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  1. HB D/E kit includes, and shows in the instruction how to add the -F's Pave Tack pod and some other -F elements, although the office and cans need help.
  2. Not seeing a set for the HB -F, or am I missing something? I have the ancient Paragon can set meant for the anemic Academy "Let's pretend we're an -F" kit
  3. Yep, they all are around here. July 25th start, then two weeks each fall, Christmas, and Spring breaks. Last day Thurs before Memorial Day
  4. Superscale 48-825, seeking full sheet or partial considered if 'Hells Fire' markings are there. Will pay $15 plus USPS, I'm in USA. Mitchell modeler in Indiana
  5. Isn't so much the distance for me as it is the time of year - school has started last week of July which makes these shows a non-starter. Move to June and make it Fri & Sat only
  6. A new B-29 yeah I'm in - just not too nuts, I want only what can be seen through the windows, I hate paying for (and feeling obliged to work on) stuff that cannot be seen. For example the side observation/tracking bubbles I only want the sight (sigh). And while wishing I'd prefer ordnance options other than 500lbers, like incendiaries.
  7. metroman

    1/48 SBD-3 Midway

    Check Starfighter Decals, they have Midway specific sheets.
  8. metroman

    1/48 SBD-3 Midway

    You could, but you may want to first check period photos comparing 'midway' era SBD gun mounts vs later war SBD mounts since small details such as armor plate, sights, feed boxes -could- be different, depends on how much that matters as you could just pop it on and call it done. Detail & Scale makes a wonderful reference for the SBD I highly recommend. There's one other tip I will pass on to consider: obtain the metal gun barrels from Master DetailĀ®, they have a .30 set which include the barrel and cooling jackets (the set contains a pair). Cut off the kit injection plastic gun barrels and add these, they make an ENORMOUS improvement to this focal area of the plane. Go one step further and get the resin replacement .30 receiver portion from UltracastĀ® to mate with the metal barrels, Yowsa that would be snappy. Cheers BTW, Here's my Great Wall TBD-1 with a replacement .30 barrel from Master Detail, I added an old Eduard ring sight and ammo carrier, close enough for me (but slap my face it looks like I forgot to paint the carrier!)
  9. metroman

    1/48 SBD-3 Midway

    Hi Rob, I wish there were better news but no one offers 'just' a replacement, I wish Eduard would make the resin gem from their SBD-5 reboxing of the AM kit available separately, it looks wonderful. You'd need to make some minor edits for a mount from earlier in the war but its a moot point without being available. Short of obtaining a scrap/donor kit from another modeler and salvaging the .30s I think your out of luck. Of course should you be OK with a change of gears your kits single gun mount is correct for the USMC SBD-2s operating from Midway during the battle, provided you want to do that. Good luck
  10. Wonderful, I will be getting this. I suspect its a long shot but I'd give a good chunk of change for a WW2 Dauntless/Helldiver/Devastator gunner/radioman SEATED.
  11. Aftermarket, no. If you are in need of one for your Kate or Jill you could (1) find out how to contact Hasegawa to buy the appropriate sprue, or (2) see if someone is willing to part with the parts from their kit (don't forget the mounting parts). To determine which kit could be a 'donor' http://www.modelingmadness.com/splfeat/kr/has48a.htm
  12. OK so you asked... here is my $0.02 1. Academy F-4B/J and C/D- easy and a nice amount of refined detail, however as noted there are certain bugaboo's (as with all kits). LOVE the one piece fuselage, just watch for a tad bit of mold line flash. It defies all understanding of WHY Academy has not rolled out the F-4E years ago, that thing would be a license to print money. 2. Hasegawa - for being long in the tooth they still build reasonably well even if detail is lacking in the office, wheel wells and attaching the stabs is a pain. LOADS of resin out there to help/irritate/frustrate you should you want. Avoid the earliest releases with raised panel lines, you can do better. Their Weasel, Spey-engine, and Recce birds are really the only game in town. 3. Monogram - Eh, it gets a lot of love but I don't see it, maybe it just seems tired and coarse. Then again what do I know, maybe its a gem. I left off ZM because I have not started my F-4C yet. I -really- like the box contents, just wish they had gone the extra mile with more canopy rail detail and included more of the wiring 'clutter' between the pits. Looks like a breeze to build. It is confirmed they are bringing out a F-4E maybe next year. As far as the shape 'issue' with the aft fuselage, I'm of the opinion that is hardly a deal-breaker - fixing will not be for the faint of heart (or a light wallet), nor really necessary (since I was asked).
  13. It's easy to bypass their sequence - search for build articles, they are out there pointing out the easy step to allow the main gear to be installed later. It's literally one little stub to trim away and the struts slide right in, just anchor well during attachment and problem solved. I built two Academy F-4B's side by side when they 1st came out and spotted right away that their suggested method was a load of hooey, but lots of instructions are that way. As far as intakes I agree getting the interiors to look nice is a chore, but all the kits have that trait, I choose to pick by battles and go with FOD covers, to each their own though. Cheers
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