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  1. Having both kits, I have a strong preference for the AMK. Keep in mind that the original release of the AMK kit had some issues with the coke bottle shape and they redid the kit after getting negative feedback. I’m patiently waiting for the F-21 version to be released. cliff
  2. Look on the ARC page. Lots of photos but no info.
  3. Is this the kit that recently showed up on Facebook?
  4. My favorite book on the A-7 for modeling https://www.modelhobbies.co.uk/double-ugly---vought-a-7-corsair-ii-the-ltv-a-7eh--ta-7ch-in-hellenic-air-force-service-231999-p.asp
  5. The exhaust looked to be identical. i just received the F exhausts from a different EBay vendor and they’re equally nice. They’re listed as for the Acasemy kit and appper to be slightly smaller in diameter than the E part where they attach to the fuselage which are listed as for the Hobby Boss Kit. Hope to have more time this weekend to compare and take photos.
  6. Ordered a set of the exhausts for an E off EBay and they arrived this afternoon. I’ll try to get pics posted soon. Quality is absolutely top notch and nicely packaged in a small cardboard box. They made the trip to California just fine. Resin is dark grey and very hard. Some parts are very thin and you must be careful. After about 45 minutes, I had seven resin parts cleaned up to make one exhaust. There are also some small photo etched parts included. Resin parts fit together perfectly and the diameter matches the Hobby Boss part it replaces fairly closely. However, it looks like you might
  7. Those look awesome! I'll be getting a set to do the VMA-214 bird. Cliff
  8. Great info here but some of the links are no longer valid. Any help pointing me to pictures of an F-8c cockpit would be greatly appreciated.. -Cliff
  9. Check the delivery dates closely on the eBay listings. They look like pre orders to me with delivery estimated in the second half of February. Cliff
  10. I believe that it is Dragon USA. They list the kits under Lion Roar. Others may have more details. https://www.dragonusaonline.com/Search.aspx?brand=Lion-Roar&series=Great-Wall-Hobby-Model-Kit Cliff
  11. According to the email I received from AMMO today, it will be available through them 5/3/18?? GWH04820Su-35S "Flanker E" Multirole Fighter 96,75 € 69,95 € Estimated date / Fecha estimada: 05/03/2018
  12. Word! Martin, any information on when we'll see the F-21 version? One small parts tree is all we need Cliff
  13. Mine all look great. No issues. Perhaps something with just that box? Cliff
  14. i'll see what I can do but since the demise of Photo Bucket, I haven't switched to a new provider and not able to post. IM me with any any specific requests and perhaps I can get them to you quicker via email. cliff
  15. I ordered one from Sprue Brothers and it arrive a couple weeks back. Beautiful kit, great packaging and so far the fit is spot on. I have other Kfir kits and this one is the only one I plan to build. Martin, from the sprue layout it out it looks pretty clear that you plan on doing the F-21 version. Any word on when I might be be able to add this one to my work bench? Cliff
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