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  1. Nose high goes high Beware the Hun in the sun The ground has a Pk of 100 ...and in a civilian airport setting with only UNICOM service: See, and Be Seen
  2. Share the sentiment - I would go with noon given the earlier access this year. Since I only go for the swap meet the bulk-buyers COMPLETELY kill the show, and I will not return. I do see from a Sellers standpoint how this would be a jackpot, not blind to that.
  3. GO slowly when sliding the jacket over the barrel - ask me how I ruined one. Those barrels are not too tolerant 'out of parameters'. When properly put together a touch of Gators Grip holds the pieces together (on the non-exposed end). Cheers
  4. I love Tamiya fine grain putty for general work. I also use Milliput on more significant gaps, to me it contours easier than CA. Lastly Vallejo 'Plastic Putty' in the long nose tube is a gem for tight spots. Best wishes
  5. Just saw this news drop from ResKit about HB -F set https://reskit.com.ua/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=524
  6. Will make a good backup to the 2nd best paint they've been carrying for years now.
  7. Mr Color can be found at Sprue Brothers, or Hobbyworld USA - be sure to order Gunze 'Self-Leveling Thinner', or you'll be shooting cobwebs; with Mr Color go for about 1:1 ratio paint/self-leveling thinner (It should be skim milk consistency) My compressors at about 15-18 psi, and my Harder & Steenbeck Evolution airbrush has the .2mm tip with the paint flow set at 50% to start then I dial down to the width I want. Build up coats, it goes on sheer but you should consider learning 'paint-buffing' if you already don't. Mr Color also has excellent clear coats to choose from; most colors are semi-gloss which is what I prefer. Lots of instructional videos out there - best to test shoot old kits as cardboard gives deceptive results. Good luck. EDIT - one more thing, I count switching to Mr Color and doing Paint Buffing as the biggest jump in what I was turning out. And wear basic nitrile gloves when handling your model. And keep your work in a sealed box when away - dust is the enemy. Cheers
  8. Here's a good 'review' - https://doogsmodels.com/2016/09/07/airbrushing-a-deep-dive/#Part3
  9. Ditched Model Master years ago after seeing a Mr Color demo at the Columbus nationals. I was blown away by how sheer Mr Color lays, and most of their colors are semi-gloss - this makes a difference along with how much more refined the grain is vs Model Master. When MM came on the scene in the 80s I bought a ton and used them almost exclusively, but times changed and MM's comparatively coarser grain has been surpassed. Your models will benefit from the sheerer layer which doesn't obscure as much detail, and can be buffed in between coats to get an incredibly smooth surface ripe for decals and weathering. Advances in paint now show how 'mediocre' MM enamels really were, but I'll still fondly remember them for being the biggest thing at the time. I count the switch from MM to Mr Color (primarily, a few MRP here and there) as the key improvement to what I was producing, plus bringing in paint-buffing and vigilant surface prep during assembly. Cheers and good luck
  10. It is too small - on HS there's a build article with a head-on comparison. I'll say that after reading multiple articles and looking close at the resin cowl options for my still-ongoing B-25D build I opted to try enlarging the openings my own with sanding film wrapped around a 'Detailer' wash bottle (it fit perfect)... took five minutes to enlarge both, very easy. Look I'm all for supporting our resin Mfgs but the replacement cowls add little in detail but more to your workload. Sand away I say, it looks fine - Cheers to all
  11. HB D/E kit includes, and shows in the instruction how to add the -F's Pave Tack pod and some other -F elements, although the office and cans need help.
  12. Not seeing a set for the HB -F, or am I missing something? I have the ancient Paragon can set meant for the anemic Academy "Let's pretend we're an -F" kit
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