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  1. Hi Everyone, I'm gathering bits and pieces to build Revell's 1/32 scale AH-1G and would like to find a set of Fireball Modelworks' decals for this kit. Is anyone able to help me, please? Kind regards, Wayne Melbourne, Australia
  2. Hi John, I've long had an interest in aviation and space exploration but have never studied the airframes of the rockets that put men into space. I've just bought a Dragon 1/72 Saturn V and will build it in much the same way as you have - not being overly concerned about the obvious issues with this kit. Pardon my ignorance but I'm not sure why you have cut down the section you have using the Dremel drill press. Did you do this because Dragon messed up the dimensions of the relevant section or did you do it to aid painting of the roll markings? (or some other reason.). Love your work and the work of everyone who posts on this awesome forum. Hopefully, I'll be posting some of my work before the year is out. Cheers, Wayne
  3. Grissom

    1/32 P-51D Hasegawa

    Hi Jason, I'm currently building this kit. I think it's fair to say that Hasegawa's P-51D is generally accepted to be the best 1/32 scale kit of this aircraft. The shape and 'fit' of the kit are, in my opinion, quite good. What's more, it's a fairly simple kit to build OOB. I don't know enough about the various releases to comment on the different issues/versions of this kit. If you want to detail the model, there are plenty of aftermarket accessories for it. Verlinden and Wingz are two manufacturers who make cockpit detail sets for this kit. True Details make resin wheel assemblies, Paragon once made a set of flaps and Squadron make vac-formed canopies. Needless to say, there are many aftermarket decal sets on the market. See if you can pick up one of these kits at a bargain price (swap & sell etc..) and keep the project fairly simple. I'm sure you'll enjoy the experience and the final product. Oh, by the way... I also suggest you look at the different examples which have featured on the 'Large Scale Planes' website.
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