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  1. Gents, Does anyone know if the ASTAC pod exists in 1/72 scale?
  2. Considering there's no decent Su-25UB kit out there, is the overall profile of the Su-39 similar enough to build a UB out of the Su-39? On the top of my head, possible areas that need modifications would probably include: 1. opening up of rear cockpit 2. removal of fairing on rear vertical tail Am I missing anything else?
  3. I second that! If prices are right, I may just go bonkers enough to order a carton!
  4. Excluding decals & accessories, the tally stood at 1283 :blush: Probably about time I see a therapist to counter the influence of Lord Buyalot, but I suspect it's to counter for a "deprived" childhood
  5. Raymund, I'm praying the 1/72 scale version of the Mirage 2000 is in the works by Kinetic!
  6. bartkoh

    1:72 E-4B

    Hi Neil, I would be keen to have the E-4B conversion pack for the baseline -100 kit in my stash
  7. bartkoh


    More importantly for ******** heavies, when will we see a 1/72 scale kit? Will it be by a American model kit manufacturer, or will a non-American company end up making the better kit?
  8. This just in...looks like the content has been halved ________________________________________ From: infoluckymodel [mailto:info@luckymodel.com] Sent: 29 July 2010 17:10 To: Subject: Revision on product contents of SW-72002 - from Luckymodel.com Thank you for pre-ordering SW-72002 1/72 US/NATO Weapons Set with us. On behalf of Skunkmodels Workshop, we would like to inform that there will be a revision in the product contents of SW-72002 from: AGM-154 (JSOW) X 4pcs, AGM-84D (HARPOON) X 4pcs, AGM-84E (SLAM) X 4pcs, AGM-84H (SLAM-ER) X 4pcs, AN/AAQ-32 (IFTS) X 4pcs, GBU-10 (Pa
  9. Guys, I was just browing through product description for the new set. It lists the AN/AAQ-32 pod - which is only utilised by UAE's Block 60 F-16E/F, could it be a typo error since the Sniper pod is desginated AN/AAQ-33? Skunkmodels Workshop 1/72 US/NATO WEAPON SET Content: 4x AGM-154 (JSOW) 4x AGM-84D (HARPOON) 4x AGM-84E (SLAM) 4x AGM-84H (SLAM-ER) 4x AN/AAQ-32 (IFTS) 4x GBU-10 (Paveway II) 4x GBU-24 (Paveway III) 4x GBU-39 (SDB) with PYLON 4x IRIS-T
  10. Hi All, Any news on the NATO weapons set? Raymound said 2 weeks ago it's supposed to be released - dont see it on Luckymodel though..i need about 4 boxes!
  11. Personally, I'd like to see Glenn step forward in person & state his views. I had received an email from him in response to an earlier post on the same thread, which he expressed his unhappiness at what was being insinuated & basically said no thanks to my order (which I never placed). In all fairness, if this was a conspiracy - then the client base will be more than happy to apologise to Glenn. But if we keep hearing the same story from various disgruntled customers - I think the onus is for glenn to fulfill his obligations (orders) and move on
  12. hi there, I believe Model Art has something on its catalogue...havent seen it on online shops though.. http://www.amv83.fr/Modelart/macces016.JPG HTH, Phil
  13. Guys, just wanted to update you on replies from Blackbird... I'm a bit miffed since I never placed an order but the reply to my earlier mails doesnt instill confidence! -----Original Message----- From: Blackbirdmodels@aol.com [mailto:Blackbirdmodels@aol.com] Sent: 19 May 2009 02:08 To: Subject: Blackbird Models - Order Status Updated Dear PHILIP, We want to let you know that your order 282/120509/66 status has been updated to... CANCELLED If you have any questions about your order, send an email to Blackbirdmodels@aol.com or simply reply to this message. Blackbird Models http://
  14. Thanks guys...guess the prudent thing is not to even bother ordering from Blackbird.. On a seperate note, is there anyway we can protect fellow modellers from situations where the seller does not deliver the goods? Not sure if this is something your credit card company covers, because to take legal recourse can be a real pain & not practical for laymen...
  15. I'm referring to this vac-form kit http://www.blackbirdmodels.co.uk/c-5a-galaxy-72-102-p.asp Only thing is, I've read enough on this forum to get me concerned/worried if the kit will be delivered at all... There has been complaints about credit card being charged but item never delivered... Can anyone advise as I dont intent to get suckered out of 138 GBP <_<
  16. Hi All, I've been searching high & low for the stealthy Model Art CT52 recce pod (which seems to be OOS everywhere even on the Luchtvaart Hobby Shop.. No luck getting a response from Model Art either. http://www.amv83.net/modelaccess.htm On another note, anyone knows where I can source the OOP UpNorth sheet in 72nd scale as well?
  17. Hi there, Just wondering if there's anyone out there who has scratch-build the AN/FPS-117 (or other air-defence radars) before?
  18. Hi guys, I just bought a 1/72 AIM Airbus A310 which I intend to covert to the A310 MRTT (Multi-Role Tanker Transport) version. What are the decal options for this? AFAIK, Jbot did one for the CC-150 - abeit in the earlier scheme. Anyone knows if the later scheme or the Luftwaffe version is available?
  19. Hi there, I picked up the kits from Central Hobby Plus located at the Meridien Shopping Center (level 2 I think) in Orchard Road. Got a nice 10% discount for them + a free Italeri 2002 catalogue. Decent folks running the place.... Top of my head, you'll need the following items to make the F-15SG: 1. F110-GE-129 nozzles (Fujimi F-14B/D Tomcat is a good source, or u can prob make use of 3rdwire's rendering @ US$5 per set) 2. LANTIRN system (Hasegawa X72-12) with modification to add the IRST on the pylon holding the navigation AN/AAQ-14 pod 3. AIM-9X Sidewinder (from Hasegawa F/A-18E/F) 4.
  20. Thanks Fiddler... I've managed to reserve 2 at a local hobby shop in Singapore...now just to piece together different parts to build that ideal F-15SG... Picture is a rendering done by a friend of mine in a "what-if" scheme....although I think we'll end up with the original anti-viagra grey
  21. Hi guys, Just wanted to be sure the 1/72 Hasegawa TF-15 (Kit: 00069) is of the later tooling & not the earlier releases with the raised panel lines. I'm toying with the idea of using the Hase TF-15 as a base for the F-15E Strike Eagle.
  22. Thanks! That looks fabulous! I certainly look forward to our Brazilian compatriots contriubuting with their decal sheets towards the end of the year when the Mirages arrive...
  23. Hi Serelle, Thanks. I was just conisdering doing a "what-if" Mirage 2000 in FAB colours. If it's going to be based at Base Aérea de Anápolis 'BAAN' as direct replacement for the 1°GDA F-103D/E, then I may consider using the Aztec decal sheet to build a ficticious Mirage 2000B/C. Do u know of any websites showing possible camo schemes? I rem seeing one with a jungle camo (similar to that of the F-5E...really interesting.
  24. Hi Guys, I've only managed to obtain the following details: 1. 10 C single-seaters & 2 B twin-seaters 2. Aircraft to be taken from EC 2/5 `Il de France'? 3. Weapons include Super 530D & R550 Magic II What's the likely colour scheme? (similar to the Mirage IIIEBR?) Would appreciate if IPMS Brazil could help shed some light on this.
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