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  1. Very nice Looking Sabre 😋 What You Will use for gloss coat
  2. Some progres in weathering thank you Diego I will repaint the gas tanks :doh:/>
  3. I won´t talk about F-86 service in IIAF here just my history with the Fujimi F-86F After finding a video of 1971 IIAF day with F-86F bombing with napalm (https://youtu.be/pOI-JXCVfp8, this is a new with higher quality) I decided to make that Sabre. The important thing was that the Sabre wore Asia Minor cameo. This was somewhere in 2014 and a new AIRFIX Sabre was invading the shops. I began with the Airfix and after cutting out flaps and slats I find out that the Airfix wings weren´t correct for my F40 so I shift to Fujimi. The JASDF Sabre is perfect having the longer wing and bigger fuel
  4. tigereye


    Nice model. Good paint job !
  5. Thanks to all sponsors and to Sebastijan .hoping Sebastijan go on with anther grup build
  6. Hi there some thing very strange have happened today :wacko:/> After fixing and painting the tail I was taking some pix of 2-14 and in the last pic look what I find :jaw-dropping:/>
  7. Good looking couple awesome job as usual
  8. Hi after two days I´ve just take some steps back ,after finish the painting I discovered the tail difrence of the 212 and 214 and guess what I was doing last two days. Thank you Sebastijan & mawz do you know what´s the Mawz traduction in Persian :doh:/>/> Don Diego without your decal this event was very limited ,in the last years you give us the opportunity to make lot of IRIAF ( IIAF IrAF & ....)hope we have more and more :worship:/>/>/> waiting for F-5A/B and Mirage F.1 and you can add the IRI Navy Helicopters and P-3 to the wish list :rolleyes:/&g
  9. Hi there here we go some new pics couple coat of future and decals
  10. Hi It´s little bit late but I will try to finish it on time as I think six year is enough time to finish a kit. I begin to work on this kit on ‎octubre‎ de ‎2006 (it´s no my memory but the digital pix conserv the date as I have some pix from those days) :rolleyes:/>/> . The kit is the Italeri UH-1N/AB-212 with some changes on engine area and the blade of Italeri AH-1J. To convert it to I.R.I.A.A I have the Hi-decal 72-014 for Sea cobra and I have to sacrifice other for numbers that haven´t deside yet. here some pix I will up more pix soon
  11. hi I hope this help here my TAMIYA Chieftain with Eduard brass in Iran Army color
  12. thanks I´ve sent him a mail lets see if the convertion kit include decals
  13. Hi there Do the skyhawk decal in 1/72 will release with the 1/48 ? I know its off topic but when we will have F-5EM / FM in 1/72 ?
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