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  1. This is a relatively new product that is really excellent. Not in in any way associated with the company but I am becoming a very happy customer. This glue is similar to PVA glues but much stronger and more versatile, especially if your final paint coat is an acrylic. This glue can be thinned with Turpinoid or similar turpentine substitutes. This means that that you can easily clean off extra glue after it dries. https://www.michtoy.com/item-VMS-CM09-TF-VMS_Transpa_Fix_6K.html -Cliff
  2. I do this all the time and works great with the silver hand painted or sprayed. Cliff
  3. I switched from Tamiya to Mr Color and absolutely love their GX clear coats. They even offer it with UV protection. Dries fast and really durable. I thin it with MLT. One example below. Just make sure you use the GX products.
  4. Give this product a look. Great stuff. Careful use of a hair dryer on medium will also help speed tHe drying process. https://michtoy-from-the-front.blogspot.com/2020/02/michtoy-trench-runner-dispatch-vms-oil.html?view=magazine -Cliff
  5. Yes, the M has a different canopy and windscreen. The windscreen is very similar to the one used on the two seat versions as well.
  6. I’ve been working on kit bashing the Academy and Hobby Boss kits together for the last couple years. Much of that time was spent trying to figure out the cockpit issues with both kits. After working on the reskit parts for over a week now I’m fully convinced they far exceed both of those kits in accuracy. Not to mention all the brilliant details.
  7. Most definitely updated. Not the best phone pics.
  8. Yep, same here just received the E and F cockpits. They look phenomenal and initial test fitting is really impressive. Here’s a picture of the cockpit with literally two minutes of sanding and just placed on top of the kit parts.
  9. Lots. Biggest issue is that the part between the wing and the flap was some how created backwards. Almost like someone took a digital file and created a negative image. You can even see itin the directions where the part (M7 in the attached photo) is narrowest near the wing root and gets wider as you move out towards the wing tip. Exact opposite of what it’s supposed to be. And, no, swapping to the other wing won’t work either. On top of being molded incorrectly, it doesn’t even come close to fitting. Also, if you look closer, the flap structure is a strange combination of the long and sho
  10. Excellent and very comprehensive. I haven't applied any as of yet but impressive how many they supply just for the ejection seat. Cockpit even has separate parts / decals for early and the upgrades applied to aircraft involved in Syria more recently.
  11. Received mine last night and it is awesome! I've built many, many kits over the decades and it's very rare that I've been this impressed with any new release. The fact that a new company can pull it off with their first kit is even more impressive. I spent last night night building the ejection seat which is a small model in its self and has better detail than any resin seat I've seen. I'm not an expert on the aircraft but so far it matches up to all the pics I've had time to review. What you don't really realize until you see it in person is the level of detail. Every part is
  12. Awesome. Thank you so much. Cliff
  13. Any chance there are new links for the Su-33 drawings? They appear to have been broken/removed with the updated web site. Thanks!!
  14. Old Man Blog #107 - it’s their periodic newsletter. https://www.zoukeimura.co.jp/en/sentiment/oyajiblog_107.html
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