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  1. You're a Phantom/Star Trek building machine, Shaun!
  2. That's fantastic modelling! I wish I had your skills.
  3. Is there anything left of the original kit? 😭 Fabulous work to date!
  4. Main ARC site. Very nice job, too.
  5. RAAF C-130s were/are often fitted with the centre seats up to three sections back from the FS245 bulkhead when troops and cargo are carried. There are so many variations of C-130 interior you could set up, it's not funny and most are configurable in-flight (I've re-rigged a few en-route to the next task in my time). At least you can now buy ready-made seating in 1/72 scale for it here.
  6. Very nice! Having just finished painting my 1:537 version with all those masks, I appreciate how much work's in this.
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