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  1. It's great to see they finally have their F-16s. We were their "parent unit" for the F-16. We made three trips down there to Iquique and Antofagasta. As well they came to our unit for tours and informal training. Some of the best group of people that I've ever met. I'm very happy for them.
  2. WOW!! Great photos. I remember seeing them when I was over there. Do you have hi-res versions of the New Mexico jets that you could send me?
  3. When the 188th deployed to Balad in May 2005, we flew with AIM 120s on sat 1&9, Nothing on 2&8 (not even rails), a single GBU-38 on sta 7, a single GBU-12 on sta 3, 370 Gal Wing tanks on 4&6, and occassionally a MRP pod on sta 5. We flew with a Litening II pod on 5r for the whole trip. For the first week and a half we were there, we flew with two GBU-12s in slant config on sta 3. The rest of the trip was just a single one. Here are a few pics I took of Ft Smith birds. Sean
  4. Here's a different version of 86-0256 when it broke and stayed over at Kirtland last year
  5. It's not the jet I'm sad about. I think most of us are sad because we have to move from Albuquerque to podunk Alamogordo.
  6. Great work Jake!! Looks awesome. I really need to get back on mine. Got most of the cockpit done. Been so damned busy at work. We have our ORI in two weeks and everyone's stressing. It looks as if they are gonna make my jet, 86-0350, the new wing jet for the 150th. There's a new tail design as well. Always something to do. We're going to Hawaii for 30 days in March-April for Sentry Aloha, then Iraq at the end of the year. We get our new jets from Cannon in April and then are supposed to lose all our 16s in two years. It seems like Holloman is almost for sure now. Not too many happy
  7. Watch out for the Tacos moving down there. We're gonna be the second ANG unit to get Raptors. It'll be a shame to lose the Vipers.
  8. AIM 9 Launchers are used on all demo jets because they are almost obsolete. By using them, it leaves more LAU-129 launchers in the field.
  9. The plates on the wings are not part of Falcon STAR. They are fuel scab plates. I have seen them on every Block 30/32 that I've worked on. They've been on most of the Block 25s as well. As the Block 25/30/32s go through Falcon STAR, they're receiving more beef up plates on the undersides of the wings near the LEFs. I'll try to gewt some pics of our jets that have gone through it. About half of our Block 30s have additional plates on the backbone lower the lightening plates near the base of the tail. I'll try to get some pics of those too.
  10. I think PIDS is a waste actually. We carried them in 2004 and never once had chaff/flare loaded in them. When I went back in 2005 we didn't carry PIDS at all. I know in 2004 PIDS pylons were not able to carry JDAMs. I don't know for sure but would assume this problem has been taken care of. The additional ALE-47 chaff/flare buckets that Jake is talking about came out in PY 87. So the last of the Block 30/32s have the four buckets compared to the two. I know when we deploy, we take only 87 models for this reason.
  11. Yep, Big Mouth. Couldn't have picked a better jet to model. 489 was the pride of the fleet and not only was the cleanest 40 we had, but high flyer for almost all of the 11 years we had her.
  12. All ANG/AFRES jets are getting the CCIP mod (sort of). Block 40's and 50's are going through CCIP at depot and getting all the mods done at one time. The remaining Block 30's are being done piece by piece, usually at home station. All Block 30s went through a TCTO over the last year or so installing all the necessary wiring for Color MFDs. The color MFD thing is supposed to be up full speed somewhere around October. As of now, most AIFF mods are being done at Depot, but will soon be done at home station. 4 of our jets are done. Most Block 30 units have already upgraded to the new RWR sys
  13. We have all black cushions for all of our jets in the 150th.
  14. Looks great. Put me down for a couple. I'll take a bunch in 1/32 when you get them.
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