I thought I would add my little 1/72 Typhoon as a size comparison she's a huge bugger I must say. That's all for now thanks for your interest and see you next time. Clive
  12. Hi peeps thanks for your interest, this is all from the box baring a small amount of scratch build. Not much progress at present but here's a look of where I'm at. Thanks again for your interest till the next time. Clive
  13. Hi thanks crack and bigass heres the other gun out of the wing. Here is the wing fuel tank alongside the guns the tank was painted black then silver rub n buff was added and polished, the tanks not yet finished as it needs its sealing coat of paint. Thanks for your kind interest. Clive
  14. Hi Alf glad you approve yesterday I messed around with the guns, here are a few pics of the starboard wing guns I've just a few bits of painting to do on them and then they're good to fix in. And here is the guns in with a look at the bottom of the wing in place. Thanks again for any interest. Clive
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