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  1. Celeb; "Damn English gears!" Clarkson; "No, those are KOREAN gears!"
  2. Thanks for the link, Tony! The episode that put Billie Piper in the reasonably-priced car was shown here in the states without that segment.....a later show (with "Doctor Who" himself) mentioned something about a "see-through-top"...... :wub:
  3. Thanks for the reply! No wonder they let Jeremy tow it during a farm tractor race
  4. Greetings! (It's been awhile), As an avid viewer of BBC's show Top Gear, one of the things I look for are the types of aircraft parked around the airfield track where The Stig and various celebrities race the clock. Here, Boris Becker is sliding backwards, while an odd 747 sits in the background. This plane has four podded engines on the inboard pylons, and tanks on the outboard ones. Anyone know of this configuration? Derickson
  5. The AMT/Ertl "Enterprise Set", with the Constitution class, the "A", and "D", got it right. The Enterprise A, at 1000 ft., is the same length as the Enterprise D's warp engine nacelles.
  6. I do love Top Gear... I've been watching it on BBCA for less than a year. As I understand it, Top Gear evolved from a "serious" car show into a funny one. Who else races the Royal Mail, or airport support vehicles (that was hilarious!)? Welcome back, Andy! Dave
  7. DErickson

    fixed or free

    I've found that blades on rotating props do not break off, unlike fixed items such as pitot tubes and antenna masts, an important consideration around cats. They can be "posed" for photos. It's also a fun challenge to fit a movable prop so that it does not hang lopsidedly loose on the plane.
  8. It's not that the hoses are big, but that the Komatsu dozer is small... It's interesting to find out it was a wartime company. Remember the "Chevy" Luv pickup truck from the late '70s? It was built by Isuzu.
  9. Greetings! This problem might be summed up by three letters; ABS! Polar Lights ran into this situation when it hired Chinese firms to back-engineer old Aurora kits in the '90s. The first products of these efforts were mistakenly molded in ABS plastic, a structural styrene used in appliances. This material requires a hotter solvent to bond it. Good old Testors red tube toluene cement has worked for me when I have scratch-built ABS parts, because it stays "wet" a long time. You may have encountered an ABS sprue in your Trumpeter kit. I just now read about the Polar Lights problem in
  10. Voyager is a collection of well written morality plays, full of compassion. My wife, who collects Disney movies, also loves this show. This is ST for Lifetime Television (TV for women)!
  11. Greetings! This clip shows Voyager in the Badlands with an unfamiliar face on the bridge. Genevieve Bujold, the original actress cast as Janeway, apparently lost her taste for franchise acting during the first day of shooting. I doubt if she could have survived the Borg, anyway!
  12. Counselor Troi, will you please SHUT UP.....(this game is too real-time!)
  13. I'm NOT letting Mickey Mouse or Goofy into MY anime!
  14. All duly copied and added to my B-57 file. Removing that raised panel detail is only the beginning! Thanks again, Dave
  15. Thanks to Murph for the links; The EB-57 is just what I wanted, but the white ship from Andrews would be unique... Andre, what scheme does the Italeri B-57B carry? Mabe we could just trade?
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