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  1. When ALARMs were mounted on the Tornado belly stations an adapter fitted between the pylon and the launch rail which canted the missile downwards a few degrees: http://i178.photobucket.com/albums/w269/clkmerc/100_0101.jpg Different when fitted to the wing pylon: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:ALARM.jpeg Hope that's what you meant.
  2. The Tornado GR1B, the RAF's specialised anti-shipping variant of the GR1, were modified to carry the Sea Eagle anti-ship missile and differences from an IDS/GR1 would be minimal in 1/48. Detailed resin / photo etch 1/48 Sea Eagles (and other RAF Tornado weapons) are available from DJ Parkins models in the UK. https://www.djparkins.com/product.php?productid=17839&cat=276&page=2 Rich
  3. The 1/48 Revell IDS/GR4 nose is actually ok; the mistake people make is thinking the kit cone to fuselage join is actually the demarcation for the radome (and therefore too short) but in fact you have to fill and sand that joint line and come back to next panel line and then paint your nose cone from there... a replacement would be more work (and expense) than just filling and sanding this joint. As previously noted, Eduard are releasing "Desert Babe" a limited edition GR1 version using the Revell plastic parts (from the GR4) in Desert Storm / Operation Granby 1991 markings (8 dif
  4. The Valiant has just landed on the Hannants New Arrivals page: http://www.hannants.co.uk/search/?FULL=MACH7236 Markings for WP218 & XD812 both overall Aluminium, XD818 Christmas Island 1957, Britains first H-Bomb formerly displayed at the RAF Museum at Hendon, XD812 214 Sqn, both overall white, XD812 & XD818 camouflaged Rich
  5. These sets are available exclusively from the publishers of Model Aircraft Monthly, SAM Publications - www.sampublications.com - however they don't yet seem to be listed on their secure online ordering system. The order hotline telephone number is +44 (0)8707 333 373. TSR2 - Set 1 (Set no M720506017) £5.50 Extended Nose wheel leg & links, 4x1000lb MC bombs, 4 x standard weapon pylons TSR2 - Set 2 (Set no M720506018) £10.00 Detachable in-flight refueling probe, 1,435gallon ventral fuel tank, 2 x 450 gallon drop tanks, 2 x drop tank pylons. HTH Rich
  6. Xtradecal sheet X01148 provides markings for ZA407 / 407, a Tornado GR1 from this unit (TWCU / 45 Sqn) in 1/48 scale. This is currently available from Hannants. http://www.hannants.co.uk/search/?FULL=X01148 Hope that helps. Rich
  7. I suspect I will buy 2, but the size of a 1/72 Nimrod will probably mean I will only actually build one. I fancy an MR1 in White / Light Aircraft Grey. But then there is always the possibility of a conversion to an AEW 3... (no it will never work...). RichG
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