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  1. An additional problem with the Archer rivets is the distance between the rivets. Also if you have to place two rows of rivets close together you can't because of the backing film. I drilled out these holes with only minor depth. Partly because I was lazy, wanted to keep reconstruction work to a minimum if needed and to keep the bottom visible. But yours are clearly deeper than mine. Maybe a thinned mr. Surfacer over the rivets and afterwards either sand the surface lightly again or wipe away the wet mr. surfacer. Nice work so far Mark! It does take me back two yeears.. damn, time flies. It'
  2. I completely agree to disagree. Still, the best I have seen so far..
  3. I think we might be talking about different things.. I am not saying they didn't get dirty. Let me clarify.. This picture of yours shows what I mean.. Personally I think the metal paint is too worn below the canopy and just behind the exhaust. The staining or oil leakage? coming from below the engine is too heavy (I do not know how to do that in 1/32 anyway) and the exhaust staining just doesn't do it for me.
  4. I really like this Korean Eagle! The finish is perfect! The exhausts are stunning. Well done. Sid
  5. I absolutely love your build! Especially all the attention to the small details really makes it stand out. You really put an effort to it!! I probably am the only one though to say I am not that fund of your weathering.. the metal is too worn on places and the staining is a bit heavy to my opinion. Hey, but that's just me. But man what a beautiful 'Stang! I can easily say it's the best I have seen so far! Sid
  6. My latest project is finished.. This is my rendition of Lt. James Elms Swett Wildcat as flown on his famous Medal of Honor mission on 7 April 1943. This was his first combat mission and he became ace-in-a-day on that flight, shooting down 7 Japanese airplanes before being hit himself.. Not bad on your first day on the job.. He would end the war with 15,5 confirmed victories in 103 combat missions. He earned two Purple hearts, 8 DFC and of course the MoH.. The kit used is Tamiya. With Quickboost engine, Eduard Zoom set, CAM 48-111 decals, Ultracast wheels and seat (should have been with sho
  7. As in the title I am looking for these sold-out decals by TwoBobs.. Preferably the Bagram Warthogs for the A-10.. Drop me a message and we will sort things out.. Thanks, Sid
  8. I dropped in a bit late for this build but what a build it is.. this is how modelling is meant to be.. awesome and inspiring! Great photos of the MLG as well. Sid
  9. Looking very realistic! Awsome build, thumbs up. Sid
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