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  1. That kit isn't too bad, actually. Certainly looks like an F16. My main complaint is the extension of the wing root forward, at the sides of the fuselage (sides of the cockpit). Needs some modification.
  2. i use the old blade between thumb and pointing and dirty finger method!!!
  3. I have one of those kits; it was a gift from a friend. I don't think I like the color called out, it looks like a yellowish white, and will be a pain to apply. I'm thinking of making mine sky blue or lighter.
  4. i have been trying to paint yellow on top of light gray for weeks now and it still looks terrible.
  5. enamel and enamel thinner dissolves blue tak into a yucky mess
  6. are you SURE that's 1/48?! that's amazing!
  7. why is there red paint on the wheel?
  8. Hey thanks for the idea. Since I may not be able to get dope in Singapore, I'll just use Future. What did you use to thin it? Water?
  9. Hello guys. I bought a "proudly made in America" balsa model on my trip to Oregon, just because I've only ever seen something like it when I was, like 5 years old or something, back in Asia. Anyway, the instructions say to wipe the tissue paper skin with "dope". I have no idea what dope is. Can anyone help me? And does tissue paper mean what I think it means? :wacko:
  10. i would wash parts on the sprue before doing anything, to remove mold release agents. then i'd wash the model again before painting, to remove fingerprint oils.
  11. i'd just paint it with the color i want (red or green or blue)....
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